Kamen Rider website teases three new projects

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If you go to the official Kamen Rider website then you will see that they have updated it with three countdowns labelled "Project 1," "Project 2," and "Project 3." All three countdowns will reach zero within a twelve hour period. People smarter than me have figured out that the countdowns will run out on April 3rd, which is the 50th anniversary of the broadcast of the very first episode of Kamen Rider ever.

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I'm sure most people will have seen this elsewhere already, but just in case the three projects have been revealed as...

Kamen Rider W: Fuuto PI.

A manga by this name (written by Double's head writer, Riku Sanjo) has been going for a while as the "official sequel" to Double. That manga is now going to be adapted into an anime by Toei Animation. It's expected to begin broadcasting in summer 2022, and seems to have already been licensed by Funimation.

Kamen Rider Black Sun.
A reboot of Kamen Rider Black aimed at an adult audience. It will be directed by Kazuya Shiraishi, an up-and-coming director who received a lot of critical acclaim in Japan for his 2018 crime drama "Blood of the Wolves." It is due to begin airing in spring 2022.

Shin Kamen Rider.
Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno has already directed Shin Godzilla, he's in the process of making Shin Ultraman (currently delayed due to covid), and Toei have signed him up to create Shin Kamen Rider. Apparently this has already been in the works for six years, and was originally meant to come out this year as the centerpiece of their 50th anniversary celebrations. But they now say that covid has completely messed up their timetable, and it's now tentatively scheduled for March 2023!

And before anyone asks the obvious question concerning names, the Japanese spelling of Shin uses different characters to the 90s Shin Kamen Rider. They are the same characters used for the Shin in the Godzilla and Ultraman movies though.

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>W gets an anime sequel
>Black gets a bloody reboot
Amazons, First, and Next showed that making Kamen Rider alternate universe edgelord fests doesn't work, but I'll give this the benefit of the doubt.
>Anno does a Kamen Rider movie
I mean he made the worst Godzilla movie but he also made Death Kappa. I'll comment after seeing Shin Ultraman, but I can expect people getting a dictionary out and stating every word listed in it.


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That was unexpected, but I'll bite. I wonder what this Shin Kamen Rider will be, then? Probably an Ichigo vehicle? Albeit, they aren't going to be out for a while.

Oh, by the way, on the YouTube channel, they actually just put out the J & ZO movies with subs, if anyone hasn't seen them yet. Plus, actual good quality of Hibiki eps 1 & 2.


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Shin Kamen Rider? I give it a chance. Shin Godzilla was ok, its not for everyone and its more for the domestic audience in Japan, since it was a kaiju movie concealing a social commentary about the Japanese government. Shin Ultraman, no idea what to expect.

Kamen Rider W anime is pretty cool, has potential and Funimation got the rights for the US release, which is great. Maybe it might even pop up on the Toonami. So I'll probably check that out.

Kamen Rider Black Sun is the most interesting to me. Reboot for a classic series, I never watched Amazons season 2, but season 1 was great. So even if it comes close to that, I'm all in.

I will say I'm kind of disappointed at the announcements. I know the pandemic is delaying things and of course changed a lot of the original plans for the 50th anniversary. But I was expecting some kind of new team up movie with Kamen Rider Ichigo and Saber. Something along the lines of Ghost's team up with Ichigo in 2016. It just feels empty without Hiroshi Fujioka.

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I never watched Amazons season 2
I'm nine episodes into it and while it isn't Build levels of bad the cinematography is some of the worst I've seen in any television series toku or otherwise, the pacing until Alpha shows up again is freakishly slow, and the new characters are cringe inducing. I say all that as someone that thought season 1 was bad so you might like it.
As someone who enjoys W, I still can't get excited for W anime.
Not because of the material even (which I haven't read), but because it's freaking Toei animating this.
Do people seriously want a W anime on the level of One Piece, Dragon Ball Super or any other recent shlock they produced? Fuuto Tantei will end up having directors from the same pool.
As much as I'd love to see Kamen Rider anime, I'd like to see anyone BUT Toei doing it. I'd trust even subpar studios like Deen or A-1 Pictures do a better job. Hopefully I'll be proved wrong, but so far zero confidence in this.

As for other two, I don't really like The First/The Next reboots and what I've seen of Amazons, but hopefully they can make something different out of Black reboot. It's the most apropriate Showa show for a modern darker re-imagining as long as they don't go overboard with edge.

Shin Kamen Rider is definitely one I'm interested in the most. Kamen Rider is in dire need of a creator with vision ever since Takatera was kicked out in the middle of Hibiki and Anno can potentially deliver an actually interesting take on the franchise. I enjoyed Shin Godzilla for what it was, but he's capable of making his Ultraman/Rider projects bolder and better. Fingers crossed.