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Jul 23, 2010
Kamen Rider Kiva: Rite of Succession

In the past. The position of king changed hands only when a challenger appeared and succeeded it killing it's holder. However, With humans growing more and more aware of the demon races and the Aozora organizations advancements with the IXA units, A new way had to be established. After The German born Albert Kurokawa defeated the previous King he sought to do just that. Previous members of the checkmate four were ousted in exchange for Handpicked individuals. Positions within the Checkmate 4 became a family affair (the exception being the queen) with an heir chosen amongst the previous members children. In order to reduce the number of enemies his race would face the king formed a pact with the wolfen,franken and merman races. Each race would offer then a representative who would become the king's vassal and in exchange the king would call off all hunts on their respective races. Their alliance, Known as the Lunar Sovereignty quickly took hold of japan and spread throughout the rest of the world pulling fangires from all over into their fold.

Many accepted the newly established heirarchy's change in customs. However, There was also sizable portion of Fangires that opposed the new policies. A rebellion was brewing but would make little ground without an absolute power to lead it. Those seeking too overthrow Kurokawa are seeking out former members of the checkmate four along with other fangires of notable power to join them in their quest to re-establish the old ways. They found possible salvation in the form of the former rook, Raido Tachibana, A monstrous fangire with an insatiable apatite for destruction, and Inami Gojiro, a researcher decoding ancients text which may indicate the location of a weapon powerful enough to defeat Kurokawa.

With the question of succession weighing heavy in his mind, Kurokawa realized he'd need to chose an heir to his throne amongst his 3 children. With rumors of the Supposed super weapon in mind he charged each of them with finding it and should it exists bringing it back to him. The one who'd succeeded in doing so would gain the title of king and all the power he possessed. In order to protect his children he divided his kivat and the power they both wielded into 3 through the use of an anciet rite which required a living sacrifices. Kivat bat The Great became kivat bat the 2nd, kivat bat the 3rd, and kivat bat the 4th. Each of his children was partnered with one of the kivats and sent out in search of the former royalty.

-No godmoding
-You're allowed to make up to 3 main characters total, and as many side characters as you feel necessary
-Keep personal issues outside of the rp
-All Occ chatter should be done in this thread.
-Try to post regularly and warn us if you won't be able to post for a while
-pay attention to previous posts.
-feel free to ask any question regarding storyline, setting, characters, etc.
-if this takes off then it's likely to keep me pretty busy. I apologize ahead of time if things slow down a bit.

Side characters
-These are individuals who are connected to one or more of your main characters. Their significance in the main plot cannot extend beyond their effect on the main character their attached to. Unless of course events arise that deem it necessary to bump them up to main character status. Doing so will require my ok however.

-The kivats, vassals, and fangire subordinates of the king or rebel leaders are good examples of side characters.

-It's more than likely that the storyline will require side characters to be a bit squishier than our mains. I'll give as much heads up as possible if it looks like your character will have to bite the dust. Of course you have the right to kill off or remove your own side characters from the story at any time. Just make sure to give me the heads up beforehand so I can adjust as needed.

Due to the limited number of riders in kiva I've split kiva into two. Emperor form and the default form are now separate entities

Default kiva is associated with kivat bat the 4th and can assume the garulu, bashaa, dogga, and DoGaBaKi form. What he lacks in power he makes up for in veriety.

Kiva emperor form is associated with kivat bat the 3rd He can't access the garulu,dogga and bashaa forms like in the series but has the zanvatt sword by default and can still assume flight style form.

It should be a given but I'll say it here anyhow. Kiva emperor form and dark kiva are reserved for those who play the remaining kurokawa siblings. Profiles stating anything along the lines of stealing the kivats or killing the kurokawas and taking their powers will be rejected. The remaining riders related to kiva are completely free. Since this Rp is focused on the demon races IXA won't be involved as a player character. If it does show up it will be as an npc (in which case your character should prolly be RUN!! :O_O:)

Also. Unlike the series, None of the 13 demon races have been exterminated. So feel free to create characters based on any of them. Also. If the research I've done is correct there are 5 races that are never named. I'll allow characters from made up races but will expect a hefty amount of information regarding said race, their origins and their relationship with the other races on top of your character profile. If your interested in doing this PM me with the information before posting it in thread.

