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Kamen Rider Kiva: Ghosts of the past.

In the past. The position of king changed hands only when a challenger appeared and succeeded at killing it's holder. However, With humans growing more and more aware of the demon races and the Aozora organizations advancements with the IXA units, A new way had to be established. After The German born Albert Kurokawa defeated the previous King he sought to do just that. Previous members of the checkmate four were ousted in exchange for Handpicked individuals. Positions within the Checkmate 4 became a family affair (the exception being the queen) with an heir chosen amongst the previous members children. In order to reduce the number of enemies his race would face the king formed a pact with the wolfen,franken, and merman races. Each race would offer then a representative who would become the king's vassal and in exchange the king would call off all hunts on their respective races. Their alliance, Known as the Lunar Sovereignty quickly took hold of japan and spread throughout the rest of the world pulling fangires from all over into their fold.

Many accepted the newly established heirarchy's change in customs. However, There was also sizable portion of Fangires that opposed the new policies. A rebellion was brewing but would make little ground without an absolute power to lead it. Those seeking too overthrow Kurokawa are seeking out former members of the checkmate four along with other fangires of notable power to join them in their quest to re-establish the old ways.

With the question of succession weighing heavy in his mind, Kurokawa realized he'd need to chose an heir to his throne amongst his 5 children. With rumors of the rebelion boistering their ranks Albert tasks each of his children with finding a means of quelling the rebellion themselves. The one who'd succeeded in doing so would be one step closer to the title of king and all the power he possessed. In order to protect his children he divided his kivat and the power they both wielded into 5 through the use of an anciet rite which required a living sacrifices. Kivat bat The Great became kivat bat the 2nd, kivat bat the 3rd,kivat bat the 4th, Kivala, and Rey. Each of his children was partnered with one of the kivats and sent out on a quest to protect their kingdom. All fully unaware of how far this journey would take them.

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-Try to post regularly and warn us if you won't be able to post for a while
-pay attention to previous posts.
-feel free to ask any question regarding storyline, setting, characters, etc.
-if this takes off then it's likely to keep me pretty busy. I apologize ahead of time if things slow down a bit.

There will be no reserves and if more than one person applies for the same character they'll be competing for the spot.

Side characters
-These are individuals who are connected to one or more of your main characters. Their significance in the main plot cannot extend beyond their effect on the main character their attached to. Unless of course events arise that deem it necessary to bump them up to main character status. Doing so will require my ok however.

-The kivats, vassals, and fangire subordinates are good examples of side characters.

-It's more than likely that the storyline will require side characters to be a bit squishier than our mains. I'll give as much heads up as possible if it looks like your character will have to bite the dust. Of course you have the right to kill off or remove your own side characters from the story at any time. Just make sure to give me the heads up beforehand so I can adjust as needed.

Due to the limited number of riders in kiva I've split kiva into two. Emperor form and the default form are now separate entities

Unlike the series, None of the 13 demon races have been exterminated. So feel free to create characters based on any of them. Also. If the research I've done is correct there are 5 races that are never named. I'll allow characters from made up races but will expect a hefty amount of information regarding said race, their origins and their relationship with the other races on top of your character profile. If your interested in doing this PM me with the information before posting it in thread.

Due to the limited number of riders in kiva I've split kiva into two. Emperor form and the default form are now separate entities

Default kiva is associated with kivat bat the 4th and can assume the garulu, bashaa, dogga, and DoGaBaKi form. What he lacks in power he makes up for in veriety.

Kiva emperor form is associated with kivat bat the 3rd He can't access the garulu,dogga and bashaa forms like in the series but has the zanvatt sword by default and can still assume flight style form.

To help balance things out Kivala will have limited access to the wings which appear during her sonic stab. If this were a video game then she'd be able to manifest them temporarily to dash and double jump.

In depth info about the Armors and kivats

[hide]All the children are trained in Swordsmanship (specifically in the use of the rapier and broadsword) Hand to hand combat (Savate, Boxing, and a fangire based freeform style) and the use of the fustles and magic by their parents during their adolecent and pre-teen years. They'll have grown and specialized in one or more of the areas based on which armor you choose.

