Kamen Rider Neus


Kamen Rider Neus

By Alex Smith

Chapter/Episode 1: OPAC

Space is a dark place. And I prefer it that way.

As the young Crown Prince of the Order of Planetary Assimilation and Colonization peered out the window of the enormous space station secretly orbiting earth, he felt an intense calm over himself. “For I reside over the Earth Branch. Soon the beautiful blue marble planet will be mine…â€

Earth, 2145, Shibuya, Japan

Jack Hongo sat inside a café alone, except for the front desk cashier, drinking tea, staring out the window without a care in the world. He was 21. He had no care in the world. Little did he know his entire world was about to be changed forever.

He suddenly felt the café shake and asked the front desk clerk to turn on the holovision. She complied and there seemed to be no major warnings of any kind. Suddenly a nearby manhole popped open and a white robotic machine approached the café. Hongo stared at it ax it approached. It barged through the doors and approached Hongo.

It offered out it’s hand and a message played on the view screen. “My friend Jack Hongo, do not be alarmed! You have been chosen to be the first to usher in a new era for the Earth! I am Crown Prince Teng. OPAC needs a new leader, and you are a Cho-Ningen.†Hongo tensed up and charged at it. “What bullshit! I won’t let anything happen to me or the Earth.†He swung at the robot’s camera sensors, disabling them. “Ah! Very good! But you are finished trying to delay your fate.†At Teng’s prompt, seven probes popped out of the robot and stabbed into his arms, causing him to collapse in pain. The robot carried him out the door and flew away, leaving the cashier catatonic and shaking.

Hongo awoke, and felt a strange sensation in his arm. He saw on his right arm an armband. On his left was a brace with an N stamped on it. “I see you have found your new tool, my friend. You are no longer Joe Hongo, you are Neus, the enforcer and champion of OPAC. Why don’t you show me what you can do! Shout Henshin and your powers will activate.†Joe thought to himself, I’ll play alongfor now, and then escape…

He shouted “Henshin!†and he was covered in sleek chrome armor, with green bug eyes and a kabuto helmet. He motioned towards the monitor in the back of the room and it imploded. Astonished, he gazed at his hands. “What to do now?†He hesitatingly approached the bay next to him and saw all kinds of shuttlecraft, but an alarm sounded and massive hordes of attack drones swarmed out of the walls and flew towards Neus...Neus tensed up in preparation, then braced for impact as the glass shattered.

Next episode: Escape from OPAC Earth!