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Kamen Rider Den-O​



Kamen Rider Den-O tells the story of Ryoutarou Nogomi, a young boy who seems to attract all sorts of bad luck. After finding an item known as the Rider Pass, he is able to bond with various Imagin and become Kamen Rider Den-O to battle the evil Imagin.

Every good series has to have a set of villains, this year we’ve got the Imagin. They come from a wrecked future and plan to do the same in this timeline. Imagin form a "contract" with various people and offer one wish. They often take certain details of the wish too literal or go about harmful methods of achieving the wishes. Once the wish is fulfilled, the Imagin dive into a person's past and head to their most treasured moment, where they cause havoc in hopes of altering the future.

If defeated in their smaller forms, some Imagin have the ability to change shape and grow to massive proportions. Once in these forms, the Imagin are known as Gigandeath.

With the help of the gigantic time traveling train, the DenLiner, Den-O is able to go into the past and fight the Gigandeath. The DenLiner is armed with various weapons sprouting from each of its carts. The DenLiner is made up of cars 1~4, alone with every new form, access to cars 5~8 is granted. As an ultimate attack, all 8 cars can link up for a multitude of attacks.

Kamen Riders

Ryoutarou Nogomi/Kamen Rider Den-O - Takeru Sato
Not the world's luckiest person, far from it. Ryotaro is a guy who happens to be down and out on his luck. Although he'll do whatever he can to help those in need, he's a pretty weak guy himself. All this is about to change as he soon discovers the Imagin and gains the power of Kamen Rider Den-O. As he becomes Den-O, he is possessed by various Imagin. Each time an Imagin enters his body, they take control of his attitude and his body, leading to odd circumstances.


Sakurai Yuuto - Yuuichi Nakamura
Sakurai Yuuto is a man who shares the same name as Airi's fiance, but does not appear to be the same person. He believes protecting the natural flow of time doesn't necessarily mean saving the lives of the innocent. Yuuto is arrogant and seems to have a grudge against Ryoutarou.


Hana - Shiratori Yuriko
Hana is the one who convinces Nogami to become a Kamen Rider. She also explains to him the uses of the Rider Tickets. Hana is from a ruined future and has a contract with the Owner.


Naomi - Rina Akiyama
She is a member of the DenLiner crew and serves as the caretaker and maid on the train, taking care of daily maintenance. She has a happy-go-lucky attitude and is generally oblivious to any danger.


Owner - Kenjirou Ishimaru
The Owner of the DenLiner.


Airi Nogami - Wakana Matsumoto
Works at the Milk Dipper and is the older sister of Ryoutarou. She is very popular among the Milk Dipper's male customers and has many suiters. For some reason, she does not remember Yuuto at all.


Ozaki Masayoshi - Akira Nagata
Chief Editor of Kasutori Magazine and resident womanizer.


Mirua Isse - Ueno Ryo
One of Airi's many suiters, though he seems to genuinely care for Airi and Ryoutarou.

Taros Imagin

Momotaros - Toshihiko Seki (voice)
The first Imagin that Ryotaro makes a contract with. Momotaros gets a rush from battles and is simply out to find the strongest opponents to fight with.


Urataros - Kouji Yusa (voice)
Urataros is the second Imagin to to enter Ryoutarou's body. By forming a contract with Ryotaro, the two are able to call Rod Form. Urataros is a womanizer who uses his charm to gather many fans.


Kintaros - Masaki Terasoma (voice)
Kintaro is the fourth Imagin to enter Ryoutarou's body. Before forming a contract with Ryoutarou, he was in one with a martial artist named Honjou. Honjou had lost the ability to fight and Kintaros joined with him to let him fight again. Unlike other Imagin, Kintaros never tried to harm other humans. During an attack, he was fatally injured and only bonding with Ryoutarou would save him. He was taken in by Ryoutarou to become Axe form. He is sometimes careless, which leads to certain problems, though he generally tries to fix whatever trouble he causes.