Dark Kiva: Bears the strongest resemblance to Albert's form of kiva. Boasting adoquet strength and defence this armors strength lies in magic use. It carries a effinity for the element of darkness and can wield it as a weapon in the form of the kiva symbol. It also sports very powerful sealing abilities meant to be used as an offensive threat in combat. Dark Kiva's user should have a talent for magic or have gone to great lengths to master it's use.

Dark Kiva's corresponding Kivat is Kivat bat the 2nd. While it has an inherently dark nature it is loyal to it's partner and respects anyone with drive and ambition.

Emperor Kiva: A combat oriented armor. While carrying an affinity for flame the armor isn't equiped to utilize it in the form of spells as it's only fustles are related it's attacks and weapons. It is the second strongest armor in regards to Hand to hand combat and the Default user of the Zanvatt sword. It's raw physical power and minimal magical power is due to it's ties to primal fangire nature. Fully embracing this nature grants the user the potential for an additional transformation. It's user should be adept in either Fangire or savate hand to hand and the Broadsword.

Emperor Kiva's Kivat partner is Kivat bat the 3rd. He's boisterous, high spirited and eager for combat.

(Default) Kiva: Potentially the meakest of the armors in regards to combat, Kiva's strength lies in it's sealing ability. Unlike Dark Kiva who's sealing is used like an attack, Kiva's are used for transforming other entities into armaments. However it can't convert the unwilling. A darkness pledge must be made between Kiva's equipper and the sealed entity for it to become a usable weapon or attack. Another ability unique to Kiva is it's ability to channel the entity which forms the weapon. Allowing that person to fully take over the fighting for it while wielding it's corresponding weapon. What it lacks in raw power it makes up for in versatility. Kiva will start out with the Garulu Saber, Dogga Hammer, Basha magnum, and Baroom Booster. In dire straights Kiva can use multiple forms/weapons simultaneously but risks injuring itself in the process.

Kiva's Kivat, Kivat bat the 4th, is inquisitive, protective, and childlike in nature.

(Default kiva's name will likely change once I or someone else comes up with a better name for it)

Kivala: In a since Kivala is the anti-thesis to (default)Kiva. Lacking a great deal in the form of seals and magic but wielding impressive physical ability rivaling "Emperor Kiva. It's distinctive in two ways. One are it's wings which when mastered will grant it's user flight (they have limited use when the rp begins.) The other is it's lack of any fustles or need to infuse it's user with the Dark Imperial power present in certain kivats. It's sonic stab can be used instantly making it ideal for sudden attacks. Kivala's user should be adept at fencing with at least adequate ability in one of the hand to hand disciplines as well.

It's equivalent kivat, Also named Kivala is smaller than average, friendly and flirtatious, even towards her enemies. Unlike 2nd,3rd, and 4th, Kivala more resembles Agiel-Kivat. Albert's old partner before becoming the great.

Rey: The strongest armor in regards to hand to hand combat. Like emperor it has an elemental affinity (snow). But unlike Emperor it can utilize it to a small degree in the area around it. It's Gigantic claws are unlike other "wake up" related Techniques and spells, being an augmentation of it's form. While powerful they are also weighty. Uilizing them from the start issure to build fatigue in the user over time. Rey's user should be adept in two of the 3 hand to hand principles taught to the children.

Rey-kivat, it's designated kivat, is the oddball of the group. He doesn't resemble Aigel-kivat or kivat bat the great. Instead it appears like an amalgam of enemy kivats consumed by the two over Albert's Journey. It is perhaps because of this that He is somewhat standoff-ish towards anyone but it's partner. Like the 3rd he is anxious for battle but unlike his counterpart he hold a somewhat romanticized viewpoint of it. Describing it as "Graceful Yet Violent".[/hide]

Additional Information about the world of Ghosts of the past.