Player created riders will also be accepted :D

Additional info about the world of rite of succession, hidden due to length :p

[hide]Lunar Soverignty: An alliance between the fangire, kivat, wyvren, merman, franken and wolfen races to insure they're mutual survival. Societies established within the Lunar Sovereignty function under a caste system. Royalty such as the checkmate four and nobles such as their vassals reigned at the top of the social hierarchy, Fallowed by soldiers/ hunting parties of the sovereignty and then those who maintained the day to day functions of their society. While it ensures the safety of every individual and prolongs their respective race as a whole many find the social structure too oppressive. How much can vary depending the ruling class of each area. King Albert's compound is somewhat lax in comparison to others in spite of his wife's more traditional views, due in no small part to his spirited and human loving son Gram and The politically minded moderate Aika.

Albert Kurokawa: Ruler of the lunar sovereignty. Albert's mother, Mitsuko Kurakowa, was taken in by a German sect of fangires lead by the high born Yohan Krauser. Yohan fell in love with Mitsuko and soon the two sired a son whom Yohan named Albert. While raised to be strong by his parents Albert was also taught the merits of peace and stability. As he grew older he sought to instill this knowledge into his contemporaries. This was met with varying degrees of success and failure. Those he grew weary from the endless battles accepted his views whole heartedly. Those who opposed often sought to take his life. The experience only hardened Albert's resolve to establish a true society for the fangire race.

Albert made many allies in his quest. The most important of which was likely Agiel-Kivat. The kivat admired Albert's strength and ambition and pledged itself completely to helping Albert achieve his goal. With his help Albert eventually succeeded in defeating the king and revolutionizing the fangire social structure.

Saiyuri Kurokawa: Albert's wife, Queen of the checkmate four, and mother to the kurokawa children. While more in line with traditional views of fangire society Saiyuri chose to fight alongside Albert in his march towards revolution. It was his strength that she believed in, rather than his ideals. She obeys him and him alone and has little concern for those without ambition. It is for this reason that she favors Gram the least of her 3 children. She is fond of Aika's devotion to the fangire race and, perhaps naively see's her views on the use of humans being a form of subjugation of the race as a whole.

Kivat bat the great: The form Agiel-kivat took after consuming the previous king's kivat. It's power is matched only by its wickedness. If it sensed even a moment of weakness in it's partners heart it would consume him without a second thought. Like the king, Kivat has his own vessel, Tatsulot, keeper of the zanvatt sword. Thus, Granting Kivat and it's user access to one of the strongest weapons known to the demon races. Through an ancient rite involving three living sacrifices Kivat was split into 3 separate kivats each carrying a portion of it's power and some small traces of it's personality.

Kivat Bat the Second : Inherited it's predecessor's control over the element of darkness(aka generating the and using the kiva symbol as a weapon) , a portion of it's predecessor's sealing abilities (applies to use of and the number of fustles carried) and traces of it's wickedness

Kivat Bat the Third: Inherited it's predecessor's Boisterous spirit and the ability to tap into primal fangire nature(aka flight style),The tatsulot Vassal along with the Zanvatt sword, and the smallest portion of it sealing abilities

Kivat Bat the Fourth:Inherited the strongest portion of it's predecessor's sealing abilities along with the wolfen,merman and franken vassals.

Each kiva has access to a variation of of kiva's bike "machine kivaa" based on the color scheme of their armored form. Default kiva can access the buroon booster though the use of a fustle. emperor kiva can replicate the effects of the buroon booster in his bike by assuming flights style then fusing with it. Dark kiva can do this by generating the kiva symbol and fusing it with the bike.

Castle doran and shoodoran remain with the king.

Zagarcs: Were aligned with the previous king. Since his fall and the restructuring of the Fangire hierarchy they've become something of a neutral power. While likely to side with anyone choosing to act against the lunar sovereignty they aren't by default aligned with the rebellion.

