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Mar 20, 2012

Aww crap, Koyomi's become Wiseman again!

This week: I finally get back up-to-date with the show (yay!), Alain gets depressed over his relative lack of toys power, doppelgangers enjoy walking around the Ganma world in their underwear, fantasy worlds where you must fight for takoyaki, and rigged auditions.
Jan 19, 2013
And now it's MY time to get back up to date :laugh:
Still a few more episodes to catch up.

- I love how they're doing the triple henshin again, but the fight literally just came out of nowhere.

- Oh look, Gekikou Specter finally has its COMPLETE voice. Funnily enough, this time O-T didn't bother translating the first part, translating only the part that wasn't heard during Gekikou's debut back then.

- Oh hi there Bill, long time no see. And he keeps close contact with Akari.

- And it's Fumi's granddaughter as well.

- At first I kinda didn't realize it's Koyomi due to the different hair.

- Even Bill (or the Ganma invading his body) has trouble believing Akari can pass without his help :sweat:

- What's with the weird "+" on the Harpy name?

- Ghost toy as a charm? xD

- Wow, lots of old stuffs are returning in this episode. Even Omega Spark & Omega Fang makes a return.

- I'm still unsure Akari got chosen not because of Bill, especially with Bill whispering to the other guy right before the announcement :sweat: