Kamen Rider vs Jojo's bizarre adventure


Thought I'd give this another shot. What with Part 3 being on break and all that.


Kamen rider vs. Jojo's bizarre adventure

The Kamen Riders exist in many forms. In some worlds they are living people fighting for justice. In our world they are fictional characters. In the world of Kamen rider vs. Jojo's bizarre adventure, They and other elements from various kamen rider franchises manifest as Stands. Spirit like guardians who exist alongside their user, protecting them and sometimes granting them supernatural powers. Stands personify aspects of their user's personality and with few exceptions, can only be seen by other stand users.

This is a story of stands, their users and how the two can bring out the best and the worst in each other.

Unknown to the world at large. An invisible battle is being fought. Stands, which only manifest in a small portion of the population are appearing at an an alarming rate within the United States.. Someone has discovered a means of producing new stand users. The unknown process has already proven dangerous and unstable. Many that are converted end up being killed by the process. Others become afflicted with what's known as "Stand sickness" and are left bed ridden till their eventual demise. Many of these new stand users allow their powers to corrupt them. Some have had the change forced on them and now find themselves in the cross-hairs of other users.

The organization known as B.O.A.R.D. was formed to combat anomalies such as this. Stand users from all of the world join B.O.A.R.D. to combat the corrupt and evil stand users plaguing the innocent.


-Those who aren't familiar jojo's bizarre adventure are welcome to join. But be sure to check out the jojo's noob guides littered throughout this page.
-Be respectful and keep any personal beefs out of the game.
-God moddng is a no no. Though seeing as how jojo's bizarre adventure features numerous characters with broken powers we're all bound to trip over this rule every once in a while. Always be open to discussion about how thing thing play out and you'll be fine.
-Due to the limited number of character slots (6) I'm only allowing one character per person. Though we can start the game with as little as 3. If possible I'd like to go full GM on this one and not have my own player character but will jump in if need be.
-No controlling other peoples characters. The two exceptions being when all parties agree to it or if a characters stand ability allows them to do so. Abilities such as those will be rare if any.
-Characters can die but only with all related party's approval
-Try to post regularly.
-Stands based on the 4 main riders from blade will be off limits for story purposes.

[hide]Jojo's noob guide: Character deaths.
A noticeable aspect of the jojo's bizarre adventure manga are characters deaths. It's common for main characters to kick the bucket midway through and near the end each storyline. The number of characters biting the dust can vary drastically. In one series we only lose one main character and one side character. In another all but one of the character dies. No one is safe. Even reoccurring and star characters. This is one of the many aspect of Jojo's that makes the manga very unpredictable. I hope to recreate many of these unpredictable elements in this rp. With your help of course. ^_-[/hide]

Character profile

Catch phrase: (optional)

Stand Profile
[hide]Jojo's noob guide: A bit about stands.
Like I mentioned earlier stands are sort of like guardian spirits. The name apparently comes from the fact that they "stand" beside you. It's alot more like float besides you but stand sounds alot better than floater.

-Because they are extensions of their users damage taken by a stand is reflected on the user. If your stand gets stabbed then an identical stab wound will form on you, etc. There are some exceptions. Some stand abilities work around this constraint. Automatic stand negate this rule for reasons covered in another noobs guide.
-A person can only have one stand. Though there are instances of stands having multiple forms or manifesting as multiple entities.
-Only stands and stand abilities can hurt other stands.
-Unless specified stands are invisible to non stand users. Also Stands usually can't talk or have a personality beyond the will of their users.
-Most stands are bound to their user. However sometimes stands will be bound to other items. Series 3 features a stand user who's stand is bound to sand. Effectively giving it the ability to shape shift.
-Not all stands take a humanoid form beside you. Another common form for stands are that of items. For example a gun that can control it's bullets trajectory. Then there are some of the more unique variants. Series veteran Joseph Joestar had a stand that manifested as thorny purple vines. Series five features a stand resembling a remote control plane equipped with live ammo and it's own radar. Suit stands manifest like a armor over the user. Much like the henshin heroes we all know and love :p. Nearly anything appearing in kamen rider be up for grabs as a stand here so feel free to flex your creativity in coming up with them.[/hide]

[hide]Jojo's noobs guide: Naming stands
Another notable aspect of Jojo's, specifically stands is that after series 3 their always named after bands,songs,albums, or song lyrics. I i've always liked this aspect of the series and wish to continue the tradition. On top of what was listed before I'm also allowing players to use the name of fictional bands songs, etc. (to clarify by fictional i mean something exsiiting in another media. Not something you made up.)[/hide]
KR representation:
Stand type:(Basic, Remote, automatic)
[hide]Jojo's noobs guide: Stand types
While there are a number of variations here are the 3 typical types of stands
Basic: This is your standard. Their usually close range, humanoid, and melee based.
Remote: Like basic stands except their range is massive (and in some cases unlimited). The drawback to these stands are that the further away they get from their user, the weaker they're powers and abilities get.
Automatic: These are rare. Automatic stands act independently of their user and have a will of their own. While in most cases they will still act to benefit their user or harm their users enemies, Some automatic stands will turn against their user or by their very nature due harm to them. Damage done to automatic stands isn't reflected on the user.
Stand ability:
[hide]Jojo's noob guide: Abilities/powers
Every stand has some kinda power or special ability. In some cases these abilities will be usable by the stand' user as well. The powers and abilities of stands are sometimes immense and often strange. While i will be putting some limits on what powers you can use that's more to keep the heroes from being too broken.[/hide]
Stats( Rank A-E)
-Power: (a stands physical strength)
-Staying: (Stands ability to activate and maintain its power/ability)
-Speed: (How fast a stand can move)
-Precision: (Accuracy and dexterity of the stand)
-Range: (how far a stand can move away from it's user and the max distance of it's attacks)
-Learning: (potential growth and versatility of stand ability)
-Stand cry: (optional)
[hide]Jojo's noob guide: Stand cry/catchphrases
-Jojo's bizarre adventure was heavily inspired by first of the northstar. Those who have seen fist of the northstar remember It's main characters famous battle cry "atatatatatatatata!" beings screamed as he punched his enemies faces inside out. This was usually fallowed by his notorious catch phrase "your already dead". Jojo's creator hirohiko araki replicates this in his characters and their stand users. The conclusion/ crowning moment of any number of fights in jojo's will feature a main character's stand pumbling the enemy while letting out it's battle cry. Usually some kinda noise or word repeated in the same manner of Kenshiro's "atatatattatattata". This is sometimes fallowed by the main characters catch phase. Also similiar to kenshiro. If your still a little lost on how this works give this video a look to see it in action. [ame=""]Mudah (WRYYYYYY) - YouTube[/ame][/hide]

[hide]Jojo's noob guide: Fight progression
Unlike alot of shonen manga fight scenes. Jojo's characters are not likley to go around explaining their powers to their enemies. Not knowing how your enemy's power works will often be their greatest strength. Always remember. No matter how obscenely powerful the enemy is theres always a way to win. It's just not likely to be as straightforward and punching them in the face. Though even that can be made to work. Just look at the series 3 protagonist :p. Decoding the basic functions of an enemy's stand will be instrumental to defeating them. Finding creative uses of your own stand and their powers will be the other side of the coin. Not all confrontation between stand users will be straight out brawls. Adapting and surviving is key.

Another notable thing about fights in Jojo's is damage. Everyone (especially our sometimes unfortunate heroes) will be taking some pretty heavy damage. From series 4 onward hero parties got a character capable of healing the heroes between enemy encounters allowing for more greusome fight scenes. I'll be cutting back on the heavy hits if theres no healer but don't worry. No one dies without mine and the invovled parties consent. So be sure to let the creative juices flow in discribing those injuries and how your character's overcome them. [/hide]

Here are a few example profiles that will exist in the rp as npcs.

Stand Profile
Name: Individual System
KR representation: Ixa
Stand type: Basic
Stand ability(s):
- Has two forms. Save and Burst.
-In save form Individual system stores energy over time. It also aborbs some shock from attacks and stores it as energy as well. Save mode has an unspecified limit. Going past that limit will cause it to overheat and damage the user.
-When it switches to burst. Individual system releases that energy in a heat based explosion. While in burst mode Individual system gains greater mobility at the cost of taking more damage.
-Power: B
-Staying: C
-Speed: C
-Precision: C
-Range: D
-Learning: E

Heres an example of a item based stand.