Legendora: The only faction strong enough to hold its own against the fangire before the establishment of the Lunar Sovereignty. It's king, with the help of it's kivat "Arc Kivat" was capable of fighting the previous fangire king to a draw but lacked the means to fully defeat him. The Legendora have entered an uneasy peace with the lunar sovereignty since it's birth. Because of their wars with the previous fangire hierarchy it seems that joining Kurokawa is the only option, however many of among the legendora fear joining at the cost of their freedom.[/hide]

Character profile

-apparent and actual age
-Lunar Sovereignty
-Fangire Rebellion
Rider/Kaijin distinction.
Additional notes:

Side character profile
Appearance: (a brief description will do here but a picture also works)
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My characters. done as a seperate post to make the wall of text smaller :sweat:

Main character

Name: "Dandy" Gram Kurokawa
Apparent and actual age: 24
Race: Fangire
Faction: Lunar Sovereignty

Weapons: Garulu Saber ,Dogga Hammer , Bashaa Magnam (only accecible in in their respective forms and dogabaki mode)
-Wake up
-Baroom booster
Bio: The youngest of King Albert's children and a friend to all living things. At an early age Gram swore off feeding upon humans to sustain himself. Seeing the human's and potential friends rather than enemies or a source of energy. While he was able to make do by obtaining energy through the same means as humans, Not feeding upon them has left him significantly weaker than his siblings. While his mother, more in tune with traditional fangire views saw him as a disappointment his father respected the resolve he displayed in holding strong to his personal values. The affection not received from his parents was more than made up for by the Kings circle of servants and subjects. All who served him adored the young prince and he returned their feelings. They affectionately gave him the nickname "Dandy" due to his his effeminate appearance and outgoing manner. Gram took full advantage of the privileges being royalty granted him. Carelessly wandering freely at all times of the day or night in search of new friends or lovers.

In the eyes of more traditional fangires he embodied all that was wrong with the new system. Weak and dependent upon other yet somehow gaining privilege and recognition in spite of it. In his teenage years he became a target for kidnappings, ransoms, and assassinations. Though occasionally able to befriend one or more of his captors, The young Gram was frequently saved by the king's vassals. Under the instruction of the wolfen, franken and merman representatives serving the king Gram developed the means to effectively protect himself against the rebels. Though he still paled in comparison to his other siblings in that regard.

He holds his sister in high regard, perhaps in spite of the fact that she is often cold to him. He is more aware then she perhaps realizes of her personal views regarding fangire society and believes he could possibly be content living under her rule. So long as he were still free to make as many friends and lovers as he fancied.

Personality: Gram is a free spirit who is kind and outgoing. Seeing everyone as potential friend. It is not uncommon for him to call out to people he's never met before as though he'd known them personally in hopes of conversing with them. Taking advantage of his royal status, he's spent untold amounts of money throwing parties for those closet to him. Or just for the hell of it. Within the confines of his fathers compound he was both famous and infamous as a playboy. Chasing the skirt of anyone that stuck his fancy, But was never quite sure what to do once he'd caught them.

Though somewhat out of touch with his fangire nature due to not feeding in the traditional sense. Gram's natural instincts aren't completely dulled. He's managed to make friends out of more traditional fangires by challenging them to "friendly scraps" in order to get to know them. Thanks to the training he received from his fathers vassal Gram's fighting abilities are above average. Though they still pale in comparison to his siblings. Because of this he's very much reliant on the powers his kivat and vassals grant him.

Gram is more than slightly obsessed with his appearance. Spending collectively 3 or more hours each day primping in front of one reflective surface or another. Another notable aspect of Gram is his manner of speech. He speaks somewhat formally and is prone to sudden bursts of emotion that dissipate as quickly as they appeared.

Additional notes: Because he's sworn off feeding on human, Gram must eat and process food the way they do in order to sustain himself. Eating nearly 3 times as much as the average human. Because of this he's persieved by many to be a glutton. A peculiar one at that. Eating only desearts and other sweet foods.

Side Characters.

Name: Rienhardt
Race: Merman
Appearance: He like most of the merman race is childlike in appearance. He is fond of bright colors and always dresses casually.
Bio: It is said that Rienhardt was chosen by his people as the kings vassel because of his fighting ability and pin point accuracy with projectiles. While true it's only half of the reason why he was chosen. The other half being so they could get rid of him. Rienhardt is mischievous by nature and caused a great number of problems for his family and friends before coming to serve the king. Even under the king's rule he continued to be an annoyance to all but the young Gram who mistakingly thought they were the same age. Of the 3 vassals Rienhardt is the closest to Gram most protective of him.

