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Madeline Everleigh

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<p>Ke Huy Quan thought he was so lucky when he was a kid. Steven Spielberg cast him in two big blockbuster movies.Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was the movie that puts him in the map. He was the kid sidekick of Harrison Ford, he played the witty and spunky little boy named Short Round. That movie gave him 15 minutes of fame in the 1980s. He thought his winning streak continues when he got cast in the movie, Goonies. He played the genius inventor Data who have a utility belt that can make Batman jelous. His first two movies are box office hit but he struggled to continue the streak when the offers decline.</p>

Creed Chen

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He has been without an acting role for thirty years, Hollywood has treated him poorly, and seeing him make a comeback after being abandoned by the industry brings tears to my eyes. Imagine if he had been famous for the past 30 years; he could have been as popular as Jacky Chan, especially since he began his career as a child actor. However, Hollywood did not hold this view of Asian actors in the past. Casper Van Dien portrayed the Filipino character Johnny Rico, while Justin Chatwin portrayed the Chinese fairy tale-inspired character Son Goku. Remember when Scarlett Johansson played a Japanese character. Hollywood was so racist towards Asians, especially Asian men. I am grateful to be alive to see someone who resembles me win a major acting award. Now, urge The Academy to make him to win an Oscar.


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This is why Keanu Reeves pass as white through out his whole career, He is of Chinese descent but he pass as white to get roles. Enrique Iglesias and Vanessa Hudgens masket themselves as hispanic despite having Filipino mothers. Hollywood have this assumption that Asians cant sell but the success of Shang-Chi proved them wrong.
White girl here, I think he is very handsome for his age and he could have been a superstar if they didnt maltreat him during his teens and young adult years. He just wanted a job and a stable role for 3 decades but no one gave him opportunities for so long. Glad the landscape has change with Hollywood.


I admire that he would have the courage to try his hand at acting again after a thirty-year absence. What a wonderful accomplishment the Asian American community has to be proud of! I've spent a lot of time today on YouTube watching Key Huy Quan's video clips, in which he expresses his happiness and gratitude at having been cast in this role. It's a very stimulating experience to view things from his perspective. He has a youthful curiosity and an air of optimism about him. I'm overjoyed for him and can't wait to see him perform in the near future.

Shin Gouki

The news that he was successful makes me extremely happy. Since the nominations were made public, I've been crossing my fingers. The Oscars are the upcoming event, and I can't wait! He achieved great success as an actor both as a child and as an adult. Even though his health is in doubt, he still has a chance to lead a successful professional life.


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He deserves every bit of love there is, and I can't wait to shower him with hugs and kisses to prove it. You can tell how much it means to him to have won that trophy just by looking at the way he holds it. He appears to have been waiting a very long time for this. One of the highlights of my life was seeing him in Indiana Jones at the theater with my mother, and he has not disappointed us since. My first thought after watching the film for the first time was, "Wow, Spielberg did a fantastic job casting these Asian actors."


Instead of problematic actors like Ezra Miller, Leah Michelle, Charlie Sheen, Scarlett Johansson, and others who are overrated for what they are not, he should be given leading roles. He merits those positions. He is a truly remarkable human being, and no one is more deserving than him. No one else deserves this more than he does. I won't take it for truth. Hollywood would be a much better and more honorable place to work if other actors were even half as wholesome as he is.


Recently, he signed on to star alongside Chris Pratt in the upcoming film directed by the Russo Brothers, which is anticipated to earn a substantial amount of money. In addition, he was recently added to the cast of Season 2 of Loki, making him an official member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film will also star Chris Pratt in a leading role.


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It would have been unfortunate if his performance had gone unnoticed for an award because the film was one of my favorites from the previous year. What happened to him in Hollywood at the time is a sad story. All of his hopes and dreams were dashed when he was a young boy. He was exceptional no matter where you saw him. To put it another way, I simply wish him the best. I sincerely hope and pray that this year will be remembered for him.


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I got goosebumps from his speech. I had never seen a child actor got an amazing comeback like he did. He is a nice guy and very professional but Hollywood discriminated him for a long time.


No other performer has ever come close to matching Ke Huy Quan's level of success. Ke was selected by Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, the Daniels, and Kevin Feige. Ke is the most unassuming little bundle of happiness that has ever existed, and that is precisely why I adore him so much. Anything good that happens to him in life is well deserved. I can't imagine anyone else playing Waymond in my mind. Both the role and the actor hold great significance for me as a young Asian American, and I find great solace in the fact that members of the previous generation are also being given opportunities to shine.

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At age 23, he decided to end his acting career because he only received 1-2 audition calls per year for Asian roles, whereas his peers received 2-4 audition calls per week. After being rejected at the age of 23 for a role with no name and two lines of dialogue, he decided to give up acting. The Asian August inspires him to regain his acting confidence, and he concludes that taking the risk is worthwhile. I wish you all the best, Ke Huy. Even though it took 38 years longer than it should have, I am ecstatic that your talents have been recognized. Your father must be overjoyed in heaven.


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This man has a lot of charm, and it's clear that he was always meant to be in the spotlight. It's too bad he had to spend so much time working behind the scenes and out of the public eye. Even so, I'm glad he's back. In the movie, he did better than anyone could have imagined. I like Ke Quan's work and think Hollywood is crazy for ignoring him for so long when he already had two commercially successful movies under his belt. His work in Indiana Jones and The Goonies, two of the most well-known movies ever made, is especially impressive. When he wasn't around, He felt a deep emptiness and now he makes a comeback. Hearing that he is making another movie is very exciting.
His presence is a ball of positive energy.
His work in Indiana Jones and The Goonies, two of the most well-known movies ever made, is especially impressive.
When he wasn't around, I felt a deep emptiness.
It's great that he has a new movie coming out, but Hollywood needs to make up for the fact that he hasn't been in the business for 20 years by giving him great roles for at least the next 20 years, if not longer.

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