Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Episode 25: "New Game Start!"

Toku Prime

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Hey! Listen!

This week: OPENING CREDITS?!?! The OP shows Nico as a Ride Player, n00bs are here to steal Emu's stuff, and Poppy gets her Driver.

Wing Saber

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The Ride Players thinking that this whole thing is a game until it's too late was sad. Since the Bugsters want to use Kamen Rider Chronicle to get rid of humans.


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At first I use to think Ex-Aid was straying too far from the Kamen Rider trope, but with this episode its very much like the Heisei shows from the past. I'm impressed with all the video game elements that work so well with the plot. The only problem is that everything in the show is happening too fast. If this show ends with 48 episodes, we're only half way through the show! What could they possibly talk about?!?! The Chronicle arc is the ending.

Also like the way Poppy turned evil, and became a Rider. Much better than what I expected from this typical anime character thats embedded in Japanese pop culture.