Kamen Rider Cosplay (Please Help!)


Ok, going to put an open question out there. Does anyone have any info on how the eyes of a Kamen Rider helmet are made? The actual bug eye parts mind you.

I would have guessed a resin poured into a special mold, but I have had zero luck on finding the specifics. I am trying to make a costume of Kamen Rider Ichigo from scratch, including the helmet. Anyone willing to send an assist my way?

And please, don't worry about explaining the constructing of the helmet itself, all I need now are the construction of the eyes.

If someone can give exact step by step instructions or knows where to find these instructions, even better.

Please respond if you have even an idea of how to make this work, I would be ever so grateful, and then I will teach others on how to do the same so that everyone will be able to create their own costumes if they wish.

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