Kamen Rider Decade the Movie

Aoi Kurenai

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Yeah, this definitely merits a new thread. Magazines were touting some big mystery behind the Decade movie annnnd....

I really hope they won't all just be stand-ins, heck, I'd be happy if they could get the guys to do the actual voices if they can't show up on screen.

Gold Samurai

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I'm going to guess we'll get stock footage of their role calls( ala Gao VS Super Sentai then they become mute.

Maybe Toei can bring in Kamen Rider 1's Hiroshi Fujioka since he's on Rescue Fire.

Kai Yamato

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Are my eyes are deceiving me? O_O

*Rubs eyes*


I don't believe it. O_O Just how the heck will Toei pull it off. I doubt any of the original actors would return.


I think I see J and ZX. :D

If Shin makes an appearence, then my life will be complete for about a week...


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I know some people were complaining about Showa in Hesei anniversary, but Decade's set up, with the multiple parallel worlds, was just too perfect to bring back the Riders from the old universe.


Oddly enough, all the Heisei Riders aren't in the pic.

And I'm glad they used the original suits as opposed to the The FIRST costumes.

And Diend sneaks in!


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Even if they're mostly just suits in fighting scenes, like in RX, I hope the Showa Riders get a better final battle this time. Their performance in RX was generally just bad after their debut episode.

I know the other Riders shouldn't overshadow Decade, but hopefully Decade won't make everyone else seem utterly useless, unlike RX.

Oh, well, somehow, I still enjoyed the RX team up, if only because it was actually integrated into the plot. So, as long as the Riders actually are part of the movie, unlike the Red Rangers in VS Super Sentai, I'll be somewhat satisfied.