Karen movie got reactions from women named Karen

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Karen movie got a very polarizing reaction from Social media. Some people like it because of how much Meta and fourth wall breaking it is.  Some people hate it because a meme became a movie. They see it as bankruptcy of creativity because of its origin. There are also accusations that this is a rip off of  Get Out. I can see that because this sounds like an SNL parody of a Jordan Peele film.   I am not sure if I hate it or like it but I am curious enough to watch this at BET. Taryn Manning’s acting is creepy and impressive. So her acting may compensate with the corniness or camp this film have.
Women who are named Karen find the meme unsettling. Here are some women named Karen talking about how the meme changed their life for the worst.

The meme is bad enough, Now they have to deal with a Karen movie. Well to be fair, Jason Voorhees and...

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