Kamen Rider Gaim vectors


Since I've been posting here pretty frequently I figured I'd post these for those interested. I've a fascination with the symbols that represent a character or show when it comes to toku, so with Gaim I've been doing larger versions of all of them, cause they're cool and I wanna share how cool they are. Especially the ones that don't get used in the show.

Just wanna say up front that these are made in Flash, and no, I don't do requests, I just kinda do things. :p Also, I set these up with thumbnails so click them for the full image. Feel free to use as icons.

First off, Rider marks! Mark? That was a term used in early scans, so I've been going with that. You can call them "That thing on the back of Decade's cards".

Sengoku Riders:

Genesis Riders:

The Kurokage mark isn't from the official website, but is actually from the Ganbarizing site as they've made marks for him, Bravo and Knuckle. I can't get any good images of the latter two so I'm afraid I don't have anything for them. However, since Bujin Gaim just uses Gaim's mark, here's a custom version I made for him using the flames from his faceplate!

Then comes the big thing... team emblems. Yes, the gradients are exactly as they appeared on the show, and yes, they were a pain to replicate. But I have at least four of them available! That'd be the most important teams.

There are six more teams I could do vectors for, if I had a good reference for any one of them like I did with these four. I would love if they put out some book or something that just had all these images you wouldn't normally see up close.

And the last two things I've got are the Yggdrasill logo, and... an edited HD screencap of the Beat Riders Hotline logo, because I don't like the idea of coloring this one. :laugh: