[Video Game] Kamen Rider Climax Fighters

Where did that topic go ? Anyway, new trailer is out. Kamen Rider Black has been confirmed for this game. He'll most likely be the only Showa Rider thou as they are celebrating his 30th anniversary.

Still hoping for Chaser, Necrom, and Dangerous Zombie as DLC. :)
Sooooooo. My Play-Asia and Ami Ami orders have shipped. So i'm playing the waiting game. Has anyone played it digitally yet ? What do you guys think ?
Hmmmmm. Being nobody responded, might as well review it. I hate to say it (And i'm sure pretty much everyone saw this coming.), this game is pretty bare bones. To be honest, it's not even worth buying the English copy unless you wanna read story (Not even worth the price of the Japanese Version). Wait for a price drop !!

To begin, all characters are unlocked from the start. Plus everyone has 1 Evolution, skill, and finisher (Execpt W. He gets to switch from Cyclone/Joker to Fang/Joker and get a health boost. Plus both have there respected evolution and finishers)). Nothing is unlockable excepted the masks, belts, and wallpaper for your Online Lobby Avatar. There are only a few modes: Free Battle, Mission, Online, My Profile and options.

In terms of the Mission Mode, there are 3 tutorial stages and 7 missions. To be honest, as fun as they were, you can beat them in about 5 hours or so. After that, your single player mode experience is over. There is a Free Battle mode which you can fight the computer and your friends, but it gets old really fast unless you have Kamen Rider fans to play with. What this game was meant for, is to played with online with friends. But the catch is you need a PS+ account to play. And good luck trying to find someone to play with unless you have a JPN or HK PS+ account. I can get on with my US PS+ account; however, no one is playing (Because only a small few in the US even know about this game.).

The lack of anything after single player related and afterplay mechanics really remind me of those early PS2 Kamen Rider game (Pre Kabuto). Once everything is unlocked, you pretty much forget about the game unless you have a few friends over. I really felt even Climax Heroes back in the day had more content to explore after completing the campaign modes. So unless Bandai decides to distribute DLC missions with unlockable characters, wait for a price drop. It's not worth it's price (Unless you plan on playing this with friends.).

6 out of 10.
So I beat the game, and got 98% of the trophies. My last one is to play one ranked online match. Sadly in both versions, I wasn't able to find anyone. Is it because not everyone in the US is playing this, or it requires a JPN or HK PS+ account ?