Kamen Rider vs. Sentai Movie "Superhero Taisen" May 2012


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Whelp, I think this latest new pic is gonna cause a flame war, so I brought marshmallows just in case.

-prepares for impending shitstorm-
As much as I hate the fact that Den-O keeps being brought back by Toei, this is actually interesting. I want to see how Hina interacts with all these colorful characters since she may be the most ordinary among the crew.


I wish they'd have kept him with a more humanoid appearance...

One thing I loved about Doctor G was that he was badass enough in base human form to thrown down with V3...and even whe nhe HAD to become Laser Crab, all it did was give him a new head and some new hands. Otherwise he was completely the same because he was a boss.


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Apollo Geist and General Shadow were redesigned as well... as was High Priest Darom, but it's barely noticeable.

I didn't see it posted earlier, but here's the new 'roided up Kani-Laser:

Very interesting, I actually like it, the Destron belt and the classic Doktor G robes below save the design.


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Well General Shadow I forgot but other then him and Ten Face it's never this extreme.
Decade's ten faced demon was a new character anyway, like Gamio vs Daguba or King (Bat Fangire) vs Oh (Beetle Fangire), not a redesign of the Showa one from Amazon.