Kamen Rider Fourze Discussion Thread - Switch On!

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Aug 9, 2011
Did a bowling ball just hit Gentaro in the foot and... he is completely okay?

Mar 3, 2008
The Orion Switch was still around because Gentaro didn't listen to Kengo and deactivate the switch. You don't need a Rider Kick to deactivate a switch. The monster was still dead. Miura survived but that's because Fourze's limit breaks have some sort of weird damage discrimination that somehow ignores drilling the human.
When you make a cake do you leave the frosting off and still say you're done? No. The fact that he didn't deactivate the switch left the job unfinished and left the cake that was his battle incomplete.
Friendship and the Cosmos.
Jun 23, 2010
As promised last week, I have this Tsukeda's post for this week's episode!!!

Fourze Episode 4:

Bowling Alley Fight and Youth!! The Conclusion of the Queen Face!!

" Fourze has finally reached episode 4. Have you finally seen all the kids at school?
"I saw that kid in episode one!! I can finally see him again! I didn't know he was that kind of character"

They also seem very realistic. You can probably recall someone in your own high school who was similar to that. People that you get to know by talking to them etc.
Or those kids who completely destroyed your first impression of them by being completely different people.

Getting to know each of these kids is going to be one of the points we focus on a year-long school drama like Fourze. It can be something very special.

You're probably curious about the Chameleon Zodiarts and the end of the Queen Face, but you'll see that soon. We get to see the Locker Rooms and other places of the school. Locker room drama!!!

We had lots of bowling alley scenes. Miu and Gentaro clashing ignites those feelings of youth doesn't it? Fukushi and Sakata's performances are so fresh. Having a fight in the bowling alley is a first for Rider as well.

The debut of the module that we showcased during OOO's movie.

Yes it is 'that' module. The module which grasped OOO and spun him around.

Enjoy the episode!! "

Tsukeda Hideaki.

Production Notes:

Take notice of all the original Miu goods that the staff made!! Such awesome goods.

Also, Shimizu Fumika taking the weird cosplay for Hayabusa-kun and completely improvising the song!!

(Here is stuff I posted last week about Miu and co.'s hard work on their dance)

End of this weeks Tsukeda's notes!!
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May 4, 2011
When you make a cake do you leave the frosting off and still say you're done? No. The fact that he didn't deactivate the switch left the job unfinished and left the cake that was his battle incomplete.

Well then I guess by your definition OOO never had a proper Rider Kick considering it never finished off a monster, even Uva. It didn't finish off that Cat Yummy, then that one where Birth and Him doubled teamed on one Yummy (OOO kicked but it was Birth's Cell Burst that did the job) and then Uva was revived right after he was 'killed'.

The fact is, he did a Proper Rider kick to the monster. He did not however do a proper deactivation which has nothing to do with the kick. This is comparable to baking a cake, putting the frosting on, and then realizing that you baked the wrong type of cake and have to start all over. Oh and not all cakes have frosting on them :D

Besides, technically he hasn't done a proper Rider Kick yet considering, it's not the kick that finishes off the monster, it's him pressing the switch. If anything, he hasn't done a Proper Rider Kick yet, but a Proper Rider Press :laugh:
Eye See You
Feb 10, 2005
If Fourze's final form combines all of the states (ala Climax Form), would it then be called Fourze United States?.
Minato Ascending
Jan 4, 2011
Finished ep 4, and although it is raw I enjoyed the heck out of this episode. I'd like to know what Miu was saying during the final competition that redeemed her in the eyes of the student body, and why she'd reconciled with her friend who tried to destroy her reputation and even attempted to kill her later on. I couldn't believe how fast Gentaro and Miu became friends, though, and that he'd invite Miu to the Rabbit Hutch so soon. It's gonna be fun to see Yuuki and Miu having their "friendly" rivalry. Btw, for all the trainings that Gentaro did with that Pogo Stick Switch, I was surprised to not see him using it against the Chameleon Zordiart. And that Scorpio Zordiart did not save her against Fourze the second time.

Daimonji is a prick.

Yes, he is. I wonder if he still goes out with Miu, but my guess is that she found out his two-timing and decided to break up with him, albeit off-screen. Daimonji is the character that I wonder why Gentaro would want to invite to the KRC and the Rabbit Hutch to.

Can't wait for the Electric State.
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