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Kamen Rider Tarantela

Episode 1 Who are you? What are you? Amgod and the Arachnid Rider!

In space, a meteor plummeted towards Earth. NASA scientists, lead by Dr. Oki Kazuya, tracked the meteor's every movement. The meteor was set to hit near the Sea of Japan in 12 hours. News Reporter Kotaro Minami and his crew set up their equipment in preparation for the impact. The cameraman was 22-year old Hiro Shimamura, a college student who worked for the news channel on the side. 2 hours before impact, something strange happened, a second, smaller meteor appeared. It seemed to be heading for the location the crew had set up. The 1st meteor burst open as it approached the ocean, and flying creatures swarmed everywhere. They looked like humanoid wasps. Kotaro clenched his fists, ready to transform into Kamen Rider BLACK, but he couldn't. "What was I doing?" he asked himself. Suddenly, a tall, three headed invader with horns appeared before the team.

"Are you getting this?" Kotaro asked Hiro. Hiro nodded. "Humans, we are Shin Amgod, the True Earthlings! Before humans inhabited the planet, we ruled it when the Earth was inhabited by dinosaurs! We were the true rulers! We will destroy you to take back our planet!" Oki Kazuya was watching the broadcast from his laboratory. "Shin...Amgod? That name...sounds familiar..."

The figure vanished, and the ball of light that was a second meteor approached Hiro. The light faded and a belt sat before him. "Galaxy Prince Hiro, this belt is for you to defend the people of Earth with. Don't let the Earthlings suffer; take up your rightful place as a Galaxy Ruler and fight them!" Hiro looked nervous. "What's a Galaxy Prince?" The voice emitted by the belt replied, "A Galaxy Prince is a being God has determined to be of enough inner charisma and virtue that he can summon the powers of angels and the universe. Inside that belt great power is held, but you are the host for it's power. Put it on." Hiro obeyed and was covered in a white light. His face turned into a mask with bug eyes and some small spikes on top of it, and his body was covered in an armor that was grey-blue colored and spiked. "You are Tarantela, the Spider Warrior! Now fight the Shinamgod Drones that menace your crew!"

He looked behind him and the crew were too busy being attacked to notice any of the events that happened to Hiro. Kotaro was fighting well, but there was only so much he could do. So Tarantela lunged into the air and hopped onto a drone's back, ripping off it's wings and coating it with acidic webbing. The other drones noticed him right away and attacked. Tarantela leapt into the air and slammed the spikes on his legs into the drones' bodies. They crumpled in a heap, but suddenly the corpses melted and combined into one figure. "Kinniku-Shinjin! I will defeat you!" The creature was muscular, almost human in appearance, and it charged at Tarantela. The two grappled and the crew drove away hurriedly. Who would win the the battle of muscle? Fight, our brave warrior Kamen Rider Tarantela!


Episode II Galaxy Prince Battle! Rider King Appears!

Tarantela blocked most of Kinniku-Shinjin's attacks, and countered equally. But then the tie was broken by Kinniku-Kaijin throwing a boulder onto Tarantela. Tarantela struggled under the boulder's weight but could not escape due to it's pressure. He growled a cry of desperation before going unconscious.

Yuri Shimamura, Hiro's 16-year-old sister, rushed into the office of TV Ashihara News. She frantically asked the news crew that was with Hiro where he was. "I'm sorry," Kotaro said, "but he went missing in the attack. I'll send a search party soon." Yuri wept and ran out of the news office, curled up in a corner in the train station neighboring the news office, and prayed. "God, don't let Hiro die!"

"I'm still here, Yuri-chan!" Hiro cried from the darkness. He heard the belt's voice again. "You have the power to achieve Arachnidia form. You should utilize it." Hiro shouted out "ARACHNIDIA!", and 4 more arms protruded from his sides, and the spikes on his legs grew longer. Tarantela lifted the boulder up and growled at the muscular monster, charging and leaping, hitting him with all six fists. "Why you...!" Kinniku-shinjin charged at Tarantela, Tarantela leapt away and climbed to the top of a tree, where he sprayed webbing on the monster and leapt down, pointing both legs at the monster and shouted "Razor Sharp Kick!" The monster was cut in half upon the impact and nothing was left but a small fly that flew away.

