Kamen Rider... Ri~n~ku


わたし は ケモノ ライダ!

If you haven't already guessed, yes, it's a Legend of Zelda-themed Rider!

I tried to integrate the Hyrule symbol into the helmet, as the symbol reminded me of Os' Taka Medal helmet. It looks a bit like Another Agito. I'm drawing a blank on the rest of Kamen Rider Linku, more specifically his Driver, Forms, Weapons and Machine. Navi (as much as most of you would hate the idea) will be in this too since she's a bit like Kivaara.


If Navi is his Kivat/Kivaara then you should probably go with a OOT/MM set for the forms and such


Those could be his 3 main form changes they could either be based on the jewels at the begining of the OoT, or based on said masks in MM.

Master Form, or Legend form would make sense as his ultimate form, though don't know what would be a good name for his Base form.


わたし は ケモノ ライダ!
I was considering different forms based on the different races of the LoZ universe, but I was also thinking of basing it in the Twilight Princess/Skyward Sword continuity, thus also giving him a form based on his Wolf form. Legend Form sounds good as his base form, or Hero Form

Thanks for the suggestions ^^


ah yeah TP/SS would make a good set as well.

Machine Epona, that'd just be odd.

Never beat TP, only had the GC version and kept getting distracted whenever I'd go to play it.

And I haven't really paid any attention to the Skyward Sword news.

Hero form does seem like a good base form, and Legend form or Master form for his ultimate.


わたし は ケモノ ライダ!
Drew up Link's "Driver", now known as the "Soul of Hyrule", with respective forms and corresponding races.

I did not include Deku into the form list as having a Deku Form would be pretty much similar to Den-O's Plat Form.

I have not drawn his individual forms but this is a list of design influences to base them on:

Hero Form:
-Twilight Princess Link's gloves
-Standard Boots
-Simplified Magic Armor (Twilight Princess)

Zora Form:
-Zora Armor (Twilight Princess)
-Real-life scuba outfit
-Zora Link
-OOOs' Kamakiri arms

Goron Form:
-Iron Boots (Twilight Princess)
-OOOs' Gorilla arms
-Goron Link
-Golden Gauntlets (Ocarina of Time)

Rito Form:
-Rito species (Wind Waker)
-Hover Boots (Ocarina of Time)

Shadow Form:
-Wolf Link
-OOOs' Tora arms
-Fused Shadow (Twilight Princess)
-Fang Joker

List of Weapons and Support Mecha

Hero Sword and Shield, based on:
-Prism Bicker
-God Gekiryuken (Ryukendo)

Deku Bomb:
Self-destructing (ala Claydoll Dopant) robotic Deku

Cucco(chicken) Cam:
Mechanical egg that transforms into chicken spy camera (ala Taka Candroid)

Taka Boomerang:
Mechanical combination of the hawk in Twilight Princess and Link's boomerang.


awesome, love the idea for a hawk boomerang.

As well as the driver design. I can't wait to see what his forms wind up looking like.
I actually had ideas like this years ago myself, even tried to do something on a fanfiction site but I couldn't get past the pilot >.< can't believe I have found a like-minded thing after so many years, when they were thinking it around a similar time as me >.<
As for Link's twilight/wolf based stuff, I figure that could be him influenced by the enemy race of the season. Be it corruption like Eiji/OOOs becoming the DinoGreeed or like Takumi/Faiz turning out to actually be an Orphenoch (he was also a Wolf Orphenoch at that...but I guess that makes things to similar).

Base/Normal Form - a look kind similar to his usual look with maybe a knight-ish feel or maybe a wolf motif. at times I even imagined a green version of Blade.
Shooter - Deku, pop-gun weapon
Power - Goron, hammer
Speed - Zora, boomerang blade.
ya....kinda heavily Kiva based. :/