Kamen Rider Drive Ep 16 - What has Sawamura Rinna so anxious?



The SCU helps the 2nd division solve several marriage fraud cases linked to one person, and Rinna seems to have some other plans of her own.


I loved this episode. A few points:
1. For once, a kekkon sagishi mono (marriage scammer) that isn't female.
2. Loved the Kiriko Kicks. All of them.
3. Loved cocky Shinnosuke, plus the classic detective-suspect confrontation in the mansion.
4. Tomari really is the Stop to Gou's, I'm convinced of it now. And when he becomes Dead Heat, he can't stop himself.
5. Tomari seems to be supporting Kiriko's affection towards Chase, but Kiriko herself is in denial.


FINALLY they give Kiriko some gear! GAWD! Why weren't those bullets one of the first thing they made?!

Is Dead Heat gonna be the same suit when used by Mach, just with a different Driver and weapon?


Another fantastic woman empowering episode. Oh wait, no. The opposite.

I did like Kiriko getting "rider power ups". It's always nice to see forces like this actively trying to stop the monsters and not just relying on the Kamen Riders. Is there a reason why she can't just become a rider herself though? They sort of touched on that earlier on, but there's been no explanation.

I was also going to say that I like how Heart is being built up as a serious threat, but then the new form came along and his credibility was punched into the side of a mountain in 3 seconds flat. Oh well.

Speaking of which, is Dead Heat a contender for the worst looking upgrade ever? It's like an even worse version of Meteor Fusion, but at least that was a movie powerup and in a show with already pretty goofy looking desigs. It would have looked better if they just swapped the colour schemes. Make Drive white when he uses it and Mach red. Or did they really just want a form that could be shared between the two? I'm not sure how two characters turning into the same thing is appealing.
If we're gonna be honest, I think Dead Heat looks even worse in motion :/

I heard that the belt chose Shinnouske.... Because reasons. Though, I'm probably wrong.


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Or did they really just want a form that could be shared between the two? I'm not sure how two characters turning into the same thing is appealing.
In the toyline, it's a single figure with a transforming head by moving the external helmet around. So, I guess that was the point. A single figure which can be two different Riders.


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I wonder how long will Chase ambush the Kamen Rider each episodes and end with no signficant result for either side. Its getting very tedious.

Episode 16 and still no explanation why Kiriko can't be a rider, taking their time pulling **** out of their ass to cover that up.

Mach almost run out of time this episode, I am eager to see what happens when he actually run of it. His engine stops maybe?

Type Deadheat is fugly. If Deadheat can keep up Heart, what will the future type be use for I wonder.


Really liking this episode. While the design could've been done better (at least put more red, or just made it all white like Clocktower said!) I think it actually looks good in action. The whole out-of-control thing was kinda unpredictable (and kinda spooky IMHO :sweat:)though. I thought it was just gonna short-circuit and hurtfully de-transform o_O. I'm definitely looking forward for what's coming next.
P.S.: Rinna's just reach the pinchable-cheek-cute level now >.< lol
-I haven't really cared for Rinna thus far and I still don't after this episode. But with that said, I'm glad that despite her being the focal point of this arc, there's actually very little focus on her.
-Also you're helping to protect people from monsters, don't half-ass it for a speed date session!!
-Deadheat was alright, it looked better in action but yeah, floppy shoulder tire bugged me.
-Brain's actor probably the most hammy of the main cast... and that's saying something.
-Overly smiley Chase is... odd.
-Decent episode overall, maybe Drive is like Blade and it's all uphill from here?


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I find Heart to amongst the most interesting characters in the series, aside from Chase (whom, seriously could use more than just a show and occasional clash now) and Gou.

Brain could have been written better honestly. Medic's just too gleeful, it's down toning the atmosphere the original 3 villains had.


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Brain being gang up was pretty funny. Must be stressful working with bunch of idiots. If everyone just follow Brain's plan maybe they would actually succeed in acheiving their goal.


Whatever that goal is.

Medic is still annoying. She's not even a character, she just stands there smiling and dancing and delivering exposition. She's a plot device that keeps the two episode scheme going... and now that she robbed us of Chase's development we back to the annoying 'Chase ambushes Drive to no result whatsoever'. How long before he starts jobbing to upgrades again exactly?

Gotta admit that the use of Deco Traveler was funny XD


Oh great, they reset Chase back to factory settings.

Screw you Medic.
typical they had restore chase back to his factory setting right when he was getting interesting

still loving drive and the dead heat shift car and the form change to dead heat was great


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Well, Drive is really gearing up nicely, even though Chase has been reset.
How long until Kiriko's tears snap him out of his brainwashing? Or will he and Medic become plot devices to sell toys?
Okay episode. Better than the last two mediocre ones.

I'm still the only one that thinks this: DeadHeat in motion is even worse than I originally thought.


Okay episode. Better than the last two mediocre ones.

I'm still the only one that thinks this: DeadHeat in motion is even worse than I originally thought.
Well to be fair I hadn't seen the spoilers so maybe I would have thought it looked better?

I still don't like it though.

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Drive 16:

- See? Even Kiriko is catching onto Gen's dumb Roidmude gag.

- Now Shin is having toy cars perched on his shoulders as though they're talking parrots.

- What? They go to Shu's house and ask for an invitation? He knows you suspect him. Why would you be so direct??

- Chase is starting to get pretty unsubtle in his appearances. And that surfing on Trideron looks worse that Sora/Gremin's frog marching atop the bench canopy.

- I like how they're doing something Kuuga-esque with Kiriko's new gear.

That 'Rider Kick' gag could have gone a bit smoother though.

- I think this is the first time we've had a female cartoon cop. That's something, I guess.

- Rinna should go back to the Makai Priest business.

- Kiriko is into robots... :shakefist

- Now Belt is pulling a C-Bear and Jamal hiding in the bag.

- Is that Shu disguising himself as the man Rinna knows?

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