Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 11: "Zi-O On Parade 2018"

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Just when you think it couldn't get worse, now there's two of him.
This week: It's all a bit out of order, a clock that Den-O fans might recognise, I pity Seiji Takaiwa being stuck in that Zi-O Gaim Armour suit - it must be hell to move in without banging against all the weird extensions, it seems that wardrobe couldn't find Kouta's "man of the beginning" outfit so here's some random ancient Greek outfit instead, Woz makes an entrance like a normal person for once, it's OK Tsukuyomi I don't want to believe there could be two Sougo's either, Team Baron attracts much larger crowds than they did back in the day, a very public transformation, and god is cleaning windows (and camera lenses).

Also, 11.5 shows some concept art and I can't help noticing that every one of them was better than the Zi-O suit design they actually went with. :eek:


Actually I thought you will join 2 episode as one thread.

Kouta's god outfit was pretty simple with silver Kurokage armor plus white cape. Even his wig is different. Well, for just two episode, it is too much hassle to find it.

In .5 episode of Wizard Arc, Nitou speak danger of time paradox, yet Shougo did it nonchalantly. No wonder Tsukoyomi get so mad at him. And comedy routine about Shougo so weak that he can not resist Tsukoyomi's manhandle. How this guy become Maou again?


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Hmm... I've seen stuff like this before in other time-travel stories. Is this what you call a time echo?

Episode 11:
Can't wait to see how the next episode explains things, because this episode had a VERY confusing opening! Had to make sure I hadn't skipped ahead an episode before I continued watching. The preview of the Gaim Armor was nice, but it'll be nicer when this two-parter wraps up. It's nice to see that they didn't forget about Kouta's godhood, makes me wonder how godly he truly is if that part of his history is rewritten.

However, THE most interesting part of this episode was the revelation between Geiz and the Time Jackers. They are both committing the act of changing history, which may be dangerous in the long run (we just haven't seen long term affects of what Sougo and the crew are currently doing in the present). And if Tsukuyomi, Geiz, and the Time Jackers have a personal connection in the future, then that might explain why Tsukuyomi wanted to try and reform Sougo while he's still young, because she wanted to try something different than the Time Jacker's approach. Might also partially explain why Geiz went along with it for a while. Oma Zi-O is bad, but replacing him with someone else might be worse. And just because you killed Sougo doesn't mean you stopped the Time Jackers.

I'd exposit about how time, or certain parts of it, might be set in stone and cannot be altered no matter what, but that remains to be seen. There is still some Episode 1 foreshadowing that maybe Shocker got involved at one point. In which case, Shocker all ready messed with the future, and it's just a matter stopping them from meddling with time.

Oh great, an easter egg hunt. Who has time for all that?! I only pay attention to the major story stuff most of the time. I'm here for the experience, the escapism. That's why I missed the subtle Super Sentai references in Boukenger. They were too subtle!

Actually I thought you will join 2 episode as one thread.
That's what I said!


They never show scene where Shougo give out blank watch to past rider again. In episode 10, they show us preview of Kouta with hair more short than he is in episode 11, complete with orange jacket he wear in original series. I thought they will use that for when Shougo is going back to the past.