The belt glowed and the voice spoke again. "I have a mission for you Tarantela. The Galaxy Prince who calls himself "King" has forgotten his mission. We need all the help we can get against Shinamgod. Go back to the city and find King. King's real name is Ryoga Kyosuke. Don't fight him unless he attacks. Good luck." Hiro nodded and called for the Fierce Machine, Tarantela's motorcycle. He rode it back in "disguised mode". "First duties- my sister. Then I'll confront King."

"Brother! You've returned!" Hiro parked in front of his house as his sister came out and embraced him. "it's good to see you are alive!" Hiro looked down at his feet and replied softly. "I can't stay long, Yuri-chan. I've...changed." Yuri gave him a puzzled look. "Yuri-chan, I have become a Galaxy Prince. I carry a cross on my back now. There's not much time I have for social interactions, but I will be there for you still anytime. We have a psychic link. Call me anytime." Yuri grinned uneasily, and grasped his hand. "Stay in one piece brother!" She ran inside. Hiro got back on his cycle and rode off to find Ryoga. Ryoga's face was projected in his mind by the link all Galaxy Princes share, so he knew who to look for.

Inside the house, Yuki looked in the directory hurriedly for a Doctor Amamoto, Biotechnical-Reconstruction Specialist. She wanted to help her brother, even if it meant giving up some of her humanity. She knew Doctor Amamoto from TV news interviews, and he could give her cybernetics to give her fighting strength. She took a bus to his dingy, run-down office in the slums of Tokyo. Dr. Amamoto was a tall, lanky man with gray hair despite his 45-years of age. "What brings you in here, young lady?" , "I'd like to be a Kamen Rider." Dr. Amamoto was taken aback, but Yuri explained she wanted to fight alongside her brother. "So you know of the Kamen Riders, hmm? I was once an enemy of theirs as a member of Shocker, the evil that the Riders eventually vanquished, but I've given up a life of crime to help people. I'll do the surgery for free. You shall be known as Kamen Rider Flygol!"

Hiro found Ryoga in a subway station and approached him. Ryoga turned his head and gazed at Hiro. Ryoga was a rather feminine-looking young man compared to the short haired, non-makeup-wearing Hiro. "So, you must be...KAMEN RIDER TARANTELA! You won't make me help you! I know your intent from the same bond you found me by! KING...Henshin!" King swiped a card on his belt and was transformed into the gold armored King, who even had a crown on his head. Hiro swung his arms in a circle swiftly and made fists, activating his henshin sequence. "Tarantela, today you are mine!" He pulled out a sword that resembled a European knight's and lunged at Tarantela. Tarantela dodged but King rushed at him again.


Reading this, I can tell you're really enthusiastic about the material but it feels very quick, like you've crammed a dozen episodes worth of story into what maybe would be (as you wrote it) a single episode's running time. Maybe stretching out the material, filling in gaps about what's going on in the "in between spaces" might help. While it's not very exciting to write about the drive home from the really cool rider battle, some of that is necessary to help frame the story... I also was a little shocked to find an ex doctor of Shocker all up and ready to just hand out some Rider goodness? Maybe a little more tension? It makes it more interesting when you keep us guessing! :thumbs:

As a small aside, I wanted to let you know "Tarantela" is normally spelt "Tarantula" - although alternate spellings do exist... wasn't sure if this was a stylistic choice or an error.

Oh, and I'm guessing this is taking place in BLACK's universe, right? I can never remember which worlds are interconnected sometimes... what other series would then be in the same world as your story?


Episode III Flygol, Tarantela's sister! What happened to the 11 Riders?

