Kamen Rider: Rise of Zeus


"Something is moving in the shadows."

"Of course, I just wish it wouldn't have cost me him."

Grey eyes shifted, looking up to a small figure, standing upright on a able in front of him, large red eyes looking with a stretch of golden wings. "Hrm, we'll find out what happened to Kiva, and all the others my friend." Before the man could speak anymore, a ringing of his phone made him turn to look at the older styled golden on black device. As he flipped it open, the voice on the other end sounded scared before the phone was hung up. "The humans, they're scared about what's happened aren't they?"

"It's natural to be scared about the unknown Kivat, now I'll leave you to continue your search." Nodding, the man who stood all of six feet evenly would slide a black bowler hat over his short cropped hair and give a tip to the creature before he departed company from him.

Location Unknown, Somewhere underground in Tokyo

"Thank you for joining us, Mr. être. We have been greatly disturbed about what happened to the previous Kamen Riders, but these latest developments have gotten us even more concerned."

"Has something new happened that I'm not aware of?"

"We are afraid that is the case, there have been more attacks. Those former rider allies have been brutally butchered Mr. être, we want to give you some pro-"

The man shook his head, turning his grey eyes from screen to screen with a slight scowl crossing his features. "It's a nice idea, but we both know it's also incredibly useless. If this, whatever or who ever it is took down the riders, then giving me some 'protection' is like trying to stop a speeding train with an air rifle." As he continued to watch the screens of the men, Mr. être found himself frowning on the corners of his mouth. It was troubling news, deeply troubling. However, he was a fixed point and told himself he had to keep a steely appearance so they wouldn't see he was so concerned.

"Do I need to say what we're all thinking? Japan, no, the world needs the riders again. We need the ten back to fight the rising darkness." As he watched, the man briefly tipped his bowler hat before rolling his neck to crack it. As he heard the man on the middle screen begin, he flashed a brief grin.

"That was our belief too Mr. être, we'll give you access to what you need to help find brave souls to take up the fight."

He didn't quite want to reveal it, just yet anyway, but suppose there was no time like the present. So, as those hands folded behind his strong back, the man began to speak. "I know, I took the chance some time ago to write a program. It has been very helpful in identifying candidates to become riders, now with your permission, I'll set the final pieces in motion. They will be contacted, and with any luck they'll take up the fight." Nodding his head briefly, he shouldn't allow himself to smirk, but he did, it wasn't terribly difficult to write the program. He did find the bat was surprisingly useful in the motion, but also knew Kivat had his own business to attend to.


"My lord, the modifications have been completed. He's ready to be used when you need to."

"Excellent, we need some distractions for tonight, so I'll leave that up to you. He doesn't tolerate failure, and neither will I."


The Wind Of Justice
It been 3 years after William ran away from home to Japan. During that time he had used what left of the money to buy a house in Japan. After getting all his belongings from England in to the house. William turns on the computer in order to talk to his brother James. His brother than told him that their parents had given up on looking for him. After he had gone missing after graduating from high school. They have been having this conversation on the computer during the last year. Which was the last time James talked to him. During the current year William decides that he may need to a job. He thinks to himself of what kind of jobs he should take. "Of course the jobs I would mostly likely to be able to get would be either the police department or the military. However I won't be able to give criminals a taste of justice by joining the police department/military.The money I had left was somehow enough to pay the rent of the house for 3 years. However I am running out of crash. As such I will need to find some sources of income another way." After thinking for a long time he had come to a conclusion. That he don't want to get a job that will stop him from achieving his goal.

William then opens the door of his house. As he walks out to the street of the town his home is located. William then decides that today he will go out to see what is happening in the neighborhood. " I have a gut feeling that something will happen. As I have heard people have been going missing lately. Looks like the police department are having a hard time finding the person behind this crime. Which is why I am going out to look for the criminal behind this."
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While he was taking the tram back home Minato decided to check out the cards in the deck case he picked up.When he saw it lying on the ground he first though one of the kids standing around nearby maybe dropped, but after asking discovered it didn't belong to them.

Afterwards he put it in his pocket without thinking and only noticed when he sat down and since he didn't have anything better to do he thought that he might as well kill some time.He quickly noticed that almost all the cards had some variation of the word "advent" printed on them, except two a "Seal" and a Contract" card, even stranger the "Contract" card mostly blank while the "Nasty Vent" card seemed to miss a part of it's illustration. When he saw that there was absolutely no info about what game the card were meant for or even which company had created, actually made him curious

When he arrived at his apartment Minato turned on his computer hoping to find out more about the cards, but even after searching for every single one he found nothing. Not knowing what else to do he decided to post a picture of the case
on a card games forum.

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