Kamen Rider Fourze: Roleplay Items and Other Merchandise


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Kamen Rider Fouze, who uses 'Astro Switches' to gain additional weapons. As usual, the belt is called the Fourze Driver. The black 'screen' in the middle will glow when the transformation finishes.

Merchandise: (The numbers that are in italics indicate what switch they come with)

Note that prices DO NOT include the 5% tax.


O-Medal Set SP - 1375 Yen #5 (6/8)


Henshin Belt DX Fourze Driver - 6500 Yen #1, #2, #3, #4 (3/9)
RHS 01 Kamen Rider Fourze Base States - 800 Yen (3/9)
Foodroid Series 01 Burgermeal - 2500 Yen #6 (3/9)
Punch Fighter - 2300 Yen (3/9)
Fourze Module Change Series 01 Base States - 2800 Yen (10/9)
Astro Switch Set 01 - 750 Yen #7, #8 (23/9)


Foodroid Series 02 Potachokin - 2300 Yen #11 (1/10)
RHS 02 Kamen Rider Fourze Elec States - 800 Yen (8/10)
Electric Module DX Billy the Rod - 3800 Yen #10 (22/10)
Astro Switch Set 02 - 750 Yen #12, #13 (22/10)
Fourze Module Change Series 02 Electric States - 2800 Yen (29/10)


Fire Module DX Hi-Hackgun - 3300 Yen #20 (19/11)
Astro Switch Set 03 - 750 Yen #18, #19 (19/11)
Foodroid Series 03 Furasheki - 2300 Yen #17 (19/11)
RHS 03 Kamen Rider Fourze Fire States - 800 Yen (26/11)
DX Power Dicer & Machine Masshigler - 5800 Yen (26/11)
Fourze Module Change Series 03 Fire States - 2800 Yen (26/11)


Astro Switch Set 04 - 750 yen #21, #22 (10/12)
RHS EX Kamen Rider Fourze Rocket States - 900 Yen (10/12)
Fourze Module Change Series EX Rocket States - 2500 Yen (10/12)
Astro Switch Kaban - 3800 Yen #16 (23/12)
RHS 04 Kamen Rider Meteor - 800 Yen (23/12)
Henshin Belt DX Meteor Driver - 5500 Yen #Meteor (29/12)
Finger Authentication Brace DX Meteor Galaxy - 3800 Yen (29/12)
Astro Switch EX Rocket Switch Super-One - 1500 Yen #S-1 (29/12)


Fourze Module Change Series 04 Kamen Rider Meteor - 3500 Yen (14/1)
DX NS MagPhone - 3800 Yen #30, #31 (28/1)
Foodroid Series 04 Horuwankov - 2500 Yen #29 (28/1)
RHS 05 Kamen Rider Fourze Magnet States - 900 Yen (28/1)


Astro Switch Set 5 - 750 Yen #33, #34 (11/2)
Foodroid Series 05 Sofonya - 2500 Yen #32 (25/2)


Fourze Module Change Series 05 Magnet States - 3000 Yen (17/3)
Foodroid Series 06 Nagejaroika - 2500 Yen #37 (24/3)
Legend Rider Switch Set 01 - 1200 Yen Ichigo, Decade, OOO (24/3)
Fourze Module Change Series 06 Kamen Rider Meteor Storm - 2300 Yen (24/3)
RHS 06 Kamen Rider Meteor Storm - 900 Yen (24/3)


HakkouKaiten DX Meteor Storm Shaft - 3800 Yen #Meteor Storm (7/4)
Zodiarts Switch - 1500 Yen (7/4)
Zodiarts Collection Series 01 Scorpion Zodiarts - 800 Yen (7/4)
Legend Rider Switch Set 02 - 1600 Yen Nigo, Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki (14/4)
Legend Rider Switch Set 03 - 1600 Yen V3, Faiz, Hibiki, Den-O (14/4)
Nariki Action DX Rocket Module - 3800 Yen (21/4)
Astro Switch: Cosmic Switch - 1800 Yen #40 (28/4)
Cosmic Module BarizunSword - Open Price (Around 6200 Yen) (28/4)
RHS 07 Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmic States - 800 Yen (28/4)
Fourze Module Change Series SP Base States and Module SP Set - 5800 Yen (28/4)


Legend Rider Switch Set 04 - 1600 Yen X, Amazon, Stronger, Kiva (12/5)
Legend Rider Switch Set 05 - 1600 Yen Riderman, Blade, Kabuto, W (12/5)
Zodiarts Collection Series 02 Leo Zodiarts - 800 Yen (12/5)
Fourze Module Change Series 07 Cosmic States - 3500 Yen (19/5)
Astro Switch EX Drill Switch Super-Three - 1500 Yen (26/5)


RHS EX Kamen Rider Fourze Meteor Fusion - 800 Yen (11/8)
Astro Switch EX Fusion Switch SP Set - 1900 Yen #EX Fusion (11/8)

List of switches:
1. Rocket
2. Launcher
3. Drill
4. Radar
5. Reacher
6. Camera
7. Parachute
8. Chain saw
9. Hopping
10. Electric
11. Scissors
12. Beat
13. Chain Arrays
14. Smoke
15. Spike
16. Winch
17. Flash
18. Shield
19. Gatling
20. Fire
21. Stealth
22. Hammer
23. Water
24. Medical
25. Pen
26. Wheel
27. Screw
28. Hand
29. Schop
30. Magnet (N)
31. Magnet (S)
32. Freeze
33. Claw
34. Board
35. Giant Foot
36. Aero
37. Gyro
38. Net
39. Stamper
40. Cosmic
S-1. Rocket Switch Super-One
S-3. Drill Switch Super-Three
Meteor Storm
EX. Fusion

Legend Rider Switches:

For people who wants a complete list of Astro Switches:
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I don't mind the suit. It looks nice, but what's with the cone head helmet? I don't like how it looks.


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how does one fight with a rocket for a hand? its kind of makes you curious what a rocket hand could do.


Irregular Hunter
That helmet design throws me off so much. The show will *really* need to impress me enough to check out the merchandise.

Of course, that's just my opinion.


I feel more than a little disappointed -ooo design isn't great but the story has been ok and i like it enough im just can't get behind this one at all -when ooo was coming out i didn't like it much but some of the other forms where much better so i am ok but i really don't like the way this ones looking also the belt looks too bulky

also the head is really distracting
His belt looks to have 4 switch ports in it, Arm/Leg swtiches and the Gimmick will be swappable Arm/Leg switches.

If i had to guess the Toy Fourze belt will be like W's in that the electronics are all in what you put in it and the belt itself is nothing but plastic. The swtiches prob. will make sounds for bing put in, being used then some kind of finisher.


I hate the head & the red & black face but the rest look at least ok at best ... I don't know why it is but I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS seem to hate the looks of a new rider when I see them... The only ones I've not hated have been kuuga, agetio, blade, hibiki , faiz & kabuto

Most I come to love though after a good 10 episodes or so of watching it in action .... OOOs took me the longest so far to get over the hate I think episode 6 when we saw the first combo use I finally started to get use to it & like it even


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....Oooo-kay...? The head looks more like a Rider -WEARING- a conehead cap as opposed to being part of the mask itself. I seriously think this will be a running gag very soon.

Granted, I could never take OOOs Tatoba form seriously, but ended up liking the other forms (Gatakiriba and Tatoba), so maybe Fouse will have an alternate form I'll actually like.

...and hey, he COULD have had a DRILL instead of a CONE head...

guyver zero

I actually really like the design. At first I thought it was terrible, but its definitely entered that area where something becomes so ridiculous its awesome. If the belts phrase is actually "switch on, 3, 2, 1, henshin" I'll love the thing. Overall this is the fastest a rider design has grown on me since Kabuto. I haven't even liked a design that much since then, with the exception of W so this is exciting. I definitely think I'll be getting the belt on day one.


I like the design, but merchandise wise I'll probably skip it unless its super addictive like the crack that was W/OOOs.
I think we should all give Fouze a chance, sure it may look bad now, but all rider series look bad when we only see random clippings of the series. A series cannot really be judged tell about 10 episodes in.

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how does one fight with a rocket for a hand? its kind of makes you curious what a rocket hand could do.
Mazinger Z would like to have a word with you....

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cX469Ftb-m4"]YouTube - ‪Mazinger Z 100 Rocket Punches‬‏[/ame]