Feb 22, 2012
Proto Mega Uloader is out, fear not the Ultima sound is in this set:

Now we just need a set of the four Dark Necrom Eyecons. Would've liked if this Ulorder in this set was the thing playing the "Loading" sound, though, especially after Ganma Superior Grimm. That would've basically met all my realistic expectations. Kinda disappointed it's just a giant brick with a spring.
Jan 19, 2013
Now that the series ended, all the remaining Eyecons are going to be special bonus only, making them harder to obtain.....

Ghost Legend Rider Eyecon (R17) is bundled with the movie's DVD
Ex-Aid Legend Rider Eyecon (R18) is bundled with Gamer Driver
Shinsengumi Eyecon is bundled with the ticket for the stage show
Da Vinci Eyecon is bundled with a special magazine, it seems, like the Showa Rider Eyecon

Tenkatoitsu Eyecon's release is still not known, but considering its counterpart Shinsengumi Eyecon is released, it is most likely going to be released as well, and will be just as hard to obtain.......

They really should do another CT/Gashapon set that contains the special eyecons like Galileo, Ghost (Legend Rider ver.), Da Vinci, Zero Specter, Shinsengumi, Tenkatoitsu, and Ganbarizing.......

Unfortunately we all know it will never happen. Oh well.