Kamen Rider Decade - Talk UP!


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God damn.. talk about a war....

Which Movie would YOU watch?.... hmmmmm

Well, the streak of the Ultra movies have been impressive recently more than the recent Kamen Rider and Super Sentai movies so, I would choose Ultra Galaxy Legend if given the chance.


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Ultra Galaxy Legend, cause not every movie was made like Neos, Nexus, Max & Ultraseven X had no movies at all. Kamen Rider on the other hand, had a lot of movies for each Rider except for Kuuga.


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Don't skip out on Ultra so easily....

****... They should have released the movies a week apart.

Igadevil can pay for his DCD ticket and then after just sneak into the Ultra Movie.

My goal is to see the freaking Decade Movie and Double Movie next year in Japan, (PREETY sure it wont happen, but I am not waiting a year and a half to see that ****). But I couldn't chose really, I want to see the Ultra movie as well.


Decade "ending" was both surprising & amazing& rather left me feeling dissapppointed at the same time ... Can't wait to see the movie now though... they are going to rake in the $$$ with that I hope it does not become a regular thing ... turning the ending of a series into a movie ...

So what?! this is movie #3 for decade now?!
Decade with deno movie
decade with older riders movie
& decades end movie


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What about this¿

It can qualify as the "All Riders Unlimited Dimension Kick," using KamenRide cards of every primary Kamen Rider.

In Ganbaride, Decade Complete "throws" the opponent in a dimension depicting the nine Heisei Rider Worlds, then the primary Rider insignias from Kuuga to Decade appear like those golden Final AttackRide cards. Then he does the usual Dimension Kick.

Can somebody post a video of each of those attacks?
And as far as that movie is concerned, I don't think it's a Double/Decade movie... I think it's a Double/Decade doubleheader. Yeah, they'll be together for the roadshow, but they'll have two separate movies... reason being is that I still think All Riders vs. Daishocker is the finale due to the appearance of, well... All Riders.

That's what I think (hope:)). I just don't think they can end Decade with a team-up with Double, both because the Decade movie needs the time to wrap up (at least most of) the loose ends and, like someone else said, Decade and Double already met in a movie that should take place after this ending. I'll be a little disappointed if Decade doesn't get his own movie to finish the story. I think it'll be two separate movies, since I didn't see Double and Decade together in the trailer. The movie looks like it'll rock.

If they were running out of money (and even ideas) they wouldn't have been able to make a movie.

Money-wise, not true; the movie and TV show would have separate budgets.
Story-wise, right on the ball :thumbs:.

Yeah, I know.:thumbs:
I realized that both Decade's 2nd movie & Ultra Galaxy Legend were both released at the same day & month: 12/12/2009.:O_O:

God damn.. talk about a war....

Which Movie would YOU watch?.... hmmmmm

Damn straight. :castlerock: Kamen Rider vs. Ultraman...and not the vs. that just means being together.

If I had to choose, I would pick the Decade movie, mostly because it'll be the big finale and help finish the story, unlike All Rider, which just rocked. I would try to see both.


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So can Igadevil confirm for us that the All Riders Movie takes place after ep 31 without any spoilage?.

All Riders can't take place between episode 31 and the next movie, if that's what you're wondering.

Igadevil has said several times that he believes it'll take place after the next movie due to Toei's official statement, saying it happens at the end of Decade's journey.

(Personally, I think it happened between episodes 29 and 30, but that's just based on Igadevil's and other spoilers, I haven't watched the movie).


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Toei's said that it's "at the end" and is "the period of the Decade story."

How things will work out with this second movie, we don't know that yet, but Daishocker is apparently going to play some role in that.


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How much of a point on the story does the DaiShocker movie really put on the story though aside from the big battle and showing the world Tsukasa comes from? Do we know anymore about say, Narutaki from that or is he still just some dude in a silly hat and coat full of plot trinkets?