Ryuutarous - Kenichi Suzumara (voice)
Ryuutaros is the third Imagin to enter Ryoutarou's body. He secretly entered after Ryoutarou bonded with Urataros for the first time and stayed dormant for a long while. After being released, he took over Ryoutarou in order to defeat him. Someone unknown told Ryuutaros that he would become conductor of the DenLiner if he defeated Ryoutarou. He eventually decides not to do it because it would make Airi cry. Ryuutarous is generally the wild child of the bunch, often seen dancing with his followers when in Ryoutarou's body.

Celestial Imagin

Deneb - Houchou Outsuka (voice)
Deneb is a gentle giant of an Imagin, caring for most anyone. He sticks by Yuuto because he believes that deep down inside Yuuto is a kind person who just wants to make friends. He'll often advise Yuuto not to do certain things, which Yuuto usually ignores. When Yuuto is hurt, Deneb is quick to worry about his contract holder. Because he believes Yuuto doesn't spend wisely, he keeps his wallet. Deneb is also able to fully appear in the real world.

Yasuko Kobayashi - Head writer - Credits: Kamen Rider Ryuki, Timeranger, Gear Fighter Dendou, Cyborg 009 - 2001 version
Other writers: Shoji Yonemura - Credits: Kamen Rider Kabuto, Shi15ya, Berserk
Music: Toshihiko Sahashi - Credits: Carranger, Gingaman, Ultraman Gaia, Kamen Rider Agito, Kamen Rider Hibiki

Opening: Climax Jump (Full) - AAA [DEN-O FORM]

1. Double Action - Momotaros and Ryoutarou
2. Double Action Rod Form - Urataros and Ryoutarou
3. Double Action Axe Form - Kintaros and Ryoutarou
4. Double Action Gun Form - Ryuutaros and Ryoutarou
5. Zero Action - Deneb and Yuuto.


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1. I Have Arrived! 8.5% Yasuko Kobayashi
2. Ride on Time 8.6% Yasuko Kobayashi
3. Outlaw Momotaros 8.3% Yasuko Kobayashi
4. Out Oni! I'm Serious! 7.1% Yasuko Kobayashi
5. May I String You Along? 7.4% Yasuko Kobayashi
6. A Swindler's Dignity 8.7% Yasuko Kobayashi
7. Jealousy Bomber 9.4% Yasuko Kobayashi
8. Sad Melody, Love Melody. 8.0% Yasuko Kobayashi
9. My Strength Will Bring You to Tears 8.4% Yasuko Kobayashi
10. Hana, the Stormy Singularity Point 8.2% Yasuko Kobayashi
11. Madness, Delusion, Baby's Breath 8.1% Shoji Yonemura
12. Run, Taros! 7.2% Shoji Yonemura
13. Okay? I Can't Hear You 8.7% Yasuko Kobayashi
14. Dance With Dragon - 9.0% Yasuko Kobayashi
15. Bath Jack Panic - 8.6% Yasuko Kobayashi
16. Star of Happiness, Surrendered Criminal - 7.7% Yasuko Kobayashi
17. That Person Just Now! Already in the Past? - 8.3% Yakuso Kobayashi
18. A Clockwork Fiancé - 6.7% Yakuso Kobayashi
19. That Man, Zero Starts - 6.9% Yakuso Kobayashi
20. For Starters, Let Me Say This... - 7.8% Yakuso Kobayashi
21. Fighting Style - 7.1% Yakuso Kobayashi
22. An Unspeakable Future Yakuso Kobayashi
23. Advent of the Prince, the Head is Held High Yakuso Kobayashi
24. Goodbye Prince's Lullaby
25. Climax Double Jump
26. Ticket to God's Line - Yakuso Kabayashi
27. The Diamond Snatching Fang - Yakuso Kobayashi
28. Too Lucky, Too Carried Away, Too Many Changes
29. Lucky Horror Show
30. Ai Need You
31. Last Train Card Zero!
32. Time Traveler, Kohana
33. Time Interval of a Pianist
34. Tragic Revival Card Zero
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I must say...

that this is a VERY well done synopsis for the show Blue. Bravo!