[hide]Lunar Soverignty: An alliance between the fangire, kivat, wyvren, merman, franken and wolfen races to insure they're mutual survival. Societies established within the Lunar Sovereignty function under a caste system. Royalty such as the checkmate four and nobles such as their vassals reigned at the top of the social hierarchy, Fallowed by soldiers/ hunting parties of the sovereignty and then those who maintained the day to day functions of their society. While it ensures the safety of every individual and prolongs their respective race as a whole many find the social structure too oppressive. How much can vary depending the ruling class of each area. King Albert's compound is somewhat lax in comparison to others in spite of his wife's more traditional views.

Albert Kurokawa: Ruler of the lunar sovereignty. Albert's mother, Mitsuko Kurakowa, was taken in by a German sect of fangires lead by the high born Yohan Krauser. Yohan fell in love with Mitsuko and soon the two sired a son whom Yohan named Albert. While raised to be strong by his parents Albert was also taught the merits of peace and stability. As he grew older he sought to instill this knowledge into his contemporaries. This was met with varying degrees of success and failure. Those he grew weary from the endless battles accepted his views whole heartedly. Those who opposed often sought to take his life. The experience only hardened Albert's resolve to establish a true society for the fangire race.

Albert made many allies in his quest. The most important of which was likely Agiel-Kivat. The kivat admired Albert's strength and ambition and pledged itself completely to helping Albert achieve his goal. With his help Albert eventually succeeded in defeating the king and revolutionizing the fangire social structure.

Saiyuri Kurokawa: Albert's wife, Queen of the checkmate four, and mother to the kurokawa children. While more in line with traditional views of fangire society Saiyuri chose to fight alongside Albert in his march towards revolution. It was his strength that she believed in, rather than his ideals. She obeys him and him alone and has little concern for those without ambition.

Kivat bat the great: The form Agiel-kivat took after consuming the previous king's kivat. It's power is matched only by its wickedness. If it sensed even a moment of weakness in it's partners heart it would consume him without a second thought. Like the king, Kivat has his own vessel, Tatsulot, keeper of the zanvatt sword. Thus, Granting Kivat and it's user access to one of the strongest weapons known to the demon races. Through an ancient rite involving 5 living sacrifices Kivat was split into 5 separate kivats each carrying a portion of it's power and some small traces of it's personality.

Each kiva has access to a variation of of kiva's bike "machine kivaa" based on the color scheme of their armored form.

Castle doran and shoodoran remain with the king.

Zagarcs: Were aligned with the previous king. Since his fall and the restructuring of the Fangire hierarchy they've become something of a neutral power. While likely to side with anyone choosing to act against the lunar sovereignty they aren't by default aligned with the rebellion.

Legendora: The only faction strong enough to hold its own against the fangire before the establishment of the Lunar Sovereignty. It's king, with the help of it's kivat "Arc Kivat" was capable of fighting the previous fangire king to a draw but lacked the means to fully defeat him. The Legendora have entered an uneasy peace with the lunar sovereignty since it's birth. Because of their wars with the previous fangire hierarchy it seems that joining Kurokawa is the only option, however many of among the legendora fear joining at the cost of their freedom.[/hide]

Character profile

-apparent and actual age
Appearance: (picture or discription whichever you prefer)
Rider/Kaijin distinction.
Additional notes:

Side character profile
Appearance: (a brief description will do here but a picture also works)
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Emperor Form is a separate power/being. It's Kivat is the 3rd.

To quote G.K.'s Opening Post:

Kiva emperor form is associated with kivat bat the 3rd He can't access the garulu,dogga and bashaa forms like in the series but has the zanvatt sword by default and can still assume flight style form.


Updated the first post to include info about the individual armors. Look forward to another update tomarrow regarding magic and fangire forms. It won't be needed to start working on your character but will be helpful information once the game is actually up and running.

Once the 5 slots are filled and all the characters are known I'll be asking everyone to go back to the profiles to add their characters feelings regarding ther 4 siblings. The growing and changing relationships will be the focal point of this rp.


