Kamen Rider Fourze Discussion Thread - Switch On!

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glasses: on
Also, the fire absorption is Gen's power and not the switches...so is he not human?

He's human, but I think he can bring out the maximum potential of the switches.

My Theories:
With accepting J.K., he had to accept that he'll get bit back now and then (which explains the feedback from the elec switch), once Gen fully accpeted J.K., the feedback enveloped him and become the gold suit.

With wanting to accept Nozama, he had to accept everything she takes on a regular basis (as a goth) and so this is demonstrated as absorbing harmful flame. (as fire is uncontrollabe/temperamental)


I still want to see Dark Kabuto cosplay as Yuki Jojima with the whole costume and space shuttle hat.Then, Forever Knight dresses up as Tomoko and stalks DK.


lol using the flashlight'ish switch for ghost telling... Fourze is awesome!

next week looks like it would be full of dorama... i like


The switch Kengo received from his father was actually a Launcher-shaped one rather than a Rocket-shaped.

Zodiarts is Pyxis.

Next week: Elec States + Fire States + Stealth debut.


I liked him when he wasn't a god
This episode is awesome and Pyxis rocks. I hate Kengo, so forcing him to watch his locker burn = :castlerock:

Tomoko is probably my favourite of the kids that aren't Gentaro. She's really grown on me these last few episodes


I liked him when he wasn't a god
I'm actually disappointed that the show won't show him starving to death alone in the space station or walking on the moon without a space suit. Never mind, there's fanfiction :)

I am not much of a shipper but Miu seems to be very close to Gentaro now, hanging all over him like she used to do with Shun ...
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