Kamen Rider Ghost - Episode 46: "Duel! Words From The Swordsman!"

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Shinken Red proved too much for me but perhaps Uramasa shall taste your blood!

This week: guest stars return, beachside battles, press conferences, apparently 90% of "the population" (of Japan? the entire planet?) wear contact lenses, the show remembers Javert exists, Cubey cameos, and as many nerds have already pointed out, Adel is enacting a plan The Master tried six years ago.
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I am now utterly convinced Mitsuru Karahashi simply lives on Toei's studio lot, ready for whenever they need him to have a guest starring role in a tokusatsu series.

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How many things has he appeared in? Since Faiz I can only think of Shibuya 15, Ultra Galaxy NEO, Shinkenger and that cameo in the OOO movie.

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How many things has he appeared in? Since Faiz I can only think of Shibuya 15, Ultra Galaxy NEO, Shinkenger and that cameo in the OOO movie.
He reprised his role from Faiz in the Kamen Rider #4 specials. He was in Kamen Rider G, Lion Maru G and an episode of Ultraseven X.

Apparently he also cameos in both Blade and Gaim's summer movies, though I admit I don't recall him being in either. He's also playing Musashi in the Ghost movie, which is probably why he's popped up here.

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^ In the Blade movie he was a mall cop who (I think) was chasing after Amane and her friend for shoplifting.
And in Gaim's movie, he briefly passes by in front of the camera talking to Hiroya Matsumoto (another guy who probably lives at Toei now) right after Kouta arrives in the alternate dimension. It's a blink and you miss it cameo.


- The show also finally remembered Spider Lamp exist.

- .......so now the Ganmaizers are trying to combine Takeru with Makoto? Because I'm very sure "connecting hearts" is Takeru's catchphrase.

- lol O-T translating what Yurusen said as "ghost driver". Nice pun there.

- So did those strings becomes invisible or something? I doubt the world can run normally with those strings in the way

- So who the hell is Freya anyway? Also seems like Frey is the copy.

- I love it when one-shot characters shows up again like this.

- .......I like but somewhat confused at how Japanese kids still say "I'm home" even when no one is home. It's a symbol of regular politeness, but at the same time, what's the point when no one is home?

- Nice how Yuki is possessed by Liquid, who has a feminine appearance. The production team didn't forget one of the Ganmaizers has a feminine appearance and is suitable to be the one possessing a girl.

- Hmm, looks like the Makoto double is the Ganmaizers' backup plan. Looks like it's not just Adel and Igor that has one xD

- lol they still managed to slip in a humorous moment when Igor, after being possessed by Adel, opened his mouth before walking away

- ........Okay, if Bills becomes Adel, that means he's still wearing the contact lenses......despite fully aware they're dangerous? Wat.

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