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taku said:
It's not a rip-off, that's the point. The Matrix didn't invent slow mo. If it was used in the same way that it's used in The Matrix, then yeah it would be a rip-off.

Ok...rip-off or not. Matrix or not, maybe I should've been a bit clearer. What I was contesting was the use of all of sudden slowing down time (not with a capital T) in order to show that the Green Thing could move faster than Kabuto. It used the opportunity afforded to send Kabuto spinning into the debris - walls, etc. Case in point, Kabuto himself, doesn't slow down time per se, but instead shatters a mirror and lets the shards fly every which way in order to reflect a laser off of it.

The Green Thing's action was a use of the "Matrix" motify, while Kabuto's was "bullet time." However, it might not have even been that, because it's not Kabuto himself that slows down, but his eyes - senses, can see and divide the "normal time" movement made by the scattering glass shards. Either way, I guess in the long run, I prefer "Matrix" , "bullet time" movement to wirework. Please no long drawn out wirework sequences...

I think that it's society that determines your judgement attribution to the word "cocky." I equate it with over-the-top bravado and supreme confidence. Others might say that it's being an arrogant jerk. There's a fine line between what that word, "cocky" means for people, and I think it's dependent on which connotation we give it. That being said, maybe this particular rider will be the "anti-rider", which should be interesting - IF played/acted out correctly.

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If there's people that say Kabuto isn't "Matrixy," they're the same buggers who are in denial and this time last year having snits that people were saying Magiranger was "Harry Pottery." Both Kabuto and Magiranger are obviously aping those, so, moving on...

Tendou is arrogant, someone with the things he says is just arrogant. The difference between him and someone like Takumi or Kusaka is that he has the goods to back up his big talk. Yeah. Takumi was just a weenie and Kusaka was a madman, unaware of his strength. I'm hoping as the show goes on, Tendou will be given more personality, because it could get one note and we don't really need another asshole Rider like Ren. I like the idea of Tendou, but here's hoping he's more than one-notes like the other examples. At any rate, he's a nice change after the Hibiki Scouts, wishywashy no-personalities in Blade and amoral asshole central in Faiz and Ryuki.

As for Mizushima...he ain't great, but he's not as offensive as Kento Handa, who I knew from the get-go was going to be a crappy lead (I usually try to reserve judgment and let the possibility of an actor grow into their role or hope an inexperienced actor will improve as the show goes on, but I just knew Handa would fail at both levels). For Souji, I feel they need someone slightly older to pull the character off believably so he comes across as more than a cocksure brat -- hey, why not Tomohisa Yuge, he's already there?


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I just finished watching episode 1 and I must say I'm very impressive. That was intense and I actually loved it. Looks like I'm planning to buy Volume 1 when it comes out.

Tendo Souji transformed into Masked Rider form was amazing. Awesome special effect.

The fighting scenes were my favorite.

Somehow, the troopers were pretty weak, got beaten by the Vars but thanks to Tendo, he saved the day. He beated Aracneaworm really hard.

At the end part, yikes! Tendo got surround by ZECT and the troopers.

So next episode, looks like he's transforms into Kabuto Rider and kicks the green monsters' butt. Can't wait for this.

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Finally got to see it, guess Kyusaku was right on Souji not being as arrogant as people made him out to be. He seems more self-confident than anything else actually. Sorta like he knows he's got the goods, but he won't be super dicky about it. If this is the extent of the power that the ants have, I really have to wonder what the Hell was the point in even having them. I know it's supposed to be an organization and all, but is it that hard to not make them seem like useless grunts?

Whoever plays Souji just doesn't feel right, someone older would be better, but after Hibiki, I doubt we'll see a rider like that for a long while. He'll probably grow on me eventually, right now I just don't like him that much. Shin's actor was a lot better, way more likable and believable I guess. Above all else, I hope to God we don't have to deal with that slow-mo/Bullet time/matrix ripping stuff every episode.

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Mihara said:
He seems more self-confident than anything else actually. Sorta like he knows he's got the goods, but he won't be super dicky about it.

That's how the character seems on paper, but it's the actor playing it in such a self-satisfied way that kicks it into the "cocky" side of things.

