KamenGrappler Gaia Memory Thread

So as a couple of you may know, I'm giving heavy thought to purchasing the Complete Selection Gaia Memory Case -- that's IF I'm able to sell off a number of the memories. I'll be selling them 1 for 15 dollars or 2 for 22.50 dollars. Free Shipping in America.

They're all for sale except Nazca and Violence. If you're interested in purchasing a memory or two, let me know in this thread or PM me.

Here's a list of the memories. The ones people have "claimed" will have their name next to it.


All right, everyone who intends to go through with this, PM me for my paypal or home address, let me know what memories you intend to get, and I'll let you know your total. I need payment BY or on Friday August 13th. Oki PM'd me today telling me he can get in on a second chance pre-order, but I need to know I have a mjaority of these sold so I can send him payment.

.1 Magma - LazerwolfX - PAID
.2 T-Rex - KickHopper - PAID
.3 Money - WagaTomo_KaGAmi - PAID
.4 Anomalocaris - TJOmega - PAID
.5 Cockroach
.6 Sweets - TJOmega - PAID
.7 Virus - Vangelus - PAID
.8 Violence - KamenGrappler - PAID
.9 Arms - WagaTomo_KaGAmi - PAID
.10 Bird
.11 IceAge - TJOmega - PAID
.12 Triceratops - KickHopper - PAID
.13 Liar - Mark - PAID
.14 Puppeteer - ColorfulRanger - PAID
.15 Invisible - LazerwolfX - PAID
.16 Nightmare - LazerwolfX - PAID
.17 Beast - AoiBlue - PAID
.18 Zone - kikaider287 - PAID
.19 Yesterday - LazerwolfX - PAID
.20 Masquerade - Vangelus - PAID
.21 Hopper - kikaider287 - PAID
.22 Gene - AoiBlue - PAID
.23 Jewel - AoiBlue - PAID
.24 Old - Vangelus - PAID
.25 Smilodon - AoiBlue - PAID
.26 Claydol - ColorfulRanger - PAID
.27 Taboo - Vangelus - PAID
.28 Terror - The_Emperor - PAID
.29 Nasca - KamenGrappler - PAID
.30 Weather - The_Emperor - PAID
.31 Dummy - TJOmega - PAID
.32 Energy - Vangelus - PAID
.33 Edge - TJOmega - PAID
.34 Utopia - The_Emperor - PAID
.35 Quetzalcoatlus - Pedoloean - PAID
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now Nerd Emperor
I'd be interested in TERROR and WEATHER FOR SURE. :buttrock:

And in this case, I wouldn't even have to bother getting the Dopant Memory Set myself. :D

Thinking about it, wouldn't mind having TABOO, CLAYDOLL, SMILODON, and maaaybe TRICERATOPS either. ;)
So I'd potentially be interested in 5 or 6 memories from you...
But no question, I am definitely interest in those initial two I mentioned.
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Awesome man, just let me know. I'm going to collect the money before I order it (so that I'll actually have the money to pay for it) and will ship out the memories within a day or two of getting the case.


All your FACES are belongs to ME!!!
It was 2 for $20 earlier... What happened? :laugh: Looks like all the good ones will already be taken... Good Luck! ;)
I did some math and realized if If every person bought 2 for twenty I may end up losing money on the deal, which I can't afford -- but 22.50 isn't much higher, and in my opinion is still a hell of a deal.


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Yeah, that's still fine. Afterall, you'll be saving me TONS of time and trouble from selling off excess memories. :thumbs:

Though I can only say with absolute 100% certainty that I want TERROR and WEATHER at the moment as I must have those two in physical form (i.e. just the sound on the DX Dopant Memory is insufficient). And I know DX Dopant Memory is really Terror Memory, but I don't like having to cycle thru 26 sounds. >_<

But I must ask: What if I buy more than 2... what kind of deal can you offer me? :sweat:


All your FACES are belongs to ME!!!
Let me ask you this then, how many sets are you going to buy and what are else are you going to keep? Most people/HJUers are looking at what EMP has mentioned.


now Nerd Emperor
Let me ask you this then, how many sets are you going to buy and what are else are you going to keep? Most people/HJUers are looking at what EMP has mentioned.

Well, I know Kaji mentioned to me he wanted the Hopper Memory if I was going to buy the set and sell off most individually. So there may be people who probably just want the odd Dopant here and there. I'm sure someone will want "MONEEEH!!!" and "SWEEETSSS!!!" just for LOLz. Heh.
I'll pm you about that in a bit EMP

I'm just buying the one set, and I'm going to sell them all except Nazca and Violence.


Friendship and the Cosmos.
The Sonozaki memories are gonna be sought after. Not to mention Weather and other ones, the creative ones especially.


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I think you forgot to put me down for Taboo, Smilodon, and Triceratops as well... even though they're "tentative", so you can still accept others who want it in the case I decide I don't want them (just like you've done for Claydoll). :sweat:


Damn, 145zzz beat me to it lol. If he still wants it, I don't mind settling for Quetzalcoatlus instead.

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