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Here is a video of Kevin Smith explaining the Finale of Masters of the Universe Revelation  part 1. He is very positive explaining all his decisions for what this series had become. Despite having  brutal criticism from fans.

The video have more Dislikes than Likes because fans are unhappy with the marketing and decisions on making this film. Fans of He-man  were waiting for a closure. This two part series  promise to give them the satisfying ending they waited for decades but Kevin Smith some risky bold moves. The critics loved this series as it got 96% fresh from Rotten tomatoes. On the other hand, The average audience score is 36% because of the controversial decision he did.
I will still give the second half of this series a chance and try to trust to process but I understand where the fans came from. They are watching this because they want a final showdown between He-man and and Skeletor. Fans waited for this for decades. They watched the original as children and...
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