I don't know if anyone cares, but -- the cloned cop dude who was attacking Hiyori was the guy who played Zydos in Dairanger. He looked familiar and I couldn't place him until checking out the credits again. I like when they dig out funky former tokusatsu people in shows...
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Wasn't sure I was going to check out this year's show but caved in when I saw the intro on youtube. Kabuto strikes me stylistically as an odd cross between aspects of Faiz and Inzunaman, what with the armored "larva" stage transformation. In fact the monsters sort of remind me of Inzuman as well, design wise.

The lead strikes me as smug more than outright arrogant but the actor pushes it a bit at times, not enough to be annoying though like some past characters (like that kid from Hibiki). At least not yet.


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Kyusaku said:
I don't see why people are calling him cocky, arrogant, and a jerk. All his actions have reasoning, he treats his sister well, and hasn't really done anything selfish. He does have his head in the clouds acting like he's enlightened due to his grandmother's teaching I suppose. I guess people are reading his character incorrectly due to his bad acting.

Well the whole ending bit, with him popping up to take the Zecter and justify it by saying he's the "chosen one" seemed like a pretty mean thing to do to Kagami, but I don't think he's necessarily cocky or arrogant so much as just very committed to his own way of doing things. Also it's just part of the plot, anybody who knew Mizushima's character was going to turn into Kabuto knew that eventually, he'd have to turn into Kabuto somehow. But from the standpoint of Kagami, I thought (based on his reaction) he felt like "Oh, no, not THAT guy again!" because in the one other encounter they have in the show, Tendo doesn't help him out until the last minute, and it's as much to show off how cool he is and make his big introduction as it is to actually help stop the thief. And here he is again, showing up to steal the thunder away and be the hero instead of the guy who actually thought he was going to be Kabuto. So I think his actions sort of make him come off like a jerk to people like Kagami, even if he really means well and is just doing things his way.

I don't think that he's totally heartless, because he does eventually help Kagami when he's robbed and his reason (at least, what I think is his reason) for showing up to turn into Kabuto is to save everyone by destroying the Worm. But compared to some past Riders like Godai & Tsugami, who were spacey and eccentric but still didn't hesistate to get serious and help when they're needed, he comes off as a lot colder towards people not close to him because he does things the way he wants to and he believes so strongly in his own abilities. Which is why I feel he's a lot like Shigeru from Stronger, who walked big and talked big and could back it up, but it took time before we got to see his softer side because he has a persona of sorts masking it. To some degree you might say Tendo's arrogant, but I don't think it's nearly as bad as someone like Kusaka. More like he knows how he wants to do things, and he doesn't care for people who get in his way and question him, but he's not going to just hit them aside either. But like I said, it's just been one episode, I don't think it's possible to misread the character when we barely even know him yet. He could change in the next episode for all I know.
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Regarding Tendou's character... To me, he seemed like the person assumes he knows exactly how the world works, and isn't about to doubt himself. Super self-confident, maybe?

One interesting line from Tendou in the next ep preview: "You'd sacrifice yourself to save someone? You don't sound much like a warrior." (The actual meaning might be different if the context is special... This is just a best guess.)

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Well, I've just successfully downloaded and watched episode 1. What can I say? I like it. I'm looking foreward to seeing more. Who knows, this could be the greatest Kamen Rider series since Black and RX. B)

Now I have to keep my Bit Torrent on until it's fully seeded.

BTW, who's the cute girl in the light blue top? ;)


I liked the first ep. The monster design, particularly the larva stage, was well done I thought. The henshin effect was cool. Can't wait to see what Rider from is like in action next ep


Igadevil said:
Well the whole ending bit, with him popping up to take the Zecter and justify it by saying he's the "chosen one" seemed like a pretty mean thing to do to Kagami, but I don't think he's necessarily cocky or arrogant so much as just very committed to his own way of doing things.

Well, if you paid attention to his previous little chat with his his sister where he was saying he's busy with his preparation, and waiting for that preparation to be of use. So actually he's been waiting for this chance longer than Kagami has and has been training very hard to become Kabuto. I think he has every right to make that comment. He was told he is that "chosen one".

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