Tarantela blocked the swings with his spines swiftly, but King used his special technique, Rider Bane to stab Tarantela. Tarantela writhed on the ground, groaning in pain. Kamen Rider King rose the sword. Tarantela proclaimed "Now I will syphon your powers for my use!" A female voice shouted out at Tarantela, and he turned. "Little girl, who are you to question a Galaxy Prince?" It was Yuki. She dived swimmer-style down to where the two were fighting, in the midst shouting her henshin cry and transforming into a violet-colored, butterfly winged Kamen Rider.

"I'm more than a match for you! Kamen...Rider...Flygol!" King snickered and charged. "More prey. You will be the first to be drained!" King swung his sword rapidly, but she was too fast for him to keep up with. Flygol kneed King to the ground, but King retaliated with a blast from the jewel on his crown. Tarantela quickly stood up. "No one harms my sister." Tarantela leapt into the air, shooting acid at King, which stunned him. "Razor Bite!" Tarantela clamped down on King, but Flygol told him to let go. "If King can be our ally, he'll be a great help to us!" King spoke up. "I feel Flygol's mercy on me is compelling enough to help you guys out. But I will rule over all eventually!" Tarantela nodded and helped him up.

Drones swarmed around the three Riders, and one of them spoke to the three in a rasping voice, "We have been ordered by Shinamgod's Tri-Headed King to bring King to him to negotiate an alliance." King assumed a fighting stance, scoffing. "I won't ally with anyone! I will rule the world for myself!" The head drone uttered an order in the language of the invaders, and they attacked King. At first King warded them off well, but then they started latching on to him one by one. Tarantela leapt up and cut the drones apart with his spikes. He noticed King had a few holes in him. "I'll be OK. Solar energy will heal our wounds, Tarantela." "Fools! Have you forgotten me? Thoraxia Change!" The head of the drones suddenly sprouted golden armor around his body.

A razor sharp sickle was in his left hand. King reached for the deck of cards on his belt. "I'll handle this." He put one in and the belt announced in a robotic voice, "Rider System Engage: Kamen Rider X Protocol, Ridol Sword Form" A fencing sword generated in King's right hand. King slashed at Thoraxia but Toraxia knocked the sword out of his hand. King cursed and rolled away, then pulled out another card "Rider Attack: Ridol Longpole". "This will knock you down!" King exclaimed. He polevaulted into the air, slamming down on Thoraxia hard. Flygol suddenly charged in and electrocuted Thoraxia. Thoraxia moaned in pain. "I've got it!" King quipped and pulled out another card. "Rider Attack: DenShock." The electric energy caused Thoraxia to stumble back drunkenly. Tarantela spit an electric web at Thoraxia, and the villain vanished abruptly. "This won't be the last you see of me Riders." King looked startled. "I have something to confess. I stole the Riders' powers. I intend to return them now."

Tarantela looked puzzled. "You mean there's more Kamen Riders?" King nodded and held out cards. The first was a blueish-green grasshopper Rider. "This belongs to Takeshi Hongo." Tarantela nodded. "You mean my former chemistry teacher who teaches at Jonan University?" Ryoga nodded and took out more cards. "This one, Ichimonji Hayato, the photographer for the Tokyo Chronicler." He held up a card that had a green-and-white armored Rider on it. "Next. V3, belonging to police commissioner Kazami Shiro. And then, X, belonging to Dr. Jin Keisuke, Amazon, belonging to zoologist Daisuke Yamamoto, Stronger, to Jonan's footbal coach Jou Shigeru, Skyrider to stuntman Hiroshi Tsukuba , Super-1 to NASA scientist Kazuya Oki, ZX to aviator Ryou Muramasa, and last but not least BLACK to your co-worker Kotaro Minami." Hiro, feeling surprised, gripped Ryoga's wrist. "Why did you do it?" Ryoga lowered his head and spoke in a low voice. "I was a weapon of Shocker, armed with the Rider Belt. My mission was to take the Kamen Riders' powers away from them. I went mad with power and wiped out Shocker after erasing the Riders of their memories and copying their powers. I was chosen to be a Galaxy Prince only because of my belt. To be honest Hiro, before I met you and Yuki, I was insane. No more discussions, let's go assemble the Riders again!"

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