Kamen Rider SPIRITS

I believe there was a thread for this before, but it's probably not been used for about 2 years now, and isn't gonna do much for my queries or for discussion.

First I guess I need to clear something up for myself, since I'm only able to read up to the end of the 8th tanbokan.

The kaijin that are revived by BADAN from the previous organsistions all lack their memories, correct? The exceptions being those revived using the Silver Skull, which are Jigoku Taishi and the Delza Army. In addition Dead Lion was never defeated, so naturally retains his memories. Also I think the Neo-Shocker Shuryo is here treated as seperate from JUDO, but I may have misunderstood that bit off wikipedia japan. Notably among the revived aside from the Executives are Mogura and Spark Kikaijin. Sorry for long post.


Yeah, IIRC. The Daishuryo and JUDO Daishuryo are one and the same, just sort of like different incarnations of him.

And a question to the guys who might know: at what point exactly is the series in right now in Japan? Has it finished the ZX saga, and if so, did they start an arc about Kamen Rider Black? Because I heard somewhere that they intended to make a Black arc after the ZX one ends, but that was a few years ago, so yeah.


Mr. Kamen Rider
They just came out with the 5th collected volume under the "New" Spirits name. Still the same story, just running in a different magazine. I haven't gotten that one yet but the last thing I read was focused on Super-1, so it's still the same big ZX-related story. As far as I've heard Muraeda is ending it with ZX, since it was always going to be about him right from the beginning.