Jan 19, 2013

The Foreign Guy in Japan VS The Japanese Guy with Foreign-looking Hair​

- Wow, Fumi knew so many people.

- lol everyone forgot about Onari

- Hmm, either Adel still trust Alia enough, or he wants to make her worried a bit with that "news".

- Takeru suddenly gaining the ability to see people's memories is going to be important later on, I hope.

- Alain is so badass he can fight while eating takoyaki xD
How did he was able to find the place, though?
Also, I'm in love with Necrom's theme and still is

- Triple Henshin :D

- No more limit on Necrom, I guess?

- Don't you feel what Houdini said here feels somewhat random? I mean, the fight wasn't even related to Yuki, and what happened in the end with Yuki and his father clearly didn't require Grateful or Houdini.

- I hope that Ganmaizer Fire is done for good this time, since there's no scene of it returning to the chamber. Will be boring if he shows up AGAIN for the third time, especially after that triple finisher.

- Thinking about it, would have been a nice reference had Yuki's parent shown in this episode was a mother instead of a father, and was played by the same actress as Yoko's mother in Go-Busters.

- Next episode sounds like a filler. With lots of child actors and actresses, it seems xD
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Mar 20, 2012
Kamen Rider Ghost - Episode 30: Forever! The Calling of the Heart!


Riders unite!

This week: Saying goodbye, President Bills dupes the heroes, eating takoyaki and fighting at the same time, Ghost remembers he has a bike, and Alain's story arc finally completes.


Two thread, roughly made at the same time, officially merged.
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Apr 28, 2011
*wakes up* Hmm, wha-what? What's been happening? Oh, right. Ghost is still airing. What do we have this time, even though I am a week behind?

Really? You're going to trust this man this easily? You're not going to wave your hand and see if there's a Ganma inside him just like what you did to the girl's deceased father? You would think someone would raise a bit more rudimentary sceptism (Akari being this person would have been appropriate, given how sceptical she has been towards the company from the start). And on that note, how long is this Deep Connect thing going to drag out for? I appreciate having proper buildup and it befits a scientist Ganma to be slow and methodical, but it's been a good dozen episodes and there still does not appear to be any tangible pay-off. We're not learning anything new about Project Demia when it's chiefly Igor mugging the screen. The whole sub-arc has been spinning its wheels non-stop while Alain's story plays out.

Pacing is all over the place. The worst part is just after the Ganmaizer is defeated (is this going to be the new Jabel, i.e. punching bag?), the show suddenly remembers that it has to resolve the girl's dead dad subplot, so Yuki and crew have to suddenly stumble across the warehouse mid-fight, with the dead dad randomly waltzing in just as the fight has concluded. Heck, the funeral scene is hasty and besides understanding the impact the grandma has had on Alain, we only see the most basic of "ohhhh, if it weren't for Grandma Fumi, I wouldn't be who I am today and I am totally going to leave this as vague as possible" from a randomer and from no one else. Come on, Makoto and Kanon. Nothing to say about her?

Hurray, Alain has overcome his limits. Wait, what? True, Alain having to adapt to fighting in a much weaker human body was one of his clear limitations, but I don't think heart and soul is going to suddenly bypass Necrom's built-in need to assimilate Ganma commandos! The show hasn't been very consistent and it's been horribly when it comes to handling form changes, but they at least went out of their way to show Necrom's built-in limitations on the field. That's a limitation with the Necrom system and not him. This is the problem with giving Necrom such an egregious weakness without any way of power-up to help offset it. And when Grateful just nicks Grimm and Sanzo.

I do like Alain's development, really, as cheesy and clichéd as I now find his platitudes about listening to one's heart. I just wish his story with the grandmother that is expounded upon in the Blu-Ray thing actually found its way into the series proper. And whoever came up with that new outfit deserves to be stuffed into a heavy Samurai HaOh suit and left to bake in the sun for a whole day. Symbolism, yahdy yah, but that royal uniform is so much more sexy.
Jan 19, 2013
Oops, sorry Toku Prime! If I knew you were making the thread as well, I would've stopped mine.

And whoever came up with that new outfit deserves to be stuffed into a heavy Samurai HaOh suit and left to bake in the sun for a whole day. Symbolism, yahdy yah, but that royal uniform is so much more sexy.

I do like the colours they used, but that clothing style really annoys me.