Kamen rider/ Sentai trading cards(non garnbaride)



i collect and trade Kamen rider /sentai trading cards(non Garnbaride)

these are the Cardass regualar cards that come out each year

i sell most sets for 25.00, regular sets, no EX cards

Ex sets are availible for some sets but 50.00 each and are Rare,

a complete set w Ex goes for 100. in Japan.,,

even Rarer, and ive never gotten is the 1 autographed card . per case.
ive been collecting theses for 15years,

so if interested, i do trade and sell my email is below


for trade or sale Regular size cards, and Large Bromide

for EX cards ask in email

Kamen rider Kuuga series 1-3
kamen rider Agito series 1-3
Kamen rider Ryuki series 1-6, also avaible, toy Advent cards

Kamen rider Faiz 1-3

kamen rider Blade 1-3

kamen rider Hibiki 2-3

Hibiki large Bromide sets

Kamen rider kabuto series 1-3

kabuto Bromide sets

kabuto gashphon machine game sets rare

kamen rider deno series 1-7

deno bromide sets

kamen rider kiva 1-2

kiva bromides

bromides avaible in Sealed packs for 5.00 each or set

kamen rider W series 2-3

kamen rider 000 series 3


Magiranger series 2
Boukenja series 1
boukenja bromides
Gekiranger series 1
gekiranger bromides
go-onger set
go-onger bromides sets or single sealed packs 5.00 each

also have
kamen rider V-3 series 1-2
kamen rider black
stronger.amazon partial sets,

WANTED Will trade for below

Kamen rider Ryuki bromide set
kamen rider hibiki series 1 set
kamen rider W series 1 set
kamen rider Decade set
kamen rider 000 series 1-2 set
sentai shinkenger set bromide
sentai goseiger set or bromide
sentai gokaiger bromide

also will buy Movie card sets for decade.W.ooo

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