Kamen Rider Ex-Aid - Episode 14: "We're Kamen Rider!"

Toku Prime

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It's almost as if...the two of us are a single Kamen Rider!

This week: Emu starts hitting himself, Hiiro has to prove his catchphrase isn't all talk, Ex-Aid rides Lazer's corpse, and playing co-op results in a really cool finishing move!

Also, keep an eye out for when the MotW appears in the hospital corridor. There's an extra running away who appears to be dressed in the uniform of Amanogawa High School from Fourze. :sweat:


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Forget about Riders and main characters staying dead, I was about to call foul on this show when they decided to just remove the cancer from this week's patient! I was kind of hoping they would stick to their guns and have him just be someone who is struggling with cancer. However, my mother has worked in the medical field all her life. When I asked her about the name of the operation, she confirmed that Pylorus-Preserving Pancreaticoduodenectomy is a real operation. Now I'm just a little conflicted... Sure, telling kids that Death is real thing in life is important, but so is telling them about terminal sicknesses. Sometimes people get them, there is no cure or life-saving operation, and you'll just have to live with it till it kills you. I thought that would have made for a much more compelling story. Either way, I'm still impressed that a Kamen Rider show in 2016-2017 is willing to take on the themes of being a doctor and all it entails.

It's cool that Ex-Aid can summon a motorcycle with Bakusou Bike. I kind of feel like that's how it should have been the entire time, but then again we wouldn't have had the dramatic twist with Kiriya. And I still can't say I am liking the whole Mighty Bros. X power up. I'm just waiting for the next one around the corner at this point. The sword is nice, but that's about all I like. I'm more into the story. I want to know who the girl helping Snipe is, and I wanna see how things play out now that we know Emu has game sickness.