Kamen Rider Prism

[Casting Call] Kamen Rider Prism

Centuries ago there existed a race of beings called "Mares". *These beings ravaged the earth, destroying everything they touched. *All that stood against them fell. *That is until six warriors using unique power crystals appeared. *They waged war with the Mares. *The war raged for thirty years. *The powers that the warriors possessed were passed to many individuals as they were in turn defeated. *Finally the day came when they defeated the Mares. *They had eliminated them down to their progenitor, Zeig. *But sadly by the time the warriors had gotten to him they were all mortally injured, save one. *With the their dying breaths the warriors sealed Zeig inside a cave. *The last warrior took the Crystals & kept them safe, praying he would never need to use them. *His family has kept them ever since.

Ten years ago in an excavation the seal was broken. Zeig was released. *His body still weak from his battle he possessed the body of the lead excavator. *With his new body he learned of this new world. *He used his powers to start a company that would let him take over the world in a more discreet manner. *So he created the "Dark Light Company", an organization that has dealings in every nation & every kind of business. *Including black market dealings.

The current inheritor of the Crystals had slipped up & not taken notice of the broken seal. *That is until he went to the anniversary of the sealing to strengthen it. *By that time it had been four years. *With a feeling of utter dread he put the crystals inside jewelry. *The process took the remaining six years. *He then went a step further & gave the crystals the abilities to find their own warriors. *He released the crystals into the world, never knowing *who would they would choose.

Feeling like he has a good enough foot hold on this new world the Mare Progenitor has started using his powers to create more of his kind. *Using his subordinates as hosts he creates a new breed of Mares. *They look human until they, or he, activates their powers & they becomes monsters called "Nightmares".

So will the new warriors succeed in their new charge or will they fail? *Only time will tell.

(It is now up to you to become the new warriors. *Just because you have the powers doesn't mean that you have to be avoid guy. *You can choose to misuse the powers. *Or just be one of those uber lone wolf types. This is kind of like a mash up Gokaiger and Decade. The Riders will have the power to turn into past Riders that match their crystal color. So, let's have fun.)


Color: (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple)
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