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Found another series of videos on it in the suggested ones at the end. No Matsubokkuri or Kurumi sounds somehow disappoints me more than the rest of the obvious failings of this toy.

Are you referring to this one?

I don't understand the inclusions of the Faiz and Den-O sounds, no Kurokage and Knuckle is a bummer, there's a few combinations that don't have sounds apparently (maybe for Jimber or Kiwami, although I have no idea how they'll do it now that the faceplate can't be replaced).

To be frankly honest, I'm surprised they managed to include Kachidoki.

Those stupid add-on sounds at the end of the video though...:redface2:

Out of morbid curiosity, I really want to see how the various Japanese toy reviewers react to these.

In other news, the armor display mode of the S.I.C. Gaim figures are nothing short of brilliant. Seriously, way to elevate the show's concept in such an amazing way.

The guy in the first video I posted was fuming all the way through. :laugh:


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These are pretty good too.


Is this the first time that anything like this has ever happened? I know the Korean Double Drivers had re-recorded audio. I mean, if you think about it, wouldn't it be more effort to re-do the entire line? Or is this cheaper in the long run?

Though, if you stop to think about it, the Lockseeds have just become Switches/Shift Cars/Eyecons now... Kinda puts into perspective how amazing Gaia Memories and Lockseeds are... (>.<)

Also, this guy cracks me up:


(Evidently, the additional phrases are evidently Chinese food names like Xiao Long Bao and Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.)


Well you actually get Charge AND Power for the Musou Saber which is a surprise:


But in general as somewhere who's from HK I feel ashamed about this whole ordeal.

The Korean and Taiwanese belts have been adding their own recorded lines recently. It happened with W and OOO, not sure about the rest. But the sizes and the moulds are exactly the same.


The Korean and Taiwanese belts have been adding their own recorded lines recently. It happened with W and OOO, not sure about the rest. But the sizes and the moulds are exactly the same.

At least with OOO they just redid the sounds in the Scanner itself, so if you get your hands on a Korean Medal set they'll still work properly in a Japanese OOO Driver. Probably did the same with the Switches and Rings.

Also, the series I saw was the one Actar linked in the first video on his first post on this page.


After seeing the HK versions of the Sengoku Driver, Lockseeds, and Musou Saber, they looked crap compare to the real deal, which is the cooler Japanese Deluxe ones.


I'm honestly both surprised and interested on why Bandai choose Gaim of all series to destroy.

I mean, if I would completely destroy a series in this way, might as well do it on the less successful one, not something whose merchandise is as successful as Gaim.

I think these crap bootleg-like official products would only ruin and destroy the series' successful image.

And that official music video is just horribly stupid.


Budou though
what do you mean by destroy? if you were referring to bandai asia changing their molds for the toys, i wouldn't say it's destroying. they just trying to save some $ by cutting costs thus why the toys look cheap and not show accurate


Obviously I didn't mean it literally xD

I mean, this is basically turning one of the most awesome toy they ever produced into garbage.


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well I got lucky I found the dragon fruit energy lockseed on Amazon yesterday although unfortunately I didn't have enough money for expedited shipping like I usually use

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