Kamen Rider Ex-Aid - Episode 08: "Go, Men! Fly High!"

Toku Prime

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Jet! Jet! In the Sky!
Chojin Sentai JET COMBAAAT!

This week: Snipe kidnaps a mannequin Bugster, Lazer calls out Genm, did you know the voice of the Gashats used to sing Sentai themes?, death from the skies, and MODIFIED HUMANS ARE A THING AGAIN!


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Am I the only one who heard the Jetman theme when Snipe went Lv. 3?

But after watching this, I am kind of glad Snipe is the only one trying to steal other Rider's Gashats. It would get old fast if everyone was doing that. I know Emu will get it back by the next episode, but for some reason, the drama is so good that I just HAVE to know what happens next!