Kamen Rider Gaim - News/Rumors Thread 2: Suffering Incoming

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I did wonder given that the episode is called "The sealed one, Arthur" whether Yoshida would be playing the titular Arthur, but then I noticed that the Gaim Gaiden news mentioned that this weekend's episode of Saber will have some sort of further Gaim announcement, so maybe he's just showing up to do that?

Toku Prime

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So it has been revealed that the new Gaim Gaiden will be 'Kamen Rider Gridon VS Bravo.'

Yes, that's right, the acorn boy with the hammer and the pastry chef are back. Don't worry, they've already promised that characters we might actually care about, such as Takatora (Zangetsu) and Kouta (Gaim) will also appear. Apparently the member of Kamen Rider Girls who wore the Sengoku Driver back in the day is still in the band, and therefore will be making an appearance too.

It appears that both Gridon and Bravo will be getting new forms. If you look closely in the trailer, Takatora (Zangetsu) is shown holding his version of the Kachidoki (Triumph) Arms Lockseed, which has only previously appeared in the stage show dedicated to him and briefly cameoed in the movie 'Kamen Rider Zio: Over Quartzer.'

The special is being directed by Satoshi Marota (a secondary director on Gaim) and written by Nobuhiro Mouri (also a secondary writer on the show).

The theme tune for the special is called "You are the HERO" and is sung by 'Shock Eye', who is a member of the band 'Shonen no Kaze' who performed the original show's theme tune (under the name 'Gaim no Kaze').

This two part special is being released on Toei's Tokusatsu Fan Club streaming service. The first part is available now (!) and the second part will be released on November 1st.
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Ugh, just let this die already, Toei. If you're really going to bring back older heisei rider stuff, make side stories involving Undead that didn't appear in Blade or the antics of Future Kiva. Gaim ain't good and promoting the low quality Kikaider Reboot was the only high point it really had.

Toku Prime

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Well Gaim was popular, simple as that. It got a lot of anime fans to pay attention to Rider. Judging from toku twitter in the last day, there's still a lot of people very excited to see more of the characters.

The Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club streaming site is currently uploading Gaim in batches. They clearly believe doing so will attract Japanese fans to subscribe. There's also a new CSM version of the Sengoku Driver, which is being released in part because when Team Rider USA polled American fans to see which Driver they'd like to get a chance to buy, it was one of the most popular ones.

So yeah, product to sell, money to make, new specials to promote it all. It makes sense, even though I agree that there are other Rider shows I'd like to see get specials, or even other characters from Gaim that I'd have rather seen return.

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They've teased this thing for so long that you've gotta admit...it's a massive letdown that it's something centered on Bravo and acorn. That's like Toei being like "We're doing a new Ryuki movie!" And then it's about Imperer. Nobody cares.
or the antics of Future Kiva
Out of all things to do with Kiva, why waste it on literally who appereaing at the last minute?

Gaim ain't good
Clearly fans disagree, if Toei keeps making Gaim content. We had Zangetsu Stage Show and Zangetsu Kachidoki Arma appereating in both Zi-O movie and in this new Gaiden. They brought back together at least six main Riders promote CSM Sengoku Driver (which is more than any prior series got, I think).
In any case, you like OOO and there are rumors of OOO 10 Years After thing being announced soon (and Zi-O's Woz Gaiden, I think(, so you'd likely get something at least.

It got a lot of anime fans to pay attention to Rider.
Not only anime fans. A lot of Rider fans who were tired of W-OOO-Fourze-Wizard using the same Den-Oesque two-parter formula were excited by it back in the day.

They've teased this thing for so long that you've gotta admit...it's a massive letdown that it's something centered on Bravo and acorn. That's like Toei being like "We're doing a new Ryuki movie!" And then it's about Imperer. Nobody cares.
Most of the main Riders had their Gaidens already, so it makes sense to give one to them. If they'll make a next one, I expect it's gonna be about Sigurd/Malika (potentially also one about Hase), since these are the only non-episodic ones left. Maybe some proper big return of the show in some form after that, since there is clearly an interest from both Toei and fans. It's a shame that this one appears to be so short for two Riders though.


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Ok, I saw part one. I'd like to see where they're going with it before I judge, but it does seem to take place after the series ended.


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