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Coming soon...All Riders and Sentai and then some. Sneak peak
The main villain group will be called "Neo Shocker". The end boss is both Sentai/Kamen Rider based I won't tell you in which they had their origin right now. Your free to create your own Riders, Sentai, etc.. . I got plenty of my own. Riders can be based on series or completely unique. You can even make a character in someone else's custom series. If they allow you and then approve of your creation, but the staff of the RP have to approve of it as usual, so with that in mind people wanting to apply for staff get advanced detail into plot and the rest. Also you can apply now! Please, but I need to get off this computer for a while soon, so I won't be posting for while probably!
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If you're not interested please say why.
No ones has offered to be staff so far which sucks! :(
Our continuity is did Mention what ever the heck we make it as group so we can RP our versions of various scenes including OOO and..

:happybirt Greeed....
But I wouldn't see the point in that one....Unless you're going to flash back to add onto the ending.


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Nice idea, Gokol
But you really gotta let people in about the details and plot of this RPG you're setting up instead of having them to PM you (have a look at the many existing RPGs we have at the moment)
People get more interested if they know more about the base of the story and such
Gotta sell yourself, you know :thumbs:


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It's utterly complex plot because I have multiple worlds done already.
Fittingly enough the first Canon thing in the plot is Gaoranger's World.
Gaoranger was my first Tokusatsu.
Kamen Rider OOO despite how young it is. Lead me to create the most new of any Tokusatsu so far, but Goseiger is another big creator being that are Four Different Villain Groups.
The earliest Tokusatsu I've seen subbed is Liveman.
Which is Awesome I got to the extra rangers, but the subs aren't finished.


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I have a friend who'd kill me I don't do Jiro right in the RP unless Jiro's is not an NPC then she'd the other person.
No, I am joking she is a nice girl, but the biggest Kenji Matsuda Fangirl in the world.


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I've created many a Sentai.
The first ever is most like Gokaiger, but most of the team was originally a different smaller Sentai most like Dairanger and in fact was turned a Shura tribe Sentai some time after words.
If you haven't read Sentai the three tribes would be the Dairanger, The Villains, and Shura would become humanity.
I even invented one extra ranger.
The Ratio of the original is about 4 to 2 Male to Female, but Red and Blue are female!
Gold was the 5th Ranger and Commander/Teacher while Red was the Field Leader.
Gold was also the only original generation.
His current time and space of choice is Dekaranger's because he founded the Dekarangers.
O_O Didn't expect that did you.
He is take the guise of a alien from the planet Draconis and as Dekalord wields the D-axe Eltanin!


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You need a proper like sign up for your RP for people to join. A sneak peek isn't going to cut it. People won't join because they don't know what the story will be. Get what I am saying?

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