Kamen Rider Kiva - Discussion Thread [TVN Spoilers]

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Kinda late to the party but, I've finally caught up with Kiva and I gotta say I love it. I have'nt enjoyed a rider series this much since Blade. Anyway, I'm actually surprised they killed off Spider. For a second I figured he was gonna end up being the King or somthing.

Me Too!!!! I thought the Spider was going to have a big impact in the story later on, but nope. Maybe, he'll influence the story during the 1986 storyline.

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I thought he would end up being the King or something.

As long as he stays alive in the 1986 storyline then we can all continue to live and breath.


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ya know, sometimes I wonder if they intentionally made the IXA system in 1986 deadly to the user on purpose because of the year. if you think about it, it's kinda funny: being eighty-sixed in '86


I'm definitely going to miss Ryo/Spider Fangire's crazy antics, but he sure went out with some style by stealing the IXA system, becoming IXA, getting Garulu Sabered, then Queen blasted.

R.I.P. Spider Fangire

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I'm glad they stopped that "Fangire attacks in the past and lives to the present", it made the Aozora group seem so pointless in the past.


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Well, I'll be darned... Spider Fangire is officially dead. He was pretty cool and funny villain.

So, Atsushi Ogawa appears next week. That ought to be very interesting. Oh! Oh! And... upgrade of IXA looks sweet. Can't wait!

Man, Kamen Rider Kiva is getting better and better than Go-Onger bullshit.
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