[CASTING CALLS] Kamen Rider: Rise of Zeus

I want to apply but I'm in a bit of a rutt. I can't decide on my rider; I've narrowed it down to Gills or Zangetsu Shin
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Character Name: Taka Kouzuki

Age: 22

Rider:Kamen Rider Chalice

Height: 5' 10''

Weight: 190

Theme Song: [video=youtube;7SPh6JsF4II][/video]

Character Appearance:anime_guy_render_by_feary_bad_day-d5s4834.png

Other Information: Is also the joker undead

Bio: Taka Kouzuki or at least that's his human form under the effects of the spirit card. Born the joker undead the final trump his life was given new meaning thanks to the sacrifice of blade also becoming a undead so that Taka didn't have to be sealed to end the extinction of all life on earth. Taka dedicated his new life to making people smile he opened up a small diner and always strived to make his customers leave with a smile. After hearing of the disappearance of Blade Taka once again took up his mantel as Kamen Rider Chalice to protect the world from this new threat and hopefully find the clues he needs to tract down his friend blade and save him.
Character Name: Sosuke Eritate

Age: 21

Rider: Skyrider

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 205 lbs

Theme Song: [video=youtube;usR36pAwAaw][/video]

Character Appearance:

Other Information:
-Since this underground organization as been gathering information on riders from Ichigo to Drive, this version of Skyrider has better punching power, kicking power speed and agility.
-This version of Skyrider closely resembles the Super Imaginative Chogokin version rather than the actual series version.

Bio: Initially from a big urban city, Sosuke was sent away to a more suburban village-like at the age of 16 town due to his rambunctious and rebellious behaviour. There he lived with his aunt and uncle, who were a school teacher and a scientist. It was in this town he discovered the Tachibana Sky Diving Club and his love for the sport. When Sosuke turned 19, his uncle got his big scientific break. An orginization offered him a job with high pay and he accepted immediately. The first experiment they conducted required a subject of peak physical condition, and due to a "lack of funding", the company suggested Sosuke's uncle bring him in. Promising the bike which came as an insentive for the experiment, Sosuke accepted and underwent the procedure. During the experiment, Sosuke's uncle saw files flash up onto the screen about mind control, which caused his uncle to promptly release him from the chamber. Though he was fortunately saved from brainwashing, Sosuke had become a cyborg with superhuman capabilities. It was at this time the "simple" company was revealed to be working for a slew of villains, seeking to create a cyborg army. Sosuke's uncle equipped his nephew with the Tornado, and thus the now-Cybernetic Sosuke Eritate took up the mantle of Skyrider and swore to defeat villainy wherever it may be.
Hey there,
I would like to join this RP but first I would need to know:
Do I have to use a Rider that already exist or can I create my own?
Character Name: Allister Takame

Age: 21

Rider: Gaim

Height: 6'2"


Theme Song:

Character Appearance: animeguy.jpg

Other Information: Besides what is seen in the picture above, Allister has a tattoo on his right arm. The tattoo is the Japanese kanji for Light, which is: 光. Allister is also right-handed. He has 2 years worth of swordsmanship training/experience. Most of the time when Allister attacks with his sword, he holds the sheath in his left hand to use as a potential guard. Allister also has a pair of navy blue and orange finger-less gloves with the number 15 on both gloves. He wears the gloves to better grip his sword.

Calm, cool, and collected. Allister is always observant. He's a bit anti-social. He trains vigorously and focuses on improving not only his physicality, but his mind as well. In combat, Allister is patient and studies the battlefield and his opponent before attacking. With this way of fighting, he decreases the chance of errors and increases his attack precision.

Bio: As a kid, Allister always was observant of everything and everyone around him. He was taught by his parents to think before he acts when it comes to life. At an early point in his life, Allister needed to learn patience and needed to find ways to increase focus and decrease distractions in his life in order to gain success in life. With this early stress on perfection, he never really had a childhood, and he always had this built up anger from the lack of fun he had as a child. In a way, he always needed someone who can watch over him, checks him when his anger gets the best of him, and be his true first friend.
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Character Name: Sebastian "Seb" King

Age: 21 years old

Rider: Neo

Height: 5 feet 11 inches

Weight: 180 lbs

Theme Song:

Character Appearance: Levi.full.1595642.jpg

Other Information: (Whatever you think would be revelant to the character) His kivat-bat is called Neo Kivat, another clone made by the World Wide Wing Association or 3WA after their first attempt at creating a Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Rey, was destroyed by Kamen Rider IXA. Kamen Rider Neo has the same abilities as Kamen Rider Kiva.

Bio: Seb was the son of a human mother and a fangire father. This was forbidden, a fangire who fell in love with a human was concidered a traitor by his comrades. The Queen eventually came and killed him but was generous enough to let the 6 months old Seb and his mother live. The two had a simple and relatiely normal life together until one fatefull night when Seb was 18 years old. He had gone out to party with some friends and when he returned home, he found his mother turned to glass and shattered on the ground. Enraged and wanting justice, Seb began searching for answers. During his search, he came across the World Wide Wing Association, a secret organisation that protect humanity from shadows against monsters. The members of 3WA informed Seb of the existence of Fangires and other creatures throughout the world. Seb was eventually recruited into 3WA and would spend the next three years trainning. During his trainning, it was discovered that he was more than human and that his heritage would make him the only one who could use the rider system 3WA had created based on their observation of Kiva and other members of the Kivat-Bat clan. Seb was thus entrusted with Neo Kivat and became Kamen Rider Kiva.

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