Kamen Rider vs. Super Sentai


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It's been discussed, considered and even argued at times...but who do you prefer: Super Sentai or Kamen Rider?

It's franchise vs. franchise here. Take into account Showa era riders? Only rate the current "state of the shows"? Either way Super Sentai and Kamen Rider both stir up different kinds of feelings in toku fans all over. If you had to pick just one to side up with though...who and why?

You all know me...I say Go go, rider kick all the way.
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Keith Justice

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I'm going with Kamen Rider, but if I go over the score card of which series I enjoyed.... I think each franchise is damn near neck and neck.

Actually I may have enjoyed more Super Sentai series than I have Kamen Rider series.

Super Sentai and Power Rangers outweigh the amount of episodes and series that I've enjoyed compared to Kamen Rider, but I really hate the giant mechs and love the darker tone Kamen Rider uuuuuuuusually has.

****........ I think I might want to change my vote now that I think of it. :sly:


闇 戦士
I have to go with Kamen Rider. But like Keith said I have enjoyed more Sentai shows than Kamen Rider. But there has been way more Sentai shows than Kamen Rider due to their little hiatus after Kamen Rider Black. Sentai on the other hand has never taken any time off.

But even though I have enjoyed more Sentai shows. Kamen Rider is still the best. HENSHIN all the way!!!!:castlerock:
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Siding with Kamen Rider. Riders, in my opinion, tend to have much deeper and character-driven stories than their Sentai counterparts. Plus, the closest Kamen Riders I've seen that I would label "bland" are Kiva and OOO, but even those shows still tried some interesting things. On the other hand, I have seen quite a few Sentai that are so bland and uninspired (Gaoranger, what I've seen of Goseiger, the first half of Go-Busters, Kyoryuger so far) that I can't help but feel they play it far too safe compared to the more experimental KR franchise.


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This is a hard one after just watching Gokaigers. That series has me floating on air right now, and Wizard just doesn't have the magic Gokaigers had. W is the closest thing I can think of to compare Gokaigers too. So I will have to say I vote for both. Both series of had some homeruns, and both have swung at the ball and hit themselves in the face with the bat.
Very hard choice, but I think I have to choose Sentai for this. But There are plenty of good Kamen Rider shows so I would rather choose both.

Kamen Rider IXA

Imo, both are kinda reduced in last few years. I enjoy neither Kamen Rider nor Super Sentai same way I did it with 90-00s time. If I had to decide prior to Gokaiger, I would definitely say Kamen Rider, but Gokaiger and Go-Busters were much better than OOO and Fourze.

Still, I think that Kamen Rider is overally better.
I love both franchises. But I'll go with Sentai. Sentai has had a far bigger number of favorite seasons for me. Kamen Rider, just a small handful of shows. Plus, Kamen Rider had a lot more really bad seasons than Sentai has had for me.


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nice shot of the SH Figuarts! :thumbs: anyways, I've always been a fan of Sentai and I guess that comes from growing up watching its American counterpart though I did watch bits of Flashman and Jetman as a kid (it aired over here back in the day).

now that doesn't mean I think "Sentai is better than Kamen Rider!!!111oneone" or something. it's just... I can't really get into KR even if I try. in fact, I haven't been watching any of the series except for Blade, Kabuto, Kiva and Decade (minus its movies).
What, no Ultraman?

For shame!

Regardless though, I'm a Rider man through and through. Sentai's been starting to gain on it lately though...


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Never ending argument has been unevened jajajja

I like Kamen rider more, not for his seriousness against sentai I think old sentais are more serious than actual rider shows.

I like Rider more because I enjoy it more, lonely hero archtype is much cooler than a five man team bullying a rubber monster xDDD

Sentaifan'07 Xman

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It's a tough decision. I love both franchise, even though I still have yet to see the Showa-era shows of both Riders and Sentais, but I would have to go with Sentais for the 90's-early 2000's as well as Shinkenger and Gokaiger, but the Riders have gotten better after Decade messed up everything. Thanks to W, OOO, and Fourze.

Tough decision, but......"WINNER: SENTAI!!!"


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Not gonna vote, since both have their charms. I wouldn't be able to decide at all! Kamen Rider is usually a but darker, and has a good plot most of the time, and Super Sentai is usually a lot less serious, which is great too.

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If there's a draw or tie option then that would be great.

The thing with Kamen Rider AND Super Sentai is that since the time they started there have been so many different seasons. for example Sentai has GoRanger, JAKQ, Gokaiger, Go-Onger, Hurricanger, DekaRanger, Bioman, etc... While Kamen Rider has it's original series, V3, Black, RX, Kuuga, Decade and so on to name a few. Some of them are good while some of them are total ****.

The best way to enjoy these series is to watch the ones we like, buy them on DVD, etc, and ignore the ones we hate. If we try to kid ourselves that we are the most hardcore Super Sentai fans by watching every single series since 1975 including the ones we don't like, then we are only just torturing ourselves. You could lock yourself in a dark and cold cellar watching Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger on an old 60's/70's/80's tube telly, laughing your head off like a maniac screaming "I'M ENJOYING THIS!!! NO REALLY, I ACTUALLY AM GENUINELY ENJOYING THIS!!!!" when really nobody cares.

Kamen Rider is slightly different in that the Heisei Riders are not the same as the Showa Riders, but if you don't let that get in the way then you might enjoy some of them. In my opinion Ryuki and Hibiki were crap but Fourze, Faiz, Blade and Kabuto were cool.

The same could be said for Ultraman, Power Rangers and The Simpsons. Yes, The Simpsons is even a Tokusatsu series. [/sarcasm]

Other than that, they are what they are. They Japanese guys henshining and kicking some alien ass, etc.

Tsukumo Yuma

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I would go with Kamen Rider, judging by manga, movies and TV Shows, I like Kamen Rider way more.

It has quirky characters, tragedy, and some series are dark.
All in all, the story line and character back story are more put together, and are list stoic, there is more than one side to the characters.

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