Kamen Rider, Figuarts, Ganbaride etc.


Hey guys, just clearing out some stuff I no longer want.

- Prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD).
- Paypal only.
- Would rather not do holds, but I am open to them to a certain extent.
- Items are shipped from Toronto, ON Canada. If you live in Toronto, talk to me if you want to arrange local meetups.

The Goods
Unless I state otherwise, everything should be in good condition. I've uploaded close-up pictures of items that have been used/worn out. If you have any questions, please ask.

DX Rouse Absorber, DX King Rouser and Blade King Form sofubi

The sofubi comes with the Evolution King card which is why I bought it. The rouse absorber doesn't include it (you can see in the pic).

DX King Rouser - $50
DX Rouse Absorber + Sofubi/card - Sold!

Belts and Zecters

Kamen Rider Gills henshin set - Sold!
Kamen Rider G3 equipment set - $35
Sasword Zecter - $45


Kick Hopper + Stand - $42
Decade Violent Emotion -(sorry not for sale)-
Faiz - Sold
IXA + Stand ("Fangire, return that life to God!") - $32
Kuuga - Sold!
Kabuto - Sold!
Agito - $20
G3-X - Sold!
Gills - $15

Dark Kiva - $42
Accel - Sold!
Accel Trial - Sold!
Nasca Dopant - Sold!
Weather Dopant - Sold!


Kamen Rider Femme - Sold
Aegis/Aigis - $20
Haruhi - Sold
Hatsune Miku Live Stage ver - $40

Ganbaride cards

$15 for the whole lot.
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Dr Kain

Hmmmmmm, Canadian dollars... how much does the US dollar suck these days to the Canadian one?

I'm interested in Gills and Kabuto. How much would shipping be to Aurora CO 80012?


Hi guys, this is an old thread but the items are still available, so I'm bumping it up.

If you contacted me before and I didn't get back to you, please message me again. Thanks!