Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Key "Open the Door To A New Future!"

Dec 30, 2010
The young man looked at the box nervously. The fight in the ruins of the Sonozaki mansion had exhausted him greatly. A minute longer, and he would have been over his limit… But he had it now. He could do some good now. Opening the box, he slowly pulled out the red, belt-like device, and peered at the larger device that took up most of the space in the box.

“…Let’s leave that for now. Time to test this out.†Pulling out the Memory, he glanced at the blue tip for a moment, remembering its terrible history, and its catastrophic potential. “Great power… Comes with great responsibility.†Hand shaking, he slowly pressed the button on the Memory.



The Violence Dopant was thrown back by a volley of blasts, hurtling into a pillar with a pained grunt. Kamen Rider W changed from LunaTrigger to HeatTrigger, determined to press the momentary advantage. Charging forward, W fired shots into and around the Dopant, burning her and also melting the metal around her, trapping her.

“For once, a thought-out battle strategy, and a good one at that. I’m impressed, Shotaro,†came a calm voice from W, the right eye flashing read in time with the words. The left side let out a chuckle, scratching the helmet sheepishly.

“Well, you know-“ the chuckling stopped abruptly as he finished processing what had been said. “Oi, Phillip! Is that supposed to be a compliment or what?!†Before the question could be answered however, W was roused by the creaking sound of the Violence Dopant beginning to break free of her prison of slag. “Oop, looks like we need to finish this up. We’ll talk about this later, Phillip.†Pulling out the Trigger Memory, W placed it into the Trigger Magnum, eliciting a cry of â€TRIGGER! MAXIMUM DRIVE!†from the weapon.

“TRIGGER EXPLOSION!!†W pulled the trigger, a massive stream of fire cascading out of the Trigger Magnum, and melting the Violence Dopant until a Memory Break was executed. The hapless Memory-user fell to the ground, groaning. W deactivated the henshin, the armor fading away to reveal Shotaro Hidari, an intense look on his face.

“Reika Sasaki… Wanted by the Futo PD for multiple counts of domestic abuse. You’ve got several crimes to count up.†Opening up his Beetle Phone, he went to his speed dial, calling up his friend and comrade. “Yo, Terui, it’s Shotaro. I got someone for you to haul i-“

“IDIOT! TODAY IS RYU’S DAY OFF! CALL BACK TOMORROW!†Shotaro winced as he heard the piercing voice of Akiko Narumi, Terui’s wife and the chief of the Narumi Detective Agency where he and Phillip worked. She had become a good friend to Shotaro, and he knew that her and Terui loved each other very much, but…

“Geez, Yamato Nadeshiko you are not,†he muttered.

“WHAT WAS THAT?! I’ll have you know that I am the MODEL of a doting wife! Isn’t that right, Ryu~?†Shotaro heard some shuffling and what sounded like an argument.

“I’ll be at the detective agency in 15 minutes, Hidari. Meet me there,†said Terui.

“The detective agency? Why do you-“

âDon’t ask me questions!†Terui barked. “Just be there with whoever you caught. I’ll take her in, and then we need to talk.â€