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My favourite bits of the opening...

The group shot of the 12 "Zodiac" Zodiarts. I kinda like how the eight as-of-yet unseen ones were just silhouettes, just makes me even more excited for when they're finally revealed :laugh:

The rush of Fourze using various Astro Switches. It went along well with the bit of the song that was playing.

The mech stomping along behind the group of friends :wub:

Gentaro transforming into Fourze.

The ET homage :laugh:



It looks like to me, he's about to give us the middle finger while riding his motorcycle :p


[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGKLGITyrNw"]???????????-Kamen Rider Foruze- OP - YouTube[/ame]
Here's a good quality version of the opening.
This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gentaro is instantly one of my favorite riders ever. His attitude is great and the fact that he had no clue how to work the belt was refreshing. Yuki was a great support. The cliches were entertaining.

And The Hot Goth Girl's Ipad has a cool design as well.

Gentaro has a catchphrase three seconds after transforming....


Eiji didn't know how to use his belt. I guess no one remembers Eiji....:disappoin


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First Rider eyecatch was a nice surprise. I hope they don't stop there.

I really liked how this episode felt full of energy. Even when there wasn't monster fighting going, Gentaro was running into problems (and even fighting) and things were happening. That was something I enjoyed about Decade and Double, but had been lost after OOO's early episodes (well, aside from the ending).

The robot being a pilotable mecha, rather than an AI helper, also was a pleasant surprise. It was even in the Hero Time cut in, so it should appear quite often.

Fourze's fighting style itself was pretty nice too with his inexperience showing even during weapon use Eiji also struggled with some parts of being OOO, but the attacks themselves seemed to be basically automatic, while Gentaro was throwing things all over the place initially. Of course, I guess Fourze's fighting style will be toned down later while the CG budget decreases.


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Imagine Fourze actually fights a Zodiart in space somewhere on the moon, that'll be nice.
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