The Wild Wolf of HJU
Name: Yuki Hiromi
Gender: Female
Species: Purebred Fangire (Berserker Type)
Age: Appears 24, in reality, Actual Age: 240

Fangire/Berserker Appearance: (to Be revealed later)
Rider: Kamen Rider Empress (Partnered with Kivat Bat the 3rd)
Weapons: Zanvat Sword, Fangire Hand-to-Hand, Fuestles
Powers/abilities: Primal Rage (Only Known ability at the time, Also Allows her to Assume her "Berserk" State for a short time.)
Bio: A Rather harsh, and observant Woman, from behind her feigned loyalty to the lunar empire, she seeks to tear them down from within as a member of the resistance, However...due to her primal nature as a Berserker-type fangire, she tends to go berserk at the worst times, Fiercely Protective of her other Siblings, Tends to duck out of the fight when she feels her "Berserk" state coming around, She does tend to be a bit stoic at times, as she was descended from another type of Fangire clan, but even before the lunar empire's rise...she was carefully and cautiously trained by the Queen of the Checkmate four, due to her primal fury which she can temporarily subject herself to, but it has a heavy fatigue cost just to maintain and withold during some battles...."The Beast" Must come out during battle at times, or else she will find herself devoured by the Fangire within, During the day she is often wandering about town in her human form, her primal Hunger has left her slightly weaker than the older siblings, but she still feeds off of those humans who believe that the lunar republic will protect them.
Personality: Calm, Calculating, Observant
Additional notes: Can be trusted, but it is recommended to stay out of her way when she enters "Berserk" Mode.
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Name: Aeron Kurokawa
Age: 25
True Age: 300

Rider: Dark Kiva
Fangire Form: Vampire Bat
Weapons: Kiva Symbol, Magic
Powers/abilities: Magic (Darkness), Sealing, Various Martial Arts and Swordsmanship, Fuestles
Bio: First born son of the King and Queen, Aeron grew up around the beginning of the Lunar Sovereignty. Having witness attempts on his fathers life prior to this, Aeron took his training very seriously. He mastered boxing and with the help of his mother, delved deeply into the arcane tomes with Castle Doran. Coming to the understanding that Dark Magic wasn't to be feared but was incredibly powerful, Aeron would spend close to 50 years studying. In turn acquiring near mastery of the 'Forbidden Magic'. When the King created the 5 armors for his children, Aeron was instinctively drawn to what would become know as 'Dark Kiva'. The armor seemed to be born from, and for, darkness magic. Aeron now trains to master his armor to its fullest, and in turn find a way to end the looming rebellion.
Personality: Seemingly haughty and has a 'I'm-better-than-you' attitude. Merely a facade. The true Aeron is calm, caring, observant and extremely protective of his siblings and family.
Additional notes: Has a vassal/partner in Ryu-Jin


Name: Kivat the 2nd
Race: Kivat Bat
Appearance: Red and Black Kivat (same as Series)
Bio: Born from Alberts partner, Kivat bat The Great, Kivat the 2nd is loyal to it's partner. Though it respects anyone with drive and ambition. Has a dark nature and is an able and willing spy.


Name: Ryu
Race: Dragon; Subspecies: Darkness
Age: 40 (Appearance)
True Age: 5000 (in Human Years); 500 (in Dragon Years)

Bio: Ryu is the last of his once mighty race. Considered unique amid his peers due to his ability to wield multiple elements of magic. The mighty beast was a capable fighter with both claw and fang as well as magic. This served him well in the incident he call's “The Great Purification.” Rarely talks about his past as he feels its better to focus on the future. When discovered by the King while on a hunt, RyuJin nearly defeated the Fangire for invading his territory. Later learning of the Lunar Soveignity, RyuJin was summoned before the King. Informed that he would either submit and join the Soveignity or be killed. Opting to live, RyuJin offered the King a token of his loyalty and split his power into thirds. Keeping one piece for himself; the second piece is kept by the King, and the third has taken the form of Jin. Is respectful to the Fangire Royal Family. Has taken a liking to the eldest son, Aeron and with the Kings permission, aided in the boy's training.