Name: Accel Mix
KR representation: Axel Watch
Stand type:Basic
Stand ability(s):
-Stand takes the form of a watch worn around the writst of the user.
-Once activated Accel mix grants it's wielder super speed for 10 seconds.
-Power: n/a
-Staying: A
-Speed: A
-Learning: E

Heres an example of an automatic stand. They're pretty tricky. This stand will also be in the rp. I'm putting it's information here for those who's characters didn't develop stands naturally. Anyone who's character had manifesting a stand forced on them will have had to survive being attacked (and specifically being hit with the point of it' giant tongue attack) by this character.

Stand Profile
Name: Karma Chameleon
KR representation: Biogreeza
Stand type: Automatic
Stand ability(s):
- Has a camouflage ability which allows it to turn transparent. It can move while camouflage at the cost of becoming slightly easier to spot.
-Can extend it's tongue up to three times the size of it's body. It is capable of stabbing through people and is Karma Chameleon's main form of attack.

-Power: C
-Staying: D
-Speed: B
-Precision: C
-Range: A
-Learning: E
Additional notes: This stand seeks out anyone it's user holds malice towards and attacks without restraint. Usually resulting in their death.

If you want more examples here's a list complied for a Jojo's wiki I found via google search :p


-I'm gonna try and start off lax about this. So long as you aren't trying to make your stands godlike we'll be ok. At the same time however I may be a bit more lenient with broken powers if they come with flaws or debilitations. Just try to come up with a theme in the creation of your stands. Throwing random combinations of powers, abilities and rider representations could work but will more than likely just seem sloppy.
-Time based powers are gonna be off limits for now.
-Powers which control another character's mind or body will be viewed under heavy scrutiny.
-Riders with more than two forms will be split. For example. You won't be able to use double or Kuuga and have them transform into their other modes. Their other modes will be available as separate entities however. So it's perfectly fine to have one character using kiva's bashaa mode and another using garulu.
-upgrade forms or riders and miscellaneous Kaijin won't be available till much later into the story.

Finally. Heres a sample character that I played in the previous version of this game :p

Character profile

Name: Antonio Ramirez
Age: 25

Bio: Those that know him would say antonio had a hard time coming up in the world. His immediately family would blame society. His friends might blame it on the neighborhood he grew up in. But those who would call the young man their enemy say he brings it on himself. At a young age Antonio was a well known tattler. Antonio took great comfort in the confines of an established order and took serious issue with anyone contradicting it.

He nursed his tattling habit well into his teen years. It earned him many enemies and a few friends. Eventually even his foes would come to respect him. A gang affiliated student transfered into Antonio's school. The new student took to picking on his classmates. Those who weren't targeted either fell in with the bully or kept quiet about the injustices committed. All but one. And not a day after informing teachers of the new student's activities was Antonio attacked. It all became a pattern. Antonio would call the bully out on his unlawful activities and in response Antonio would be attacked. It wasn't long before the bully completely lost it and pulled a knife on Antonio. Being backed into a corner and fearing for his life Antonio's stand manifested for the first time and lashed out against the bully. The stand's ability left his assailant paralyzed for a day and a half.

Rumors spread rapidly about the incident and Antonio became a celebrity amongst the student body. Commanding the same amount of authority the bully had through intimidation with respect. His mysterious ability to halt the unlawful made him something of a urban legend after his senior year. Knowing stands were usually behind such stories, members of B.O.A.R.D. approached the now 18 year old Antonio as offered him a position within the organization. He would be part of a special force charged with finding a rouge stand user with the means of producing new stands. Antonio accepted the position on the spot. B.O.A.R.D. Had introduced him to a new world invisible to the majority of the population. A world in need of rules and structure. Creating and enforcing those rules was BO.A.R.D.'s mission and soon. It would be Antonio's as well.
Personality: Strict but well meaning. You'll get a completely different description of Antonio depending upon who you ask. In a way what they tell you about him will reflect aspects of their own personality. Antonio is always mindful of the law and always seeks to preserve order. Most of the time he is quiet polite and very friendly. When pursuing a rule breaker he'll switch gears entirely becoming forceful, loud, and aggressive. Though only as much as he needs to and will never overstep his authority. Even at the cost of failing his mission.
Catch phrase: GUILTY! (Exclusively fallows his stand's cry)

Stand Profile
Name: Crook on a hook
KR representation: G Den-O

Stand type: Basic
Stand ability:
-Can instantaneously bind enemies it touches in correlation to a law they've broken
-The bindings are unbreakable but have a time limit based on the severity of their crime. (a year long sentence equates to one hour)
-Range: E
-Learning: D

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