Karaoke actors use to be a part of the lives of people who loves to sing that owns a Laser disk, Betamax, VHS, VCD, and DVD.
By the time Bluray and those Magic Sing portable Karaoke machines existed, they became obsolete. During my childhood in the 90s, I see these actors during my sister’s unwanted VHS Karaoke concerts. When she was singing Do you remember by Phil Collins. There were these two white actors who are likely to be eastern European making their terrible acting. It has a sad ending where the guy died in the end and the woman cried and reminisce about their cheesy happy memories.
Karaoke videos from Vhs songs are song-specific. In the Karaoke video of “Part of your world” Have this East Asian woman in a Mermaid suit swimming in a pool. As cheesy and Corny as these Karaoke videos are, at least they make an effort to make the videos song-specific. I also remember a Karaoke video of Spice Girls Wannabe which is about thirty-year-old teenage girls hanging in a mall.
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My mom use to be one. Japan back then have huge demand for White people to become Karaoke models. My mom was a model for the song "Yellow Bird" She was instructed to act sad while walking around the zoo. They also showed shots of birds but the birds are not even yellow. They are a bunch of ravens.


I knew for karaoke, my boss organized it on one teambuilding ( I didn't sang, I drinked coctails) but I never heard for karaoke actors. I always had idea it is for regular people sing popular songs.
My family use to have such VHS tapes, I still have the memories of that Model who cannot dance. She dances while crying after she and her boyfriend broke up. The song is careless whisper.