Name: Jin
Race: Dragon-Kivat
Appearance: Similar to Tatsulot in appearance; with a Green/Gold color scheme
Bio: Born from RyuJin as a effect of his pledging loyalty to the Lunar Sovereignty. Jin is the key to Ryu (re)gaining the power to fight. Loyal to Ryu, and by 'faint' extension the Fangire Aeron, Jin is willing to do anything to help his partner. Able to teleport to Ryu's location no matter the distance. Serves a role similar to Kivat the 2nd in spying. Harbors hidden and bitter resentment for Fangires in reducing his partner to his current position and state.


Dragon Species: Fed on elemental energy/sources. (Save for Darkness who fed on life energy)

Broken up in Kingdom's, one for each element.

Fire (Fed in/on Volcano's magma and rock)
Earth (Fed in Deserts on the sand and rock)
Air (Fed amid storms alongside Thunder/Lightning)
Water/Sea (Fed on the creatures of the sea)
Ice (Fed in/on Polar Icecaps)
Thunder/Lightning (Fed amid storms alongside Air)
Light (Fed on Gems)
Darkness (Drained Life Energy from any non-dragon)


Fire began a 'purification' of the 'lesser worms' which result in the extinction of all Fire, Earth, Air and Ice dragons. Light was enraged at the declaration and ironically began a second, simultaneous war which aided in the near extinction of Water, Thunder and Darkness. Light suffered heavy losses as well.

Finally, the Dragons God, known as Nirchexert, descended from his realm and tasked RyuJin with wiping his 'tainted children' from the land. As the last dragon fell before RyuJin, Nirchexert appeared once more and 'gifted' his only 'pure' son with a seemingly indestructible body and extended aging (further slowing down RyuJin's aging process).


(OOC: If possible I'd like RyuJin to be a main character. He'll have his own armored form)
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(OOC: If possible I'd like RyuJin to be a main character. He'll have his own armored form)

While I do like RyuJin's storyline and ties to the main plot I don't want any playable characters outside of the 5 siblings. There may be some room for him further down the line though that potential may only exist as an antagonist.

Ok. Looking at these profiles I'm realizing theres some information I should have made everyone privy to before hand. The long and short is I'd like a bit more information in the bio's and personalities of the character, and for the characters to be alot younger.

I should have put up a sample profile to help smooth out the process. Heres a character I used for the previous version of this rp as an example. (Note this is not gonna be a playable character)

Name: "Dandy" Gram Kurokawa
Apparent and actual age: 24
Weapons: Garulu Saber ,Dogga Hammer , Bashaa Magnam (only accecible in in their respective forms and dogabaki mode)
-Wake up
-Baroom booster
Bio: The youngest of King Albert's children and a friend to all living things. At an early age Gram swore off feeding upon humans to sustain himself. Seeing the human's and potential friends rather than enemies or a source of energy. While he was able to make do by obtaining energy through the same means as humans, Not feeding upon them has left him significantly weaker than his siblings. While his mother, more in tune with traditional fangire views saw him as a disappointment his father respected the resolve he displayed in holding strong to his personal values. The affection not received from his parents was more than made up for by the Kings circle of servants and subjects. All who served him adored the young prince and he returned their feelings. They affectionately gave him the nickname "Dandy" due to his his effeminate appearance and outgoing manner. Gram took full advantage of the privileges being royalty granted him. Carelessly wandering freely at all times of the day or night in search of new friends or lovers.

In the eyes of more traditional fangires he embodied all that was wrong with the new system. Weak and dependent upon other yet somehow gaining privilege and recognition in spite of it. In his teenage years he became a target for kidnappings, ransoms, and assassinations. Though occasionally able to befriend one or more of his captors, The young Gram was frequently saved by the king's vassals. Under the instruction of the wolfen, franken and merman representatives serving the king Gram developed the means to effectively protect himself against the rebels. Though he still paled in comparison to his other siblings in that regard.