Name: Goro
Race: Franken
Appearance: Like most of the franken race, Goro is tall and imposing. He is taken with earthy tones and prefers his clothes long and baggy.
Bio: Goro is a gentle giant. Like most of the franken race he is extremely strong and wields a mighty constitution, and with it comes a powerful gluttony. Goro is one of the few people in this world to eat even more than Gram. He is also easily entertained. Because he is somewhat slow in thought and action a single book can hold his attention for months at a time. His seemingly dimwitted nature makes him a frequent target of Rienhardt's pranks. Something that he finds to be at worst a minor annoyance. He took to Gram soon after meeting him when the then 5 year old prince asked Goro to read him a story. After a few minutes of struggling the roles were reversed and gram ended up reading the story to Goro instead.

Name: Daigo
Race: Wolfen
Appearance: Daigo has sharp eyes and often has an intense look about him. He always dress in a sharp and flashy manner.
Bio: Chosen as the representative of his race for his cunning and fighting prowess, Daigo was the least fond of Gram when they first met. He took a great deal of delight in scaring the child. In spite of that Gram continued to treat Daigo with kindness and eventually won him over. Daigo is a man of worldly desires and developed a reputation for chasing skirts that dwarfed even Gram's. The two managed to bond over the mutual interest in spite of occasionally being fixated on the same girl.

Name: Kivat bat the 4th
Race: Kivat
Bio: The thrid kivat produced by Kivat bat the great's division. The 4th has a very inquisitive and childlike nature. It's demeanor complements Gram's friendly personality, Allowing Gram to tap a level of control and power as kiva he might not be able to attain through effort alone.

Main Character

Name:Raido Tachibana
Age:28 (apparent) 81 (actual)
Faction: Fangire rebellion

Kaijin distinction: Lion fangire
Weapons:Fangire sword (note- from what i remember of kiva several monster were able to manifest this sword. I'm thinking it was the fangire equivalent to making a fist)
Powers/abilities: can shoot needles out of it's fingertips
Bio:Raido was rook to the previous king. In the name of duty he became a living nightmare to the merman,wolfen and franken races. He was extremely loyal to the previous king who embodied the views of traditional fangires. He was cast out after Albert took the throne. Not long after he challenged Albert too a duel and failed to defeat him. Raido's defeat at the hands of the king left him physically and psychologically scarred. From that day on he became much easier to startle or frighten. In hopes of remedying the issue he would inflict physical harm upon himself for allowing cowardice to take hold of him for even a moment. He developed the habit of going into utter feeding frenzies afterward. Like a drunkard drowning his sorrows. During his benders he'd take in far more energy than any fangire would need in one day. The excess energy had a positive and negative effect on the man. He gained greater strength at the cost of his appearance. His human form still displays some of the crystallization of his fangire form. Rather than fret over additional side effects, Raido has opted to push it further. He seeks to completely overpower his human form. Seeing the act as the next step in fangire evolution.

As he evolved, He came to view fangires aligned under the Lunar sovereignty as regressing. The established hierarchy and use of diplomacy had produced undesirable side effects among the denizens of his race. Feedings were controlled acts done with humans who were subdued by hunting parties. IXA and the hunters in the Blue sky association were made out to be feared and avoided rather than hated and fought. Under Kurokawas imposed leadership the fangires would soon become weaker than the humans they fed upon. For the benefit of his race Raido became a founding member of what developed into a full fledged rebellion.

Personality: Raido takes the mentality of might making right to a horrifying extreme. Seeing cruelty and sadism as rewards for proving ones superiority over another. These traits were amplified 10 fold after his crushing defeat at the hands of Albert and kivat bat the great. He admires only those who are stronger than him. And only for as long as they remain so. He sees the kivats as crutches. A means for the king not constantly strive for greater power. His great strength and extreme views on fangire nature have made him a radical in the eyes of the lunar sovereignty and a hero in the eyes of fangire rebels. A sizable portion of those fighting alongside him believe he may have the power to defeat the current king now that his kivat's been divided.

Additional notes: As mentioned in his bio a portion of his face still carries the stain glass appearance of his fangire form. For this reason alone he can't be seen in public without causing a bit of commotion.

