Kamen Rider Ghost - Episode 43: "Linked! The Boy Genius!"

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Hurry it up, ZyuOh Eagle and his uncle are on set in an hour and we have to re-jumble all the graves.

Whoops! Totally thought I'd made this thread already. Oh well. Last week: Adel hatches from an egg so I guess he's only level 5 now? A beatboxer makes photocopier noises, contact lenses are the enemy (especially if you forget to take them out before going to sleep) and slash fic fans rejoice as Onari goes inside Alain.


- Why it has to be another boy? Can't we have a girl as the victim for once

- Interesting, Megauloader/Megaulorder is written with a space between "Mega" and the "U".

- Oh hey, Makoto used a Rider Punch.

- Well that was useless, Igor. What's the point of turning them into a Ganma then xD

- They didn't explain why Onari didn't become a Ganma like everyone else. Oh well.

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