Personality: Gram is a free spirit who is kind and outgoing. Seeing everyone as potential friend. It is not uncommon for him to call out to people he's never met before as though he'd known them personally in hopes of conversing with them. Taking advantage of his royal status, he's spent untold amounts of money throwing parties for those closet to him. Or just for the hell of it. Within the confines of his fathers compound he was both famous and infamous as a playboy. Chasing the skirt of anyone that stuck his fancy, But was never quite sure what to do once he'd caught them.

Though somewhat out of touch with his fangire nature due to not feeding in the traditional sense. Gram's natural instincts aren't completely dulled. He's managed to make friends out of more traditional fangires by challenging them to "friendly scraps" in order to get to know them. Thanks to the training he received from his fathers vassal Gram's fighting abilities are above average. Though they still pale in comparison to his siblings. Because of this he's very much reliant on the powers his kivat and vassals grant him.

Gram is more than slightly obsessed with his appearance. Spending collectively 3 or more hours each day primping in front of one reflective surface or another. Another notable aspect of Gram is his manner of speech. He speaks somewhat formally and is prone to sudden bursts of emotion that dissipate as quickly as they appeared.

Additional notes: Because he's sworn off feeding on human, Gram must eat and process food the way they do in order to sustain himself. Eating nearly 3 times as much as the average human. Because of this he's persieved by many to be a glutton. A peculiar one at that. Eating only desearts and other sweet foods.

Side Characters.

Name: Rienhardt
Race: Merman
Appearance: He like most of the merman race is childlike in appearance. He is fond of bright colors and always dresses casually.
Bio: It is said that Rienhardt was chosen by his people as the kings vassel because of his fighting ability and pin point accuracy with projectiles. While true it's only half of the reason why he was chosen. The other half being so they could get rid of him. Rienhardt is mischievous by nature and caused a great number of problems for his family and friends before coming to serve the king. Even under the king's rule he continued to be an annoyance to all but the young Gram who mistakingly thought they were the same age. Of the 3 vassals Rienhardt is the closest to Gram most protective of him.

Name: Goro
Race: Franken
Appearance: Like most of the franken race, Goro is tall and imposing. He is taken with earthy tones and prefers his clothes long and baggy.
Bio: Goro is a gentle giant. Like most of the franken race he is extremely strong and wields a mighty constitution, and with it comes a powerful gluttony. Goro is one of the few people in this world to eat even more than Gram. He is also easily entertained. Because he is somewhat slow in thought and action a single book can hold his attention for months at a time. His seemingly dimwitted nature makes him a frequent target of Rienhardt's pranks. Something that he finds to be at worst a minor annoyance. He took to Gram soon after meeting him when the then 5 year old prince asked Goro to read him a story. After a few minutes of struggling the roles were reversed and gram ended up reading the story to Goro instead.

Name: Daigo
Race: Wolfen
Appearance: Daigo has sharp eyes and often has an intense look about him. He always dress in a sharp and flashy manner.
Bio: Chosen as the representative of his race for his cunning and fighting prowess, Daigo was the least fond of Gram when they first met. He took a great deal of delight in scaring the child. In spite of that Gram continued to treat Daigo with kindness and eventually won him over. Daigo is a man of worldly desires and developed a reputation for chasing skirts that dwarfed even Gram's. The two managed to bond over the mutual interest in spite of occasionally being fixated on the same girl.

Name: Kivat bat the 4th
Race: Kivat
Bio: The thrid kivat produced by Kivat bat the great's division. The 4th has a very inquisitive and childlike nature. It's demeanor complements Gram's friendly personality, Allowing Gram to tap a level of control and power as kiva he might not be able to attain through effort alone.


Makes sense. And I like the idea of RyuJin being an antagonist. But then how to Dark Kiva's Sealing Fuestles work? (You said as an attack but how?) And what's the ~max age for characters? (As I'm going for the eldest)


So as it turns out I jumped into this a bit premature. Its likely that I'll attempt this agian at some point in the future but for now this rp is dead.

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