Side character

Name: Inami Gojiro
Race: Fangire
Appearance: Inami wears a rather thick pair of glasses over steel grey eyes. He carries no particular fondness for any style of clothing and will dress in accordance with the weather rather than adhering to any personal sense of style.
Bio: a former researcher for the previous king. He was tasked with investigating advancements in human technology in order to assist the king in his duty of protecting the fangire race. In spite of being ousted by the current king He continues to tirelessly research human advancement. Though he views them as inferior to fangires and the other demon races he admires their trait of advancing in all directions at once. As apposed to the fangire way of growing in strength above all else. His former position as a researcher granted him access to the tombs of previous kings which held ancient texts from their race. Among them was a scroll vaguely depicting a calamity housed within a tomb at the center fangire holy ground. The location of which is currently unknown.
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Name: Aika Kurokawa (born Anna)

Age: Apparently (and actually) 26

Faction: Lunar Sovereignty (In theory)

Race: Fangire

Appearance: In theory Aika has a Fangire form, but in practice it's rarely used, even for the purpose of feeding. She prefers the form she takes to escape attracting attention in human society, even in combat- a prim-looking, well groomed young woman with black hair immaculately trimmed and kept cut to just above her neckline and deep, brown eyes. The fact that even compared to her younger sibling her human form is a bit petite has apparently never been a problem for her, despite the fact that it's harder to look imposing when you look slightly younger than the sibling the rest of the kingdom has nicknamed "Dandy". To make up for it she dresses in clothing intended to communicate 'power'- at all formal functions, while appearing in front of the court, or sometimes even outside, she wears a well-pressed grey suit-and-blazer combination, complete with navy blue tie. The effect to those who don't know her may seem less like an imposing presence and more like a girl not-long out of high school dressing up as the CEO of a major corporation, but to those who do it's only natural.

When not in her trademark suit, Aika tends to dress in whatever seems comfortable- a yukata once a year for summer festivals (on occasions where she must attend because she had important business to conduct and how DARE you suggest she wanted a break), a large white coat with a fur-trimmed collar in the depths of winter, and year round nary a dress to be seen unless the event specifically requires it, preferring to simply wear more fashionable or elaborate suits or uniforms for events requiring formality in excess of businesswear.

Rider/Kaijin distinction: Kamen Rider Dark Kiva

Weapons: Dark Kiva's abilities stem not from mastery of weaponry, but from the mastery of the armor's unique abilities. In theory the sealing power of Kivat Bat the Second may be used, but Aika prefers vassals either alive and loyal, or dead and gone if they can't be controlled and insist on rebelling, believing that simply sealing the power of another being is only a 'bandage solution'.

Powers/abilities: Aside from the increased strength and speed and the murderous Rider Kicks enabled by Dark Kiva's power, Aika is something of a prodigy at using Dark Kiva's ability to project and control darkness through projections of Kiva's symbol. Given the ability to concentrate without interruption, she can project and manipulate as many as four at a given time, using them either as makeshift shields or as traps, holding an enemy at her mercy while she prepares to deliver a finishing blow. The symbols may be moved along any flat surface, or raised up into the air, where they serve as barriers or walls. The more symbols Aika creates at one time, the more she has to focus to move them, so she generally limits the amount to one or two to avoid being immobilized in conflict, materializing multiple symbols at once only when she is absolutely required to and usually immediately dismissing any that have already served their purpose to avoid the drain on her mental resources. While not technically a 'power', Aika is also proficient in hand to hand combat, making up for her smaller size with the increased power afforded by Kiva, as well as focusing on attacks that turn an enemy's own power against them. This defense-heavy fighting style which can be easily transitioned into offensive combat has earned her the nickname 'Untouchable Aika', since her ideal of 'decisive combat' is one in which the enemy never lands a blow.

Bio: Born only two years earlier than her bohemian younger brother, Aika is both the model of the rebellious child and the model child at the same time- both accepting Fangire tradition for what it is, and simultaneously rejecting the bits that don't suit her. Most fangire of the old guard regard her as the closest thing they have to a direct ally among the Kurokawa, but nothing could be further from the truth- simply because Aika isn't uncomfortable with feeding on humans does not mean she doesn't have her own agenda, separate from that of other Fangire. Aika was, understandably, a serious child from an early age- after all, she was the first female in centuries who stood to have the right to inherit Kiva. Rather than obsessing over this distinction, she merely accepted it and trained herself to the point where no-one could argue that she had the right to use it, developing a very business-like mentality as she did so. Unlike her parents, or even her younger sibling, Aika also found something more interesting about humans than their simple capriciousness- namely, by studying their culture and history, she concluded that the advantage of humankind was their adaptability as a species. Fangire and the other demon races, before the time of the Kurokawa, relied heavily on tradition to supplement their lifestyle, aping even that from human conventions of monarchies and nobility. Aika concluded the best possible situation for the less-creative-as-a-species Fangire was not to use humans simply as a food source, but as a creative resource as well, inducting them as a subservient race in the Lunar Sovereignty and using their vast resources as the most numerous intelligent species on the planet to develop a new and better world.

