Dec 14, 2014
Inspired by The Long Earth trilogy by Stephen Baxter and Sir Terry Pratchett

Kamen Rider Vortex
By Known Unknown.

Willis Linsay's blueprints for a Stepper Box are released on the world wide web.

A young man named Joshua saves an group of children who trap themselves in a parallel world. The world is introduced to Stepping.

An ANImate (Artifical Neuro-Intelligence mate) has announced to the world he is the reincarnation of a Tibeten monk and is pleading to be recognized as a human, named Lobsang. His case is only strengthened when it is discovered he is able to step, despite being mechanical in nature and not needing a box.
Lobsang, through the Black Corporation, the entity behind ANImates, hires Joshua Valiente to join Sally Linsay, the daughter of the man behind the Stepper Boxes, to head out on an expedition into the officially named "Long Earth." They are granted a special role aboard the Mark Twain, a prototype airship built, again, by the Black Corporation.
The three of them, backed by the Amero-Europeon Cooperative, venture out towards a direction they decide to call West, while a venture Chinese-Korea-Japan expedition heads in the polar opposite direction, taking the cue to call it East.

Joshua Sally and Lobsang return three months after their departure with incredible news, and a pack of large ape-like humanoid sapients. These "Trolls" are discovered to also be able to step, but without a box. This realization comes in the nick of time as Yellowstone erupts on Earth prime.
Joshua Valiente is once again the hero, leading a successful massive stepping exodus westwards.

Our story begins.

Pvt. North was not prepared for this. All his training was focused on Troll care and maintenance and counter combat against Elves. That was all easy. Trolls loved humans and sang old 80's pop songs. They were like a big-foot-shaped jukebox that could also help you with literally any kind of manual labor. Some of the outer Earths treat them like **** but for the most part, Trolls are well loved. Especially compared to the Elves.
Elves were tall, lanky, hairless and down right mean. They favored the wooded regions and roamed mostly in groups of three. They excelled at incorporating stepping into how they hunt, and their favorite prey were Trolls.
But a Kobold is different. Wherever a Kobold was seen, a Beagle was lurking close-by. These two were always found in a pair. And that's about the only consistent thing about them.

"Crotch-stink Hoo-man!" screeched the Kobold.

North raised his arms fast and began to roll all the possibilities through his mind. Could he reach for his baton in time? Would it be better to try his aim with the pistol? Could this be one of those rare Trader Kobolds? Why is this thing shaking like that? Is that normal? Is that blood? Wait. Blood?

"Uh, are you, are you okay?" North managed to ask, sounding only slightly terrified.
"War is coming," it snarled, "the long war is coming."
"What do you mean war is co-"
"War is coming and no Hoo-man ready. You need be ready." It reached into a satchel that it had slung across it's back. "You need belt." A belt was produced from the sack and North hesitated towards it. That was when he saw it. In the corner of his eye. The Beagle.

"Master! Danger! Die!," the bastard barked. All four of it's monstrous limbs were a blur, the signature red main flowing down it's spine, a flash of teeth and glowing yellow eyes.

The Kobold grabbed my wrist and shoved something into my hands. I could feel it then rush my waist, wrapping the belt around me. -CLICK-
"Beagle Fang betray me. Fan infected by the Spore." The Kobold returned it's grip to my wrist and tightened down. "You must..."

"Armor Up"

The words came out of Pvt North's mouth as his face went from hosting a look of panic to holding the look of enlightenment. Suddenly he understood how to operate the belt. The glowing belt. The glowing Kamen Belt.

The light flowing out of the belt began to wrap around North's limbs and promptly swallowed him in a furious explosion of blue.

A protective layer of black fabric was followed by chrome segmented armor. His face was enveloped in a sleek metallic helmet with a V shaped black glass visor. A cloth-like cloak suddenly appeared around his neck and dropped down to drape his back and left shoulder. The Beagle stopped in it's tracks and sized up his newly geared-up opponent.

"Bad dog. Someone needs to put you down."

North threw his right hand up and to his left where a light emitted from his palm. A voice announces, "Pistol" and a handgun seems to step into his hand.

"And I've got plenty of time to kill."

To Be Continued