As for the show, I'm really looking forward to it. Den-O's concept looks cool in writing, but it needs to be executed on screen as well. I'll be looking forward to the Den-Liner the most though. With something as unique to KR as this, I wanna see how it's pulled off.
The writer for the series is the same writer for Ryuki, so it's not surprising to see Den-O shares some similarity with Ryuki. From the "unlucky" main Rider to the "monster contract" thing. However the series seems to be promising, with DenLiner as its highlights. Looking forward for it.


Oooh... this looks interesting. I should REALLY get to know how to load torrents and get in on this ^^;;

Hey maybe if there's an additionnal Rider this year we'll get a female one! That'd be sweet. Naomi is cute XD
Using a torrent is VERY easy. Much easier than people make it seem. You just need a program that can download the content of the torrents. The best Torrent program out there is uTorrent. It takes up very little space, doesn't hog your computer's resources, and downloads torrents pretty quickly. DL it @ www.utorrent.com

As for another Rider? God I hope not. But if there is another rider, I hope it's Tetsuro. Since we already know that he'll become the host of the Bat Imajin.


Cool thanks ^^ !

Yeah I understand that after Kabuto's plethora of underused Rider people don't want that to happen, but you know they won't stick to just one, even if heh as four forms...

I agree that a bat based Rider (again) would be sweet... but I'm just saying that a female Rider would be a very nice change of pace. Plus we got this though looking 'manager' that seems to be above Den-o in the hierarchy... or even funnier the cute and clumsy Naomi ^o^ would fit in with the 'weak in human form' Rider thing going on with Ryotaro.
Well this is Ryuki's writer working on Den-O. This writer did give KR it's first female rider (KR Femme). So who knows, maybe we'll get another female Rider in a movie, or a hyper battle vid. But the series? might not happen. But it would be cool to have the 1st female TV Rider.

Naomi - Rina Akiyama
She is a part-time member of the DenLiner crew and serves as the caretaker and maid on the train, taking care of daily maintenance. Despite her efforts, she usually serves poorly made coffee.


Aoi Kurenai

Mad Skillz
If Rina Akiyama's character becomes a Kamen Rider, she better be a good one. I don't want her character to become one of those stupid "cute but dumb smart lady" rip offs. I doubt she will though, it's probably that Tesuo guy who will be the second.


Mr. Kamen Rider
Would it be too much to ask for them to wait until they introduce all the basic Den-O forms (who look different enough as it is) before adding more Riders? I know, wishful thinking. But c'mon, it's hard enough keeping track of all this stuff- if every new form already gets a new train add-on to go along with it, I'd hate to think what entire other Riders will have. :laugh:

Otherwise, everything looks pretty cool so far.
I'm thinking Ryoutaro will get his Rod and Axe form before Tetsuo becomes a Rider (IF he becomes a Rider), and kick Ryoutaro's ass. Then Ryoutaro gains the Rider Ticket for Gun Form, and barely kicks Tetsuo's ass. Leading to a rivalry that lasts for at least the 1st half of the show.


Did you guys see the TV promo? (Or maybe it was already posted somewhere else, I wouldn't know...)


The Rider Pass works just like a real high-tech train pass... no need to insert, you just move it above a scensor! Neat!

Maybe if they add other Riders they'll have different vehicles? Wouldn't it be cool to see a Rider with a plane?
I doubt this Tetsuo guy will become a Rider. I think he'll be just a victim of Bat Imajin. His wish is granted but his past is taken by the Imajin.
From the look of the belt I think the other form will be using other card to Henshin.

Hope they don't screw up the story cause they have allready four rider form (which was different one to another). So hopefully 4 rider maximum will be great.

If this guy is the same as Time Ranger producer, I have a lot expectation for him. He had a great story back then in Time Ranger and KR Ryuuki.