Kamen Rider Hibiki HK DVD Vol. 1

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Keith "JC" Hayward said:
Don't be scared, but when you put it in, you'll see the opening menu for Kamen Rider Blade.

That's weird -- I just got my HK Hibiki a couple of days ago and the menu is just a shot of Hibiki with that pitiful excuse for an OP theme playing and a real generic menu. Typical atrocious HK subs, though! I'm betting I bought the MI. My experience with Hibiki has been one episode at a time, courtesy of some pal who sends me VCDs as fast as he can for the first few episodes of a new show. Watching four entire Hibiki episodes in a row is pretty damn torturous if you ask me.

Also arriving with my HK Hibiki was Missing Ace, which I had put off seeing since it means nothing in terms of series continuity. I'm definitely not Blade's biggest fan, but I really enjoyed that movie! Up until the tacked on end, though. Every Rider movie since G4 has had this rushed, tacked on ending that doesn't satisfy me. But, that's going off-topic.

Keith Justice

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Yeah, sounds like you might've gotten punked with MI subs. From what I've seen the subs are pretty good.

Heh.. we don't come to HK DVD's for quality DVD's.. we just get 'em so we can see the shows. :anime:


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All I know is, the subtitles on episode #3 of my version are off...by a lot. Like, two scenes from when they appear on the screen. I guess it's good that I don't really need them. :laugh:

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As much as I'm DYING to know what the hell everyone is saying in Hibiki...I like even more to have the fan sub'd episodes on DVD. Hell, it's what I bought my damn DVD Burner for :D

Episode 1 was soooo good, I'm paticently wating for more Hibiki, Magi, & the rest of Dekaranger (which I just started watching late last week).
I don't know...maybe this high speed access and burner have spoiled the hell out of me :p