In this way, Aika established herself as something of a moderate- neither entirely for the old Fangire ways, nor for their complete abolition, seeing the path forward as ideally being a mixture of both. She advocates the creation of a new source of life energy, the most efficient fuel for Fangire and other demon races, so as not to carelessly waste resources which could be put to far better use for the empire. She has also taken stances promoting education and research among the demon races themselves, both scientific and artistic, so as to place them on more even footing with the quicker-adapting humans in the event of a large-scale war. While many from both factions see her as a representation of both a new, greater order, that may in time eclipse Albert's original vision for the Lunar Sovereignty, the majority of the leaders of the rebellion find her weak as well, regarding her as only 'half' a true Fangire, and many who advocate friendship and equality with humans find her policy of total subjugation preferable to the Fangire Rebellion's stance but still too harsh and cruel. Thus, while she has a few intensely loyal adherents, she lacks enough support from either faction to establish herself as a leader through popular consent, and has instead decided to focus her efforts on becoming the next 'Kiva' to realize her dreams, crushing the Rebellion and using the popularity from it as political leverage.

Personality: Aika is best described in two words- "adaptable" and "professional". Having nurtured a belief through her studies that moderation and adaptability is best in all things, she's very willing to listen to arguments from anyone, at any time, on any position- though she'll generally respond with questions or arguments of her own. She treats her position as a ruler not as divine or birthright, but as something she must work to maintain, hence the care she takes with maintaining her own image both as a professional and as a cunning fighter, picking her battles very carefully to minimize the amount of risk she must take. She maintains a cordial, if sometimes distant, relationship with both of her parents, respecting her father even if their beliefs are different and pleasing her mother with her dedication to the Fangire race first and foremost, and herself only as it concerns their future. Much of this stems from her dream of being an 'ideal ruler' to help the Fangire move forward rather than stagnate, a wish compelled by the study of countless empires which grew complacent, were corrupted, and eventually collapsed in on themselves before enemies routed them.

Aika can be somewhat frosty towards others or her siblings in particular, keeping many people at arm's length- partially as a survival skill, since she regards it as a possibility that someday, she may have to fight and defeat both of her siblings in order to claim the throne. She regards her youngest brother as being somewhere in the middle of being a decent ruler and a complete chump- his benevolence and interest in humans seem promising to her rather than a weakness, as both are good traits in the ideal ruler, but she finds his narcissism and focus on his own happiness at the expense of civic duty to be a greater weakness and one which should preclude him from ever holding the throne. The distance she keeps from others shouldn't be mistaken for a total lack of empathy, however- in her heart, Aika is still ultimately concerned about others, her business-like mannerisms simply a way to keep herself from growing attached to any one person when she finds the common good to be ultimately important, and that of the Fangire and demon races to be the ultimate concern, above all else. It is this commitment to the common good that compels her to take life energy from humans as sustenance- she regards it as regrettable, but sacrifices for the good of the future of both human and fangire alike, and focuses primarily on taking the energy only from humans who no longer have the ability to contribute to society- inmates in solitary confinement or who have been condemned to death already are her preference, followed by vagrants or those who have already cut themselves off from the rest of society. She has worked ceaselessly to ensure that eventually, consuming humans will no longer be a necessity to maintain peak power.

Aika's greatest weakness is her self-denial- the ability to sacrifice herself for the common good means she often neglects her own happiness, leading to a build-up of stress and a foul temper. She also feels ashamed when she does something solely for her own pleasure, tending to keep hobbies or collections a secret- this is not to say she never engages in them, however. (on Sunday mornings others have noted that she tends to send away attendants and ask for a few hours to herself from eight to ten A.M., and she is occasionally seen inside hobby shops during the few personal days she takes).


Name: Kivat bat the Second

Race: Kivat

Appearance: Kivat the Second is too famous to require an appearance field, lowly human! YOUR HEAD IS TOO HIGH.

Bio: What others call "wickedness", Kivat the Second thinks of as "pragmatism", coldly regarding one life to be easily worth the sacrifice to maintain the Fangire race. His bloodthirstiness in combat is a point of personal shame, finding himself unable to control his urge to destroy enemies completely without a partner suppressing his power. Fortunately his vision and Aika's meet very well, and he respects her mental strength, able to almost completely suppress his urges to dominate everything through force. He still regards himself as a superior existence to humankind, and even most demon races, though he defers to Aika as he genuinely believes she will be the one to inherit the throne.

Name: The Shadows

Race: Wraith

Appearance: An untrained observer might be forgiven for thinking the three Wraiths who serve as Aika's personal attendants are ninjas of some variety, with their body entirely cloaked in black silk which conceals everything but their glittering, silver eyes. In practice, it's almost impossible to identity a single member of the three when compared to their siblings, a task Aika can only accomplish due to her familiarity with them. Their non-human identity is only revealed when the wraiths shed their outer coating, revealing a body so thin and frail that without the silk binding it, it exists as only a mist, with the silver of their eyes being in reality two shining orbs containing the Wraith's spirit.

Personality: Incorporeal and without definite form, Wraiths are a demon race incapable of direct combat without clothing themselves in special bindings which give them a direct, physical form. Neither as skilled in combat as the other Demon Races nor able to prey on humans effectively, most Fangire regard the Wraiths as a nonentity- which makes their mist-like bodies perfectly suited for tasks like espionage. Their major weakness is that without a physical body, they are essentially a mass of life energy, easily consumed by other demons- but only if detected. Aika has recognized the loyalty and talents of the race and, true to form, promoted these three members to direct service as her aides, serving from the shadows and aiding in combat only indirectly. The Wraith are not a race with true 'identities', instead being thought of primarily as a semi-autonomous group of collectives, and thus the Shadows who serve Aika are not so much three distinct beings but an offshoot of a single larger one, with their own collective identity. What one knows, the other two know as well, and are capable of relaying, making them an invaluable information network.
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Awesome profile. Accepted without question :D Also I edited my profile to include Gram's views of Aika. As profiles come in everyone is free to adjust their chracter's histories and personalities according to relationships they may have with other characters.
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could you reserve the last of the Kurokawa siblings for me i'm working on a bio as i type this.
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Here's my bio, meant to post this earlier,
Another, not quite a faction, but a force to compete for power

Character profile

Name: Tsurugi
Age: Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 30
Faction: Neutral
Race: Fangire
Appearance: I feel like drawing a sketch for Crusader, but lack the time for now.
Tsurugi usually wears a form of cloak when on business. He wears a headband to keep his black hair out of his eyes to improve his accuracy.

Rider/Kaijin distinction: Kamen Rider Crusader / Stallion Fangire
Kamen Rider Crusader has the form of a medieval black knight. His helmet has an old style Cross shapped visor with feathers hanging on the back of the helmet. He has a dark gray plate mail with a sword mounted on his back. His rider belt is very plain, only distinguishing features are some fustles at the sides the plug into the buckle to call forth any nearby, loyal fangires. His dark grey armor has silver trimmings along the chestpiece and shoulders.

His fangire form is the stallion fangire. He rarely uses this form as his Crusader form is much more powerful. However he may resort to this when competing with rival fangires for dominance. This stallion is covered in armor that reflects it as armored horseman over a fangire.

Crusader Brace- A black guantlet that Tsurugi always wears on his right hand, it has his sword and shield insignia engraved in it. To transform, he raises his guantlet in the air as chains shoot from the ground, covering him. Then the chains fuse together to form into his armor.
Knight's Cross (Longsword) - Crusader uses a longsword in combat that charges with either fire or ice energy depending on day or night respectively.
Knight's Shield - Crusader has a small square shield that is connected to his left arm, able to block moderate blows.

Powers/abilities: Kamen Rider Crusader fights with both his sword and shield, parrying blows while fighting with a fencing style. He can hold his sword towards the moon or sun to imbune it with energy for elemental attacks. However this ability can't be used indoors where no direct sunlight or moonlight are available. (Also applies to new moons or eclipses, leaving him weaker than normal. These events would leave him unable to fight if he even manages to transform at all.)
His finisher is Guardian Slash. He calls forth chains from the ground to snare the target as he slowly approaches it. He states the misdeeds of the target and its crime against "The Code." He then proceeds to charge his blade with fire/ice and slashes through the enemy.

Bio: Tsurugi is the heir to the long line of Crusader clansmen. This clan has various alliances to the fangire and other races. It serves mainly as mercenaries with thier own unique code promoting a balance of the world. They offer their services only to those who they deem worthy, but don't work for free. Those against the "Code" are expected to pay an extra large supply of energy and resources if they expect the clan to look over their misdeeds. This group is always led by the "Master", and is open to all races who possess honor. As such, one may find a large assortment of races under the flag of the Crusaders, with at one time during their peak size, containing warriors of all the races pursuing order and balance. However over time their powers have diminished. The last Master was weak and wasn't able to hold the group together, many deserting back to their races. He supported the old king who lost, resulting with the weak leader losing all power. He then died, leaving a once powerful clan in shambles to his heir, Tsurugi.

Tsurugi always resented his father's weakness and hated how he led the Crusaders to this. No longer honorable peacekeepers, the group served as petty mercenaries just for the day's meal. Tsurugi grew up within the former castle of the clan and trained in the art of fencing and the code. He read stories of the once powerful clan as a child and was crushed when he discovered the weakness of his group. Upon his father's death, the few remaining members looked to their new leader for guidance to restore their order.

The Crusaders no longer possess their once great castle, but are reduced to various small camps scattered around the forrest. Upon his first year in power, Tsurugi gathered the clan to form one central camp. He has sent his loyal followers to many small missions, recruiting more warriors or eliminating those they find as a threat to order. Tsurugi has found the current feud as a key opportunity. He aims to find a side destined for greatness as a chance to perhaps regain his lost power.

Personality: Tsurugi embodies the original idea of the code, and acts with an old fashion sense of chivalry. He is against random killing as he knows this unneccessary feeding will lead to an extinction of humans which will then kill off the other races. Even to humans, Tsurugi shows a honorable side. He is fierce in combat, but believes in restoring a balance long lost in the world. He shows his loyalty to all those who still follow him, and aims to increase his followers. He is however, brutally honest, contrasting with his nice guy side. He states the truth, not hesitant to cause pain. He feels that once must be told their weaknesses directly or they will never grow stronger. Tsurugi values strength and honor. His weakness may lie in his pride however. He won't back down from a challenge, and will never allow words against his clan to be said. If his pride is challenged, one can expect a fierce duel to arrive shortly.

Additional notes: The Code
One needs not to kill for enjoyment
One acts to protect the best interests of the world
One must value strength and righteousness above all evils
One never betrays the Righteous Order of the Crusaders
We are One

And his few followers
Side character profile
Name: Alexander
Race: Bear Fangire

Alexander appears to be 40 but is actually much older, also serving the two previous masters.
Bio: A loyal follower of Tsurugi. He served the previous Master, though didn't quite agree with his weakness but understood the loyalty to the Master. He helped raise Tsurugi and acted as a strong role model figure instead of his father. He is one of the few remaining members of the group, all of the strongest warriors left once the old leader pushed them in a losing fight against the new king. The few remaining fangire in the order stayed for their loyalty to Alexander. He puts his hope in the young Tsurugi, hoping he will bring back the lost honor. He fights in either form, Fangire or using the Knight Armor. This armor is a rider system similar to Crusader, but much weaker in power. He remembers a time when there was an army of Knights to fight battles and is unhappy of the fact that he possess the last Knight Brace.

Tsurugi also has within the Crusaders, a few fangire who have high hopes in the new leader. Very few in number, these fangire vary from spider to insect, to other animal fangire and are ready at a moments notice to arrive at their master's side. However with many recent events, they are cynical of the entire clan and watch the new Masters actions very critically.
No Fear, No Pain.
Dec 22, 2010
Posting interest. I like the concept and the chance to create one of the unknown demon races is very appealing to me (Or playing a wolfen for that matter). Thing is I already have alot on my plate with Knights and (hopfully) Selection. I guess I should ask if your still interested in making this game happen. (Not to sound like a jack ass...)
Jul 23, 2010
Gankun: Tsrugi and Alexander are accepted. Awesome characters. I also like this faction you've created as part of their history. Should make things very interesting.

Ziginz: Of course :p. I got bits of the opening post in the works which i add to as I get more chracters. Still waiting on D-lords profile for the third kurokawa sibling. I can start once I get that but If possible I'd like to wait for at least one more player after that.
May 18, 2012
I would like to participate, but it will take me some time to post a biography due to personal commitments. Latest I will have it up is Tuesday.