Kamen Rider Complete Selection List?


If it's just the belts, there are:
Rider 1/2
Kuuga - Arcle
Ryuki - V buckle and decks
Faiz & Orga gear/drivers
Den-O belt​

There are also the Complete Selection Modification items:
W, Accel and Lost drivers, as well as the T2 Joker and Fang memory
Though not belts, these are considered to be part of the Complete selection line:
Hibiki's Henshin Onsa and disc animals set
Blade's Rouze card archive
Ryuki's Advent card archive
W gaia complete selection memories set 1, 2 & 3
OOO premium medal collection​
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There was also a special set of just the 2 Complete Selection Advent Decks of the Survive forms of Ryuki and Knight. And the soon to be released Den-O Rider Ticket Archives.


Budou though
only time can tell. the accel driver recently released and next year will be the lost driver. after that we may get ooo driver. just wait for it.
Personally I'm hoping for a CSM Decade Driver with every single card used in the show since there were still a number of cards that didn't get released by the time ganbaride cards changed and lost the barcode for the driver.


So far, the pattern of CSM releases would suggest that, if a Decadriver were released, it is unlikely to feature anything other than a new belt strap and some minor cosmetic changes. Would be nice to see this pattern break, of course.
Maybe they could do a normal CSM decade driver and then release a Dx decade card archives like they have been doing with all the other series that use cards with the cards having a show accurate appearance and the barcodes of the Dx cards. That would be good too.

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