Kamen Rider Kabuto DX Henshin Items + Hyper Zecter

Jul 22, 2011
I'm extremely interested in buying the following KR Kabuto items (in order of priority):


-Pre-modded adult DX Kabuto Zecter (With Working Clock up Pad + Hyper Zecter slot)
Give me an amazing offer I can't refuse on this ^^ and I'll love you forever.
-Kamen Rider Kabuto DX Zecter Belt DX only, no legend rider.
-Adult belt mod kit for KABUTO or GATACK only (With Working Clock up Pad + Hyper Zecter slot)
-Any Other reasonably priced thebee, drake, sasword zecters
-DX Kabuto Kunaigun
-DX Gatack Double Caliber

Been looking for quite some time now, and due to Kabuto being my fav kr series, I told myself I'd have to get my hands on a kabuto belt.

Also, looking for a decently-priced hyper zecter, I've seen a couple go around and I know how much they go for.

Whether NIB, MISB, or used, please post any selling offers below, or PM me and I will definitely consider.

Just some info about the OP;
I live in California (USA)
Prefer USPS as a shipping method (with tracking #)
Prefer paying through paypal (I pay same day deal is made)
Big Kabuto fan :)P)
I add for shipping fees.
Know my prices fairly well (Don't try to sell me a NIB zecter for $800, people have tried before.)
and yes, I do know of Mrarmyshop and have gotten a quote from him.

When you PM, email, or post, please include:

-Name of Item
-Geographical Location (Where you/the item are located)
-Status of item - NIB, MISB, used.
-Will you accept paypal as a payment method.

If not, please give me AS MUCH DETAIL (and a pic if possible) so I can make an initial offer, and we can negotiate after that.